Where Was A Dash Of Love Filmed? An Extraordinary Rom-Com!


Hallmark has earned a name for producing some of the best romantic comedy television movies. And that is why we are here to suggest you one. A Dash of Love is a movie that everyone must watch. The 2017 romantic comedy is a light-hearted yet super entertaining movie with a number of heart-touching scenes. It is one of those ideal films to watch with your loved ones. However, in this article, we’ll talk about the movie and tell you precisely where was A Dash of Love filmed. 

The romantic comedy, A Dash Love, was released on 11th February 2017. The movie is sometimes referred to as A Pinch Of Love. So, if you ever hear the other name, do not be confused, both are the same movie. After its release, over a period of time, the movie has become quite popular and has created a fan base as well.

Now, getting back to your primary concern about the movie’s filming location, A Dash Of Love was filmed in the city of Vancouver in Canada. 

Plot Of A Dash Of Love (2017) | The Story Of Two Passionate Chefs!

Where Was A Dash Of Love Filmed? An Extraordinary Rom-Com!

The story of A Dash Of Love revolves around the character of Nikki Turner played by Jen Lilley, a cheerful and confident girl who is an excellent chef. When the diner she works at closes down she becomes jobless. Luckily she gets an offer from the famous chef and cookbook author, Holly Hanson played by Peri Gilpin. After a few days, Nikki gets fired by Hanson, as things weren’t working out between them.

The situation takes a different turn when Nikki comes across Paul Dellucci played by Brendan Penny, who was Hanson’s executive chef. Paul decided to quit his job and work independently. Soon, both of them join hands and rent the closed diner where once Nikki used to work. Together, they name the diner, Cafe Cupid and create some impressive new dishes. 

Where Was A Dash Of Love Filmed?

Where Was A Dash Of Love Filmed? An Extraordinary Rom-Com!

Christie Will Wolf’s A Dash Of Love has received a rating of 6.8 from IMDb, which is not so bad considering it’s a television movie. As the old saying goes, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, similarly, the best way to judge a movie would be to watch it. Anyhow, let’s not waste any more time and jump into the details of the filming locations.  

Vancouver | British Columbia, Canada

Where Was A Dash Of Love Filmed? An Extraordinary Rom-Com!

Principal photography of the romantic comedy, A Dash Of Love began on 28th November 2016 and was wrapped up by 15th December 2016. The entire movie was shot in and around the Canadian city of Vancouver. A few of the areas where a number of important scenes were filmed are Kitsilano, Alma Street, and West 12th Avenue. Other filming locations include Abbotsford, featuring the Gateway Christian Reformed Church, Bow & Stern which is situated at Montrose Avenue, Mill Lake Park, and two private residences.

One of Canada’s major cities, Vancouver, is located in the Lower Mainland Region of British Columbia. It is one of the most populous cities with an estimated population of 662,248. Whereas 2.6 million is the population of the Greater Vancouver area, which makes it the third largest metropolitan area in all of Canada.

Living in Vancouver is certainly not cheap. When it comes to housing affordability, Vancouver happens to be one of the most high-priced cities in Canada as well as in the world. There are many reports that claim Vancouver has a plan to become the greenest city on Earth. The city’s urban planning design philosophy is commonly known as Vancouverism.

Over a period of time, several international events and conferences like the 1954 Commonwealth Games, UN Habitat 1, Expo 86, AEPEC Canada 1997, and the World Police & Fire Games of 1989 were held here. Also, a number of sports events like the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the Paralympics were held here as well. 

Vancouver’s largest and most profitable industry is forestry followed by tourism, which is the second largest industry. It goes without saying, Vancouver is a major international city, and millions of people visit here for different purposes. 

When it comes to arts and culture Vancouver has got it all covered. A few of the renowned theater companies in the city are Arts Club Theater Company, Bard On The Beach, Touchstone Theater, and Studio 58. The city is also filled with museums, libraries, and art galleries.

Vancouver is currently home to a number of big film studios and has earned a nickname, North Hollywood. The city has become an important location for shooting films in all of Canada. If you ever visit the city make sure to check out the Vancouver International Film Festival which goes on for two weeks every September. It is also one of the most prestigious international film festivals in the world.  

Movies like Heath Ledger starrer Brokeback Mountain, the oscar-winning 2005 movie Capote, the teen comedy movie Mean Girl, and Robert Pattinson starrer Twilight were filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Final Word

Vancouver without any doubt is one of the best cities to live in. So, whenever you’re planning your next international trip, make sure it’s Canada and especially Vancouver. Visit the beautiful city and check out everything we mentioned including all the filming locations and the major attractions. However, make sure to watch the romantic comedy movie, A Dash of Love, if you haven’t yet. You can stream the movie on the Hallmark channel, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video. 

And also, if you’re interested in finding out about more such fascinating filming locations then do not forget to check out where was Surviving Summer and What Lies Beneath filmed.

Who Wrote The Film, A Dash Of Love?

Sandra Berg, Judith Berg, and Sib Ventress wrote the film, A Dash Of Love.

Who Directed The Film, A Dash Of Love?

Christie Will Wolf directed the film, A Dash Of Love.

Who All Acted In The Movie, A Dash Of Love?

The cast of A Dash Of Love includes actors like Jen Lilley, Brendan Penny, Peri Gilpin, Kandyse McClure, Frances Flanagan, and Eric Pollins.

Who Produced The Film, A Dash Of Love?

Kim Arnott produced the film, A Dash Of Love.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, A Dash Of Love?

1h 24m is the runtime of the movie, A Dash Of Love.

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