Where Was A Season For Family Filmed? Kevin Fair’s Heart-Touching Family Drama!


This holiday season, if you are looking for an ideal family movie, well, in that case, I have a perfect suggestion for you. Watch the movie A Season For Family (2023). If you’ve seen it already, then I would recommend you watch it again and this time with your whole family. Like many curious souls, if you’re interested in finding out about the movie’s filming location as well, then keep reading. In this article, I’ll discuss the movie and tell you where was A Season For Family filmed.

A Season For Family has the charm of old Hollywood Christmas movies as it narrates a heart-touching story of two brothers adopted by different families. When the Christmas season arrives, circumstances bring them together. The family drama/holiday drama film stars an interesting cast of highly talented television actors including Brendan Penny, Stacey Farber, Benjamin Jacobson, Azriel Dalman, and Jessica Sipos.

Now let’s discuss where was A Season For Family filmed, the family drama movie was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

From director Kevin Fair, A Season For Family had its premiere in the US and Canada on 22nd November 2023. The family drama film was made available on other digital platforms after its official release on the Hallmark Channel. However, allow me to give you some more details about the movie’s filming location.

Where Was A Season For Family Filmed? A Season For Family Filming Locations!

Where Was A Season For Family Filmed? Kevin Fair’s Heart-Touching Family Drama!

Kevin Fair’s A Season For Family is a well-directed movie that recounts an outstanding story about two young brothers who reunite after several years during the Christmas holidays. Child actors Benjamin Jacobson and Azriel Dalman have delivered an outstanding performances along with Brendan Penny and Stacey Farber. I must say it’s a special movie and is quite different from Hallmark’s typical holiday dramas. 

Television director and producer Kevin Fair is best known for his feel-good family movies. Not to mention, he has also directed a number of episodes of the action-adventure drama series Smallville. A Season For Family received a rating of 7 on IMDb and a score of 84% on JustWatch. However, let’s check out where was A Season For Family filmed.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Where Was A Season For Family Filmed? Kevin Fair’s Heart-Touching Family Drama!

The Hallmark original family drama movie, A Season For Family, was filmed entirely in the city of Vancouver in British Columbia. Many of Hallmark’s movies have been shot here and A Season For Family is one of them. Principal photography began in August 2023 and was wrapped up in September 2023. 

Due to a lack of information, it’s a little difficult to talk about the movie’s exact filming locations, but I can tell you this much the family drama flick was shot in multiple spots across the city of Vancouver. The production team shot against various backdrops and in different neighborhoods throughout the city.

British Columbia is the westernmost and one of the largest provinces in Canada. Half of the cast and crew of A Season For Family are residents of Vancouver. The filming process went smoothly as the production team knew the city inside and out, which made it a lot easier to scout for ideal locations.

Vancouver is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that showcases both natural and urban landscapes. The seaport city has a population of 662,248, making it one of the most populous cities in Canada. It also has a thriving entertainment industry which creates thousands of jobs and is responsible for producing hundreds of movies and TV shows every year.  

Frequently referred to as Hollywood North, British Columbia’s Vancouver is one of the most popular shooting destinations in the world. It is also home to a number of big movie studios with all kinds of facilities.

Plot Of A Season For Family (2023) | When Two Families Become One!

Where Was A Season For Family Filmed? Kevin Fair’s Heart-Touching Family Drama!

The story of A Season For Family revolves around Maddy, played by Stacey Farber. Maddy’s adopted son Wesley, played by Benjamin Jacobson, wants to see his brother Cody, played by Azriel Dalman, during the Christmas holidays. He has been missing him immensely and has asked Maddy to do something about it. Cody, who is Wesley’s younger brother, was adopted by a different family.

Watching Wesley get upset about the whole matter, Maddy, who is a single adoptive mother, decides to do something about it. She gets in touch with Cody’s parents, and finds out that he is being raised by a single adoptive parent as well. Maddy finally meets Cody’s adoptive father Paul, played by Brendan Penny. Eventually, both brothers reunite, while Maddy and Paul get to know each other.

Final Words

If you’ve never been to Vancouver before, well, this is your chance to check out one of the most vibrant cities in Canada. A Season For Family is streaming on different digital platforms. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, make sure you watch it as soon as possible. And to read more fascinating filming location articles, keep an eye on the Viebly website.

Where Can You Stream The Movie A Season For Family Online?

You can stream the movie A Season For Family on Peacock, FuboTV and DirecTV.

Which Film Production Company Distributed The Movie A Season For Family?

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and W Network distributed the movie A Season For Family.

Who Wrote The Story Of The Film A Season For Family?

Steven Sessions wrote the story of the film A Season For Family.

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