Where Was Griselda Filmed?


People in the early days used to say that women were the best homemakers and men were the best breadwinners, but in today’s society, the statement has changed. A woman can be both a homemaker and a breadwinner. Following this statement is a mini-series titled Griselda. Griselda can successfully negotiate her complex family and the perilous drug trade because of her charisma and fierceness. Read the artice and find out where was Griselda filmed.

Leading the way is Sofía Vergara, nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Other brilliant actors in supporting parts include Vanessa Ferlito, Alberto Guerra, Christian Tappán, Martín Rodríguez, Juliana Aiden Martinez, and Christian Tappán. The actors’ proper outfits and the sceneries’ faithful portrayal of the 1970s and 1980s established the scene, taking viewers back in time and sparking their curiosity about the areas where “Griselda” was filmed.

The filming locations of Griselda are Los Angeles County, California, and Miami, Florida. 

I bet you after knowing in detail about these filming locations in California, they will become a part of your travel bucket list. So, let’s begin to discover these locations in detail. 

Where Was Griselda Filmed? The Stunning Location Of California

Where Was Griselda Filmed?

Most of “Griselda” is filmed in Los Angeles County, California. However, some were also recorded in Miami, Florida. Principal photography for the first season of the drama series reportedly began in January 2022 under the working title “Emerald.” It lasted more than five months before ending in late June of that same year. So, let’s examine each website featured in the Netflix production in more detail!

Los Angeles County, California

A significant portion of “Griselda” was shot in Southern California’s Los Angeles County. Along with other communities located within the county, the county’s seat, the eponymous city, is one of the leading production areas. In addition to Los Angeles, the production team uses the Long Beach locations to capture several important scenes. 

For example, Casa Oceana represents the title character’s Miami home, where she hosts extravagant parties. Located at 20 37th Place in Long Beach, this exclusive estate spans 7,692 square feet. It features a private pool house, spa, four-car garage, basement, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, among many other amenities. 

The crime series is also produced in Club Ripples, located at 5101 East Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach. To record several key sequences, the production crew turns the former homosexual club into El Floridita. There are also reports that significant parts of Griselda were recorded in Redondo Beach, a coastal community. 

During the final days of Season 1 filming, cast, and crew members were observed filming critical scenes for the first season in the San Pedro area. The period show’s production sites are all outfitted with a 1970s and 1980s feel to faithfully and realistically portray the story’s chronological progression.

2. Miami, Florida 

Miami, a coastal city in southern Florida, was another destination visited by the ‘Griselda‘ production crew for filming. Miami, the county seat of Miami-Dade County, Florida, serves as the show’s main location; therefore, the production unit chose to film several significant scenes—including multiple establishing shots—on location. 

Sofia Vergara thanked the show for having her on the show just after a week of the first season’s filming. “This has been a passion project of mine for many years,” the writer added. I’m thrilled to have contributed to developing these job prospects for Latino actors and to have the opportunity to work with a fantastic Latin American ensemble and director at last! It’s an honor to be able to realize this tale! Thank you everybody for coming here!

What Is The Plot Of Griselda?

Where Was Griselda Filmed?

Netflix’s historical criminal drama seriesGriselda,” based on true events, follows the titular character’s path to establish one of the richest cartels in human history. The fictitious dramatization, which was conceived by Doug Miro, Eric Newman, Carlo Bernard, and Ingrid Escajeda, centers on the success that Griselda Blanco achieved in becoming the Godmother of Miami’s drug empire and her role as a loving mother. 

Griselda is a biography of a determined businesswoman who has established one of the most popular cartels in history. She expertly manages her responsibilities towards her family and profession, gaining the title of ‘Black Widow’. 

Final Words 

I hope you loved knowing about the filming locations of Griselda. You can visit the mentioned locations in the article and get a taste of the filming experience there. For many such exciting updates on movies, keep following Viebly’s website. In case of any queries, please feel free to reach out. 

How many episodes are there in Griselda?

Netflix’s Griselda has six episodes in total. 

Will Griselda have season 2?

Griselda is designed as a mini-series, hence there are no plans for a second season as of now. 

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