Where Was A Time To Kill Filmed? A Phenomenal Legal Drama Film!


Many film buffs consider legal dramas boring. But people who have seen movies like A Time To Kill (1996) know how interesting these movies can be. The legal drama film recounts the story of Tonya Hailey, a 10-year-old African-American girl raped by two white men. Her father, Carl Lee Hailey, out of anger, takes matters into his own hands. In this article, I’ll discuss the film and tell you where was A Time to Kill filmed.

A Time To Kill stars some of Hollywood’s most renowned and highest-paid actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Spacey, and Matthew McConaughey. Each of them an extremely talented and brilliant actor and has been working in the film industry for a long time. Jackson is one of those Hollywood actors who have worked in numerous films, including superhero movies like The Avengers

On the other hand, McConaughey, who is considered to be one of the most versatile actors of all time, took home an Oscar in 2013 for his role in the biographical drama film Dallas Buyers Club.

Now, let’s discuss where was A Time To Kill filmed. Well, the legal drama film was shot in Canton, Mississippi, United States of America.

A Time To Kill was directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Arnon Milchan, John Grisham, and Michael Nathanson. It had its premiere in the United States on 24 July 1996, followed by its release in the United Kingdom on 13 September 1996. The legal drama movie arrived on OTT platforms after several years on 12th December 2015. However, let’s stay focused and look closely at the filming locations.

Where Was A Time To Kill Filmed? A Time To Kill Filming Locations!

Where Was A Time To Kill Filmed? A Phenomenal Legal Drama Film!

Joel Schumacher’s A Time To Kill garnered mixed responses from critics. Roger Ebert gave the movie three out of four stars, stating, “I was absorbed by A Time to Kill and found the performances strong and convincing.” At the same time, Rolling Stone’s Peter Traverse criticized Schumacher’s direction and wasn’t quite impressed with Akiva Goldsman’s screenplay.

Schumacher was an American filmmaker and producer widely known for his crime thrillers and legal dramas. He has also directed several episodes of the Netflix original political thriller, House of Cards. The legal drama film received an audience score of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 7.5 on IMDb. However, without any further ado, let’s check out where was A Time To Kill filmed.

Canton, Mississippi, United States Of America

Where Was A Time To Kill Filmed? A Phenomenal Legal Drama Film!

As the movie’s story was set in Mississippi, director Joel Schumacher wanted to shoot on location and decided to film a major portion of the movie in Canton, Mississippi.  Even though a couple of scenes were filmed in Tampa, Florida, as I mentioned, most filming took place in and around Canton. 

The production team built a soundstage in Canton’s industrial park to shoot the film. Many scenes were shot on the soundstage. Most of the courthouse scenes in the movie were filmed in Madison County Courthouse, Canton. Some scenes were also shot at the former county jail on the courthouse grounds.

Some of the other sequences were filmed in the metropolitan area of Jackson, Mississippi. A couple of other locations in Jackson included the Jackson-Evers International Airport and the Hinds County Medical Center, now called Merit Health Central. 

Plot Of A Time To Kill (1996) | Justice Is Everything!

Where Was A Time To Kill Filmed? A Phenomenal Legal Drama Film!

The story of A Time To Kill revolves around Carl Lee Hailey, played by Samuel L. Jackson. His 10-year-old daughter, Tonya, while returning home from the grocery store, was kidnapped, beaten, and then raped by two white men, Billy and James. After raping her, they tried to kill her but failed. She was found lying on the ground, bleeding, near her house.

After coming back to her senses, Tonya described how those men looked, and they were arrested by the police. Out of extreme anger and desperation, her father, Carl, shoots Billy and James in the courtroom. Eventually, he turns to Jake Brigance, played by Matthew McConaughey,  to defend him. Later, Jake is faced by ambitious District Attorney Rufus Buckley, played by Kevin Spacey, who would do anything to win a case.

Final Word

Canton is known as the “movie capital of Mississippi.” So, if you happen to be a true film enthusiast and want to really check out the filming locations of A Time To Kill, then make sure you visit the city. While in Mississippi, you can also check out the city of Jackson. Having said that, if you’re fond of legal dramas, then this particular film is a must-watch. 

A Time To Kill might not be as great as 12 Angry Men or And Justice For All, but I assure you that it is a good movie. And if you liked reading the article, please let me know in the comments section.

Is A Time To Kill Matthew McConaughey’s First Legal Drama Film?

Yes, A Time To Kill is Matthew McConaughey’s first legal drama film.

Is A Time To Kill Based On A Novel?

Yes, A Time To Kill is based on the 1989 novel of the same name by John Grisham.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Movie, A Time To Kill?

Peter Menzies Jr is the cinematographer of the movie, A Time To Kill.

Is A Time To Kill Available In Any Other Language?

No, A Time To Kill is only available in English.

Is A Time To Kill An R-rated film?

Yes, A Time To Kill is an R-rated film.

Which Are The Top 3 Kevin Spacey Films?

American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, and L.A. Confidential are the top 3 Kevin Spacey films.

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