Where Was American Sniper Filmed? Bradley Cooper’s Famous War Film!!


Do you like watching Oscar-winning war dramas? If you do, then I’m guessing you’ve already watched American Sniper. But, do you know where was American Sniper filmed? Read this article, to find out the filming location and other such intriguing facts about this critically acclaimed film.

The action drama movie, American Sniper released in the summer of 2014, was actually inspired by the life of a brave Navy S.E.A.L. operator. Clint Eastwood, the director of this iconic film, took inspiration from Chris Kyle’s autobiographical story. Kyle’s tale of valor highly motivated Eastwood like most Americans and enticed him to make an engaging action film.

The basic premise of American Sniper revolves around the character of Chris Kyle, a skilled operator of the U.S. Navy S.E.A.L’s team. The plot thickens when the skilled soldier successfully completes his operation in Iraq, but later gets shot by a Vietnam War veteran in America.

American Sniper was a blockbuster hit. This rousing action film grossed over $500 million in worldwide collections, against the shooting budget, which was just north of $50 million. Apart from the commercial success, American Sniper touched the hearts of thousands of Americans who lost their loved ones in the war. This action drama film won 24 major awards, including an Oscar, and collected numerous nominations.

So, if you’re really excited to find out where was American Sniper filmed. Then let’s take a closer look at the filming locations of this biographical drama.

Where Was American Sniper Filmed? Let’s Know This Critically Acclaimed Flick Closely!

The story of American Sniper is set in parts of Texas and Iraq. However, the shooting of this film didn’t take place in Iraq, due to the restrictions imposed by the American government. In fact, during the initial stage of production, Eastwood even asked the production members to scout for ideal filming locations in Iraq.

But, after the American government restricted the crew from traveling to Iraq, the director was forced to change the shooting location. Eastwood then started looking for other options and eventually thought of shooting the scenes of the war zone in Morocco. 

Although the majority of the sequences of this movie were actually captured in and around the state of California. Thus, before choosing a bunch of places in California as the main shooting locations, the director visited them in person.

As per reports, Eastwood even formed a special team and scouted the places along with the crew. Then finally, the principal photography began, in the last week of March 2014. Shooting continued till the second week of June, of the same year.

The production members didn’t face any major problems during the course of the shooting. Thankfully the shooting process ended smoothly, without any actors getting hurt while performing the action scenes. 

Now, let’s check out the shooting locations one by one and discuss where was American Sniper filmed in detail.

California | USA

Where Was American Sniper Filmed? Bradley Cooper’s Famous War Film!!

The opening sequence of the movie, depicting Chris Kyle’s family home in Texas, was actually filmed in California. The production members arranged a small-sized home located near Highland Park, Los Angeles. The sequences showcasing Chris spending some quality time with his wife and kids were filmed inside the same property.

Other pivotal sequences of the movie were filmed near O’Malley’s Pub, Seal Beach, and El Centro. The production members then moved to the city of Santa Clarita. The Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, located at 2000 Blue Cloud Road, Santa Clarita was used.

The sequences depicting the initial training camps of the American Navy were filmed inside this ranch in Santa Clarita. In order to capture the sequences of the firing range, the production members used Paramount Ranch, which is located at 2813 Cornell Road, Agoura.

Daniel Freeman Regional Medical Center, situated at 333 North Prairie, Inglewood was used to capture the outdoor sequences of the Hospital, where Taya was admitted. The production members captured additional scenes near San Bernardino and El Centro.

The filming crew then traveled to Morocco to capture the sequences of the Middle Eastern war zone.

Sale, Morocco

Where Was American Sniper Filmed? Bradley Cooper’s Famous War Film!!
Where Was American Sniper Filmed? Bradley Cooper’s Famous War Film!!

After the majority of the outdoor scenes were filmed in California, the production members moved to Morocco. The sequences depicting the war zone in Iraq were actually filmed in and around the city of Sale.

The production members filmed a number of outdoor scenes near the bank of the Bou Regreg River. Although, the majority of the scenes were later morphed with the help of CGI inside a well-equipped studio located in Los Angeles. Plus the ending sequence of the movie was also filmed in L.A. 

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Now, let’s take a closer look at the plot of American Sniper. Meanwhile, you can check out The Batman, The Call, and Marriage Story as well.

Plot Of American Sniper | What’s It About

Where Was American Sniper Filmed? Bradley Cooper’s Famous War Film!!

The basic premise of American Sniper revolves around the character of Chris Kyle, a skilled American soldier, who killed a number of terrorists in Iraq. At the very beginning of the film, Chris undergoes rigorous training at an Army and later joins the Navy S.E.A.L team.

On Chris’ first mission, he gets deployed in Iraq, vested with the responsibility to lead a search party. The lead actor bravely leads his team, and later kills a number of terrorists to save his troop. But after Chris returns home to his family, a horrible incident takes place. Watch American Sniper to find out what eventually happens to the deadliest American soldier in Texas.

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