Where Was Animal House Filmed? John Landis’ Classic High School Comedy Flick!


You must have seen all kinds of high school movies from the 90s and 2000s. But have you watched the 70s high school comedy film Animal House (1978)? Well, if you have, then you know it’s a hilarious film and an absolute classic. The question now is, have you ever wondered about the movie’s filming location? If you have, then you’re at the right place. In this article, I’ll discuss the movie and tell you where was Animal House filmed.

Animal House or which is also known as National Lampoon’s Animal House follows Larry and Kent, two socially inept freshmen who want to join the prestigious Omega Theta Pi House, but get rejected. Things take a different turn when the college dean, Vernon, hatches a plot against them. The classic high school comedy movie features a brilliant cast of veteran actors including John Belushi, Tim Matheson, Peter Riegert, Tom Hulce, and Stephen Furst. 

Now let me help you clear your confusion about where was Animal House filmed, the classic high school comedy movie was filmed in Eugene and Lane County, Oregon, and Los Angeles County, California, United States of America. 

From senior filmmaker John Landis, Animal House was first released in New York City on 27th July 1978, followed by its wide theatrical release in the United States on 28th July 1978. It was made available on various streaming platforms on 15th June 2012. The high school comedy flick is an Oregon Film Factory production and was distributed in the US by Universal Pictures. However, it’s time to give you a detailed account of the movie’s filming locations

Where Was Animal House Filmed? Animal House Filming Locations!

Where Was Animal House Filmed? John Landis’ Classic High School Comedy Flick!

John Landis’ Animal House is considered to be one of the funniest movies of all time. Back in the day it was a massive success at the box office as it earned over $141 million against a production budget of $3 million. Not to mention, the US Library of Congress selected the classic high school comedy movie for preservation in the National Film Registry. 

Landis is an American actor and filmmaker, who has also directed a number of popular music videos. He collaborated with Michael Jackson and directed the music videos for the songs Thriller and Black or White. He is best known for his comedies and satires. Animal House received an amazing score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 7.4 on IMDb. However, Let’s check out where was Animal House filmed.

Eugene, Oregon, United States of America

Where Was Animal House Filmed? John Landis’ Classic High School Comedy Flick!

The classic high school comedy movie, Animal House was entirely filmed in the state of Oregon and California, particularly in Eugene and Los Angeles County. Principal photography of the movie began in October 1977 and was wrapped up in December 1977.

The majority of the scenes were filmed in the city of Eugene, which is the second largest city in the state of Oregon. The Dr A W Patterson House, located at 751 East 11th Street was used as a stand-in for the Delta House that we see in the movie. Although it has been several years since the property was demolished. 

All the interior scenes of the Omega House in the movie were actually filmed at Sigma Nu House at 763 East 11th Avenue and at Phi Kappa Psi House, which is located at 729 East 11th Street. A couple other sequences were shot in and around the DePasto House, which is situated at 2160 Potter Street in Eugene

The University of Oregon was used as a stand-in for the fictional Faber College. Filming took place on the campus of the University at Johnson Hall and at Gerlinger Hall. Remember the cafeteria scenes in the movie? Those scenes were filmed at the Fishbowl Cafe of the Erb Memorial Union, which is located at 1222 East 13th Avenue. The production team shot several scenes in multiple locations within the campus.

Lane County, Oregon, United States of America

Additional scenes of Animal House were filmed in Oregon’s Lane County, which is one of the most populous counties in the state. The cast and crew shot a portion of the high school comedy film in the city of Cottage Grove. It is the third largest city in Lane County. The parade scene at the end of the movie was filmed on Main Street, Cottage Grove. A few other sequences were shot at 733 East Main Street.

Los Angeles County, California United States of America

The production team after filming in Oregon moved to California to shoot the rest of the movie. The cast and crew shot in different locations across LA County. A number of scenes were filmed at the facilities of Universal Studios which is located in the San Fernando Valley. It is one of the biggest film studios in California with over 30 sound stages and 400 acres of backlot area as well as several production offices, rehearsal halls and many more. 

Plot Of Animal House (1978) | Frat Boys Vs Dean Vernon

Where Was Animal House Filmed? John Landis’ Classic High School Comedy Flick!

The story of Animal House revolves around Larry Kroger, played by John Belushi, and Kent Dorfman, played by Stephen Furst. Larry and Kent are socially awkward and sometimes create trouble unnecessarily. They desperately want to join the superlicious Omega Theta Pi House, but due to their clumsy nature they got rejected.

With not much of a choice left, Larry and Kent, join the notoriously rowdy Delta Tau Chi House, which has a reputation for disorganized activities. But trouble comes knocking on both Houses when Dean Vernon, played by John Vernon, hatches a plan to throw the frat boys out of campus.

Final Word

As you’re aware of all the filming locations of Animal House, I would suggest you gas up your car and visit the state of Oregon and California to check out the filming spots I mentioned. The classic high school comedy flick is currently streaming on several OTT platforms, so if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure you watch it soon. Keep in mind that the film contains suggestive materials and sexual content so do not let anyone under 18 watch it. If you liked reading the article, then do let me know.

Where To Stream The High School Comedy Movie Animal House?

You can stream the high school comedy movie Animal House on Philo, AMC+, DirecTV, Peacock, and Vudu.

Who Are The Producers Of The Movie Animal House?

Ivan Reitman and Matty Simmons are the producers of the movie Animal House.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Movie Animal House?

Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney, and Chris Miller wrote the screenplay of the movie Animal House.

Is Animal House An R-Rated Movie?

Yes, Animal House is an R-Rated movie.

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