Where Was Baywatch Filmed? Locations Perfect For Vacations!


If you loved watching Baywatch, it’s time to have a look at its stunning filming locations. But how? Of course, I have noted down all the relevant information for you. Now, allow me to acquaint you with where was Baywatch filmed. I will also be covering the plot for those who haven’t watched the movie yet!

Baywatch is based on a comedy show (Baywatch) that appeared in the late 80s. After considering the success of the show, the makers decided to continue its story in a modern version. Guess what? Fans liked the movie a lot and it received nominations at the 38th Golden Raspberry Awards. Well, there are talks about the sequel of the movie, so we might enjoy another installment soon!

After introducing you to the achievements of the movie, I am going to take you to all the stunning locations. Keep reading to note where was Baywatch filmed!

Where Was Baywatch Filmed? Have A Close Look At All The Locations!

The principal photography of Baywatch commenced on February 22, 2016. After covering different locations for months, the shooting finally wrapped up on May 18, 2016. Yes, it took only a few months to produce the anticipated movie. During the tenure, the makers covered only a few locations so that they could focus more on the plot. 

I know you are highly excited to note everything about where was Baywatch filmed. Without letting you wait, let’s proceed! 

Deerfield Beach, Florida 

Where Was Baywatch Filmed? Locations Perfect For Vacations!

The majority of the beach sequences were shot at various places in Deerfield Beach. The lifeguard building you saw as the primary location of the movie was located at Deerfield Beach. Apart from this, some opening sequences were also shot here. 

If you are planning to visit Deerfield Beach, you should know that it’s a perfect holiday destination. You can swim and enjoy water sports at Blue Wave Beach. So, plan your vacations soon!

South Inlet Park And Boca Raton Resorts, Boca Raton 

Where Was Baywatch Filmed? Locations Perfect For Vacations!

The opening sequence where you saw Mitch saving the life of an injured kite surfer was filmed at South Inlet Park. However, many comedy scenes were shot at Boca Raton Resorts. Filming at both locations was a bump-free ride for the production team. According to locals while shooting, the cast and crew members laughed a lot, which created an energetic ambiance. According to the cast members, shooting at these locations was no less than a mini vacation and they made many memories as well. 

If you happen to be at any of these locations, you are going to have a great time. Luckily, South Inlet Park allows many adventurous activities and Boca Raton Resorts offers you luxury accommodation. It’s a complete package I think, enjoy with your family and friends here!

Tybee Island And Savannah, Georgia

Where Was Baywatch Filmed? Locations Perfect For Vacations!

After concluding shooting at Boca Raton, the makers moved to Tybee Island. Because the makers had limited time, the production team had a very busy schedule. The suitable backdrops in Tybee Island and Savannah were ideal for the plot and the team captured perfect scenes. While shooting at Tybee Island, the makers decided to shoot a few concluding sequences at Savannah. 

Tybee Island is located a few hours away from Savannah and people across the world come here to spend quality time with their families. This small city has plenty of restaurants and clubs you can choose from. You can also travel to Savannah, a Georgian city known for its parks, horse-drawn carriages, and architecture. 

Plot Of Baywatch | What’s It About?

Where Was Baywatch Filmed? Locations Perfect For Vacations!

The basic premise of Baywatch revolves around Lt. Mitch and his team of lifeguards. He is one of the most beloved guys in his community. One morning, while patrolling, Mitch finds a pouch and informs other lifeguards about it. Later, he meets Matt, who is a gold medalist. Eventually, both of them get into conflict with each other. At the same time, a mother and her kids start drowning and Maddy rushes to save them. 

A private yacht catches fire and the higher authorities disapprove of Mitch for investigating the incident. Soon Mitch and Brody find dr*gs being retrieved from fish barrels. Also, they come across some shocking revelations of a dead body on the beach. As a result, Mitch gets fired and Brody is announced as the new lieutenant. After this, Mitch starts working at a store to make both ends meet.

While performing his duty, Brody finds another pouch similar to that of Mitch. After investigating, Brody finds that Leeds (his colleague) is smuggling the dr*gs. When Leeds comes to know about this, she captures Brody and decides to drown him. The moment she tries to do this, Summer (a lifeguard) and Mitch come to rescue Brody. 

Watch the movie to find out if the lifeguards are able to unearth the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Final Words 

I hope you have come across many new places while reading where was Baywatch filmed. Let me tell you that locations are worth visiting so plan your trip soon. Until we come up with more locations, check out our latest article on where was Legends Of The Fall filmed.  

Who Are The Creators Of Baywatch?

The creators of Baywatch are Douglas Schwartz, Michael Berk, and Gregory J Bonann.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Baywatch?

The cast members of Baywatch are Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron, David Hasselhoff, and many more. 

Who Acquired The Distribution Rights Of Baywatch?

The distribution rights of Baywatch were acquired by Paramount Pictures.

What Was The Box Office Collection Of Baywatch?

Baywatch made a profit of $177.9 million after its release.

What Was The Critical Response For Baywatch?

The movie received generally favorable reviews from critics.

Is Baywatch Based On A True Story?

No, Baywatch is not based on a true story but on a show of the same name.

Will There Be A Sequel To Baywatch?

As of now, there is no confirmation from the makers for Baywatch 2.

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