Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?


Where was Bridgerton filmed? Read this article to gain insight into the unique filming locations of the series. You will fall in love with these beautiful locations!

Bridgerton (2020-Present) is a television period drama that is set in the Regency era of London. Further, the drama follows the attempt of the Bridgerton siblings to find love and friends in London. Other than this, the setting is in racially integrated London, where people of color belong to a group named Ton. Not only is the plot exciting, but the locations are also the same! 

Though the filming of most of the scenes of Bridgerton is done in Bath, makers made sure to cover other places of the UK like London, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, and many more. Interestingly, these places were picked so that the drama could develop various real locations. Here’s more about them!

If you are curious about the locations, don’t skip any of the pointers!

Bridgerton Filming Location | Visiting These Places Is A Must!

The most exciting thing about most of the drama locations is that they are royal locations. Interestingly, all those locations have been picked, which was once a residence of royal families. As a result, the locations served perfectly for all the seasons. Here’s a list of those locations!

What Is Bridgerton About? Is It About Royal Families Of London?

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

The story of Bridgerton captures the life of Bridgerton siblings who try their best to settle down. As a result, every child of the Bridgerton family takes steps towards courtship. For that, they go through heartbreak, rejections, and many more. And the first sibling who settles is Daphne, followed by her brother. So, keep an eye on the upcoming seasons to know who will be the next!

Like other girls, Daphne also wishes to get a handsome guy for her but doesn’t know the difficulty of the task. Moreover, she wants to do this because her parents want to see her settling down. 

Daphne’s brother gets in touch with suitable suitors and tries to help his sister. But the turning point comes when Daphne befriends a gossip column writer, Lady Whistledown. As a result, Daphne comes across a handsome guy who is Duke of Hastings, and both of them find each other perfect. 

After this, they get married and start living a new life. But Daphne’s siblings keep struggling to find love, and some even lose it. In parallel to the story of another family, the Featherington family also moves. 

Cliveden House In Bridgerton Filming Location | Was It A Real Castle?

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

After Daphne and the Duke of Hasting (Simon) get married, they decide to shift to a castle named Cliveden. Though the name of the castle is fictional, the walls and the design that we see is real. And only a few people know that this castle is Castle Howard, situated in the middle of Yorkshire. 

The highlighting element of the castle is its ornate interiors. And if you think that it is like other castles, then you must know that Castle Howard has beautiful landscape gardens. After having a tour of the gardens, you will get close to nature. Further, you can have fun at Skelf Island Adventure Playground from morning to noon. Also, the castle hosts an annual function every year and declares the dates a few months before the functions. But I would like to advise you not to wear light clothes because the garden is very muddy. 

Bridgerton House Filming Location | Here’s The Truth Of That Beautiful House!

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

The Bridgerton house is the limelight of the drama, and many fans are curious to know whether it is real or not. So the truth is that the real name of that house is Ranger’s House, located in Georgia.

This house is one of the major tourist attractions because it is home to the Wernher Collection (a 19th-century art collection). The house also features ornate jewelry, Renaissance paintings, medieval sculptures, and many more artistic pieces. So, when such an amazing private art collection house is there, you need not wander to other places!

Where Were Queen Charlotte’s Scenes Filmed? Again A Royal Place!

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

All of Queen Charlotte’s scenes were filmed at Wilton House, located in Wiltshire. And the most exciting thing about this house is that it remained a residence of Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years. So, it means visiting this house can give us insight into the history of the 18th century.

And till 2012, this house remained home to the current earl, William herbert. Other than this, you need not buy a separate ticket for having a tour of its garden. Surprisingly, not only Bridgerton is filmed here, but many movies like Emma (2019) and Young Victoria (2007) have also been filmed here. 

What’s The Real Location Of Featherington House? Here’s Another Beautiful Place!

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

It was not tough for the makers to select a location for Featherington house because the UK is a hub of beautiful ancient buildings. As a result, they chose No.1 Royal Crescent (No 1 is the gateway number). 

Just as the name suggests, the shape of this museum is crescent and has lots of ornaments embedded in it. Further, the interior of this museum is worth watching for those who are in the field of interior design. Interestingly, the balconies of this museum and window pediments add more to the beauty of this museum. 

Bridgerton 2 Filming Location | Will It Pick New Locations?

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

With the continuation of the story in season 2, the makers have decided to continue a few locations as well, and the names include Ranger’s House and Wilton House. This is so because these locations served as a host for the story, so they can’t be eliminated in the second season. The same studio will be used for this season because some of the key settings of the first season were filmed here. 

So, this season is a mixture of new and previous locations!

The Opening Scene Film Location | Where’s That Lavish Ballroom?

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

In the opening scene of season 2, we see all the main characters in a ballroom and the ball being hosted by Lady Danbury. But the fact is that the ballroom is Syon Park Conservatory, owned by the Duke of Northumberland. 

Also, this park is not a usual park but a nursery of exotic plants, which can be seen in the Ton’s early festivities. You can sit in the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Thames. Moreover, it’s a perfect spot for enjoying a day in the lapse of nature. 

Where Is Lady Danbury’s House? Did It Appear For The First Time?

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

It’s quite surprising to see Lady Danbury’s house in the second season because it did not appear in season 1. Because Lady Danbury is a woman who belongs to high society, her house showcases her financial status. 

The luxurious house in the first episode of season 2 is the Holburne Museum of Bath. And this museum is known as the first public art gallery in the city. Besides this, the museum features fine and decorative art pieces. Moreover, visiting this museum is worth it because it is one of the oldest buildings in the city.  

Where Did Queen Charlotte Spend Most Of Her Time? Would You Like To Visit The Place?

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

We often see Queen Charlotte going to a lush green area with a group of her friends. But the fact is that the garden where Queen Charlotte goes to is the garden of Hampton Court Palace. 

This palace is a perfect example of ancient art and is located a few miles away from the Thames. And this palace is still preserving its beauty because Queen Elizabeth II and the crown own it. In addition, the beauty of this palace will surely steal your heart at first look.

How Many Episodes Of Bridgerton Are There? Are There More Episodes To Come? 

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? Were They Real-Life Locations?

As of now, season 1 has been released with all the episodes. However, season 2 has also been released, but not in all the world’s regions. Here’s the list of the number of the episodes of season 1:

NO. OF EPISODES              TITLE         RELEASE DATE 
                  1Diamond of the first waterDecember 25, 2020
                  2Shock and delight December 25, 2020
                  3Art of the swoon December 25, 2020
                  4An affair of honorDecember 25, 2020
                  5The duke and I December 25, 2020
                  6Swish December 25, 2020
                  7Oceans ApartDecember 25, 2020
                  8After the rain December 25, 2020

Final Words 

Where was Bridgerton filmed? Though the answer is the UK, many locations have been covered in this drama. Surprisingly, all the locations are amazing and are perfect for visiting during vacations. So, when are you planning to visit them?

1. Is Bridgerton filmed in Bath? 

Most of the scenes of Bridgerton have been filmed in Bath. 

2. Is Bridgerton based on a true story?

No, the story of Bridgerton is completely fictional and the result of the writer’s imagination.

3. What year is Bridgerton set in?

The Netflix drama is set in the year 1813.

4. Why can’t the Duke of Hastings have a child?

He can’t have a child because of the promise he made to his dying father.

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