Where Was Buckhead Shore Filmed? Locations Of MTV Reality Series!


Are you a big fan of the Jersey Shore franchise? If yes, then you should know about one more reality show under the same franchise, Buckhead Shore. Read this article to know more about every detail about the show and where was Buckhead Shore filmed.

The American reality TV series, Buckhead Shore aired on MTV channel on June 23, 2022. This series shows nine young adults who live together in the same house for a summer vacation. So, the young and energetic friends keep you entertained throughout the show. 

All the Shore seasons are popular for the unique format as well as the filming locations. All the seasons to date are themed the same, that is vacation, however, the locations change every year keeping the main premise the same, like beaches or resorts! Now, that you are curious to find out where was Buckhead Shore filmed, then give this article a read! 

Where Was Buckhead Shore Filmed? Check Out The Location Details Here!

Where Was Buckhead Shore Filmed

The show’s production team has always been conscious about choosing the cast members and the location, as it takes two-three weeks for one season to end! So, to attract a larger audience, they found the best and most entertaining people and yes, of course, an amazing place for shooting the episodes. 

When it comes to locations, and cast members, MTV production never fails to amaze us. This time as well, the production team found the best location, Georgia, for shooting the entire  Buckhead Shore season.

The principal photography of the show began during the summer of 2021. Now, without any delay let’s discuss where was Buckhead Shore filmed. 

Buckhead | Georgia

The major filming was done in Buckhead as the show’s name suggests. It is one of the best cities in Atlanta. Buckhead has a lot of attractions to offer its tourists like lakes, malls, and parks making it a perfect destination for a vacation. 

This could one of the reasons for the team to select Buckhead for shooting. Also, Atlanta is famous for its amazing production facilities and hi-tech studios. A famous show like Ozark was filmed here. 

If you also loved Atlanta and are interested to know more about this city, then you should visit the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead. If you like to appreciate art, then visit Buckhead Art And Company; Alan Avery Art Company to explore beautiful artworks. If you are a nature enthusiast, then don’t forget to visit the Blue Heron Nature Preserve.

Lake Burton | Georgia

Next, the region where friends spend their vacation was filmed at Lake Burton. It is only two hours away from Buckhead and it is easily accessible. The scenic view of green lush and clear water makes it the perfect location for getting crazy visuals.

So, if you are planning a vacation, then Lake Burton is the best place to choose. You can enjoy so many activities like you can go kayaking, boating, and fishing. For a cool, and refreshing summer vacation, take a trip to Lake Burton.

Well, these were the locations where Buckhead Shore was filmed. Now, let me discuss the plot of the series so that you get an overall picture of the reality TV series.

Plot Of Buckhead Shore | What Is The Series About?

Where Was Buckhead Shore Filmed

The series follows a group of nine friends who to escape from their busy lives go for a summer vacation and stay together. But unlike other series of the Shore franchise, the nine young adults are close friends. In all other series, only strangers go for a vacation and live in a shared house.

This is a unique format and so the series will be interesting to watch. But do you think everything will be smooth in the series because they are close friends? If you do, then watch the series to find out whether they party together or fight with each other.

Final Words

Well, I hope now you know where was Buckhead Shore filmed. And I guess after reading the format of the series you will plan a vacation with your close friends and have some fun like the Buckhead Shore team. If you like to know other filming location details of reality shows, then do check out our website.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Series, Buckhead Shore?

The cast members of the series include Parker Lipman, DJ Simmons, Savannah Gabriel, JuJu Barney, Pat Muresan, Adamo Giraldo, Chelsea Prescott, Katie Canham, and Bethania Locke.

How Many Episodes Are There In The Series, Buckhead Shore?

There is one season with 12 episodes.

Which Production Companies Have Worked for The Series, Buckhead Shore?

The production companies that have worked for the series include 495 Productions and MTV Entertainment Studios.

Who Is The Distributor Of The Series, Buckhead Shore?

The distributor of the series is Paramount Media Networks.

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