Where Was Clerks Filmed? Guys You Haven’t Met Before!


If you had a stressful day, I would suggest watching Clerks. Believe me, you’ll forget all your worries and will start laughing out loud. Now, when you are all set to watch this movie, I would suggest checking out the filming locations as well. No, they are not comical but unique just like the characters of the movie. Here’s a lot of information about where was Clerks filmed!

Clerks (1994) is a comedy movie that chases the lives of two young. Surprisingly, these two guys are known for annoying people with their mischievous deeds. That’s not it, they like playing hockey and prefer playing on the roof of their store. Also, both of them hate their jobs and are experiencing a drastic change in their lives. 

The entire filming of Clerks took place in New Jersey. Within New Jersey, the significant locations of Clerks were Quick Stop Groceries, RST-60 Video Leonardo Avenue, Atlantic Highlights, Middletown, Red Bank, Posten’s Funeral Home, and many more. 

When we are ready with so many names of the locations, it’s time for you to learn more about them. Let’s start our journey now!

Where Was Clerks Filmed? Locations You Must Visit With Your Family!

I know most of you are not familiar with the truth of this movie. That’s why I have thought to share, that all the events in the movie are not fictional. Yes, they are inspired by the life of Smith (director). After the theatrical release of the movie, it received positive reviews and made a profit of $4 million. 

You must be wondering about the filming location of this comedy movie. Without troubling you more, I am going to get back to the point and discuss all about where was Clerks filmed!

Quick Stop Groceries, Leonardo Avenue 

Where Was Clerks Filmed? Guys You Haven’t Met Before!

Well, the store where you see Randal working and playing with Dante was shot at Quick Stop Groceries. Although the shop belonged to someone else, however, the cast members felt as if they owned the shop. (Trivia)

Interestingly, this store located n Leonardo Avenue has not transformed completely. And even after almost two decades, this store is famous for being a filming location of Clerks. Today, you can easily pay a visit to this shop and pick up your daily stuff!

RST-60 Video, Leonardo Avenue

The video store you saw in the movie was filmed at RST-60 Video. Interestingly, there was a lot of buzz for this video store when Clerks was being filmed here. People from distant places would come to witness the filming. Of course, this would make shooting a bit challenging for the makers because they were supposed to manage the crows and shooting simultaneously.

Well, this place exists till today but there is not much information available about it. I guess, it’s better to visit this place and collect as much information about the filming of Clerks. You may get a lot of extra information!

Atlantic Highlands, Barnegat, New Jersey

Where Was Clerks Filmed? Guys You Haven’t Met Before!

Atlantic Highlands has been a memorable filming location for the makers of Clerks. The entire production unit and cast would prefer sitting on the shore and enjoying the sunset. Yes, this location left a great impact on the cast and production unit. 

If you are planning to relocate, I would suggest buying your dream house at Atlantic Highlands. The apartments here are perfect for both big and small families. Guess what! This place has less population and is a famous Victorian town. The pristine beaches are icing on the cake!

Middletown, New Jersey

Middletown was the main location for filming the majority of outdoor scenes of Clerk. Also, the makers filmed scenes conveniently in this town and the natives cooperated a lot with the filmmakers. Luckily, the makers were able to wrap up the shooting on time. 

Situated in Monmouth County, Middletown is a small yet lively town known for its scenic beauty. Also, this is the most populated town in New Jersey. Furthermore, you are likely to get a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. This location is as beautiful as the filming locations of Ticket To Paradise and Conagher

Red Bank, New Jersey  

Where Was Clerks Filmed? Guys You Haven’t Met Before!

Red Bank is another filming location where a few outdoor scenes were filmed. After the shooting of Clerks, this location became one of the favorite filming locations of Smith. As a result, Smith preferred filming his next movie here.

Red Bank is a beautiful town considered one of the best places to live. Interestingly, you get diversity in population, food, and outdoor activities. Let me tell you that the finest restaurants in New Jersey are situated on Red Banks. 

Posten’s Funeral Home 

Here comes the last location for where was Clerks filmed! Besides the comic scenes, some of the serious scenes were filmed at Posten’s Funeral Home. It took only a few days to accomplish filming here. 

Posten’s Funeral Home has been giving place to the near and dear ones of people in New Jersey. Also, they offer all the basic facilities to perform all the necessary rituals. 

Final Words 

Finally, I have shared with you all about where was Clerks filmed. Now, when you are aware of all the locations, why not pay a visit to them? By doing so, you may learn more about the filming of Clerks. Most importantly, you can relive all the comical scenes. So, hurry up and book your tickets today!

If you are interested in figuring out the locations of another black and white, you may check out the filming locations of Gunga Din.

1. Why Was Clerks Black And White?

Due to the low budget, the makers decided to produce Clerks in black and white.

2. Who Is Clerks Based On?

The character of Dante is based on Smith (director) and Randal Graves is based on Smith’s friend.

3. Is There A Colored Version Of Clerks?

No, Clerks is not available in a colored version.

4. How Old Is Dante In Clerks?

Dante in Clerks is 22 years old.

5. Where Can I Watch Clerks?

You can watch Clerks with a paid subscription on Apple TV.

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