Where Was Crash Filmed? Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-Winning Crime Drama!!


Have you watched Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-winning crime drama film, Crash? Would you like to know where was Crash filmed? If you’re intrigued to know more about this captivating movie, read this article till the end.

The American crime drama movie, Crash was released in the first week of May 2005. Apart from winning 63 major awards, this intense action film also managed to bag 3 Oscars. The film was directed by none other than Paul Haggis, who also wrote the screenplay for this project.

The basic premise of Crash revolves around the character of Fred, a middle-aged American man living in Los Angeles. The story gets interesting when Fred runs into the character of Jean, who changes his life forever.

Apart from being critically acclaimed, Crash performed astoundingly well at the box office too. This crime thriller movie grossed over $98 million in worldwide collections against a very nominal shooting budget. Fans who like watching mind-bending movies thoroughly enjoyed the performances of Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, and Sean Cory.

Are you intrigued to know more about this Oscar-winning movie? Well then, without stalling any longer, let’s find out where was Crash filmed.

Where Was Crash Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Drama Film Closely!

As mentioned earlier, the story of Crash is set in the city of Los Angeles. Thus, when Paul Haggis was writing the screenplay for this project, he was clear that he would shoot the entire movie in Los Angeles.

Since Paul wanted to depict authentic locations to his audience, he decided not to film any scenes outside of Los Angeles. So, as soon as the preliminary stages of production were over, Paul started looking for suitable filming locations with his team.

A number of iconic places in Los Angeles were scouted by the production members, but unfortunately, none of them piqued the interest of the director. Because Paul wanted to shoot in and around locations that were not generally used by mainstream filmmakers.

Thus, after a couple of weeks, the production members were able to locate such sites, after which they submitted the list to the director. Paul checked the scouted locations in Los Angeles in person and then approved the final list.

The principal photography of Crash commenced in the second week of December 2003 and was completed by the end of January 2004. The entire shooting schedule lasted for a little more than one month. 

During this time, all major outdoor scenes of the movie were filmed in and around the city of Los Angeles. You’d be surprised to know that even the interior sequences of Crash were filmed in the same city.

After the filming process of Crash was over by the first month of 2004, the filming crew began working on the promotion of the movie. As per reports, the director arranged special interview sessions with some infamous film critics of Los Angeles and did a full media run. 

However, not all cast members of Crash were able to join this conference, as some of them were busy with other projects. Alright, let us now dig deep and find out where was Crash filmed. We are now going to take a closer look at the shooting sites, one by one.

Los Angeles | California

Where Was Crash Filmed? Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-Winning Crime Drama!!

The opening scene of the film, where we see Detective Graham Waters and his partner, Ria, driving through the downtown area of Los Angeles, was actually filmed in Chinatown. The production members had to arrange a special cop car mounted with cameras to shoot this scene.

Other important scenes from the first half of the movie were filmed near 3500 South Gaffey Street, San Pedro. The sequence where a couple of gang members appear to be jacking a car was filmed in Broxton Avenue, located near Westwood Village, Los Angeles.

After shooting these scenes, the production members moved to the outskirts of Los Angeles and captured additional outdoor shots. The sequence featuring the train-themed restaurant in the movie was actually shot inside Carney’s Restaurant, located at 12601 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, Los Angeles.

Sequences from the final quarter of Crash were shot near Sherman Oaks and, Broadway & Ord Street. The ending scene of the film was filmed at 5100 Costello Avenue, Sherman Oaks, after which the production members wrapped the entire filming process.

Friends, these were the exact filming locations that were used by Paul Haggis to shoot the outdoor scenes of Crash. The interior scenes of the film were captured inside a film studio located in Los Angeles County.

Now that you finally know where was Crash filmed, allow me to give you an overview of this crime drama film. In the meantime, you can also read Chinatown, The Shining, and The Conjuring.

Plot Of Crash | What’s It About

Where Was Crash Filmed? Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-Winning Crime Drama!!

The story of Crash is centered around a group of American citizens living in the city of Los Angeles. At the very beginning of the film, the character of Graham Waters appears to be involved in a car accident while driving with his police partner, Ria.

As the story progresses further, the events which preceded the unfortunate accident, which killed an innocent child, are depicted. Two hours from the time of the accident, other characters living near the accident spots appear to be smuggling drugs and carrying out gang activities.

Watch Crash and find out how an American police officer crashes his car and ends up taking an innocent life. 

Final Words

Ok, I hope you’ve found all the necessary information you were looking for. If you wish to read other articles like where was Crash filmed, let us know in the comments section. We’d definitely cover the filming locations of your favorite title.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Crash, don’t forget to check out the FAQs, which I’m adding below.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Crash?

Michael Muro is the cinematographer of the film Crash.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Crash?

The film Crash has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Crash?

Mark Isham is the music director of the film Crash.

Is The Film Crash Based On A True Story?

No, the story of Crash is based on a fictional story by Paul Haggis, who also directed the film.


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