Where Was Crocodile Vengeance Filmed? A Super New Action Flick!!!


Do you have a thing for the “dark side” and everything that reigns in it? Then you are in for a treat! In this article we will let you know where was Crocodile Vengeance filmed? And everything there is to it worth mentioning. 

Crocodile Vengeance also known as Croc! (2022) is a new spine-chilling action flick released on 25th August 2022, that deals with a humongous man-eater crocodile, creeping in the depths of a lake. Waiting for his next prey!

Director Paul W. Franklin begins the movie on a rather happy note, showcasing a wedding plan far away from the metropolitan in the middle of nowhere at a Tudor mansion. But little did the couple know a savage crocodile would crash their wedding.

Speaking of “savage”, follow this article. Allow me to take you through the juicy plot of this new flick and inform where was Crocodile Vengeance filmed.

The Plot Of Crocodile Vengeance | What’s It About

Where Was Crocodile Vengeance Filmed? A Super New Action Flick!!!

Crocodile Vengeance – a film by Paul W. Franklin, based on the action-thriller genre, portrays the story of a couple who decide to get married, and arrange a dream wedding for themselves away from the cacophony of the city (Birmingham) at a Tudors mansion, near a “peaceful” lake.

The main leads of the flick, Lisa King (Sian Altman) and Dylan ‘Bruiser’ King (Mark Haldor), as fate would have it for them, the couple end up unknowingly choosing a place to get hitched, that is secluded enough to be preyed upon by a man-eater Croc!

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Their dreams turn into a nightmare real quick, no sooner than the dark falls and the vicious creatures hiding in it, come out to play! But the question remains, will they be able to get hitched and live happily ever after? Or be devoured by a killing machine, obscured in the lake waiting for his next catch.

The cliff-hanging plot is as intriguing as it sounds, and if you really wish to give this movie a shot. Although, for now let’s find out where was Crocodile Vengeance filmed, and see if we can find any killer crocodile waiting for us there!

Where Was Crocodile Vengeance Filmed? English Countryside

Where Was Crocodile Vengeance Filmed? A Super New Action Flick!!!

So now that you’re well aware about the plot, let’s discuss where was Crocodile Vengeance filmed and why the director chooses to shoot at this location.

Franklin arrives at the decision of setting up the production in England. The director being a British national, is well aware about the flora and fauna of his homeland. He seemed pretty confident about how to use the location, as an extra element that would go on to play a huge part in making the film more suspenseful and thrilling.

The countryside in England being accessible from the main cities, has made it all the more sought after, a place for retreat and peace. And more often than not most of them plan their weekend around a short visit to the countryside.

With the ultra-modernisation of the cities in England, people decide on traveling far away into  the rural areas, where they can enjoy the silence at peace.

Keeping this factor of relatability in mind the director chooses to narrate the story in a way where Lisa King and Dylan ‘Bruiser’ King, the main leads in his film Crocodile Vengeance, who are shown to be British nationals as well, plan their wedding at a similar location.

Apart from the probable reasons discussed, there seems to be additional factors as well that have weighed upon the choice of location. Continue reading this article to find where was Crocodile Vengeance filmed, and other historical locations in England.

Why is it when beauty turns into horror, that impacts us the most? Imagine the calm before the storm or quiet before the tempest, somehow the calm and the silence is more bone-chilling than the storm itself!

The Lake District 

Where Was Crocodile Vengeance Filmed? A Super New Action Flick!!!

In other words the anticipation of an event is way more suspenseful than the event. It’s just human nature, we all love the build up, don’t we?

On similar terms, the director decides to choose a quiet and docile place that people of England associate with tranquility and turn it into a place ready to wreak havoc!

Major establishing scenes of the flick are shot in the secluded but well known English area – The Lake District. The Lake District – renowned as one of the most traveled location in the northwest of England, is home to challenging yet beautiful terrain, abundant with small mountains, lakes and hamlets.

The adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers time and again set up camps around this area or book a Tudor mansion, hoping to quench their thirst for exploration. The climate is pretty rough during the cold bleak winters.

Yet the north of England, is much more hospitable and inspiring during warm summer, which draws in artists as well, venturing to find inspiration for their next masterpiece! The duality and the nature of the location and the plot fits in like a glove! It makes the Lake District of northwest of England not only a perfect location for filming, but also for you to pay a call on.

Speaking of which! Let’s keep this ‘killer croc’ aside for a bit, as I let you in on other interesting locations worthy to stop by. Deal?

Other Noteworthy Locations From Crocodile Vengeance 

Where Was Crocodile Vengeance Filmed? A Super New Action Flick!!!

With b&bs, pubs or small inns available for you to book your next holiday, the other beautiful locations of countryside England, is not something you would want to miss. Worcestershire (not the sauce), Shropshire, and Herefordshire nearer to Wales on the western side of England are some noteworthy locations worth mentioning in this article. For other such stupendous locations in England, check out this cathedral city.

Final Words

Ok, so by now I hope you are aware about the filming location of Crocodile Vengeance and other location surrounding the area, but if you wish to find out more and get a taste of this recently released action-thriller flick, check out where to watch Crocodile Vengeance for free.

Until then, stay safe and visit Viebly for other such informative articles. I promise it won’t bite you!

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