Where was Edward Scissorhands Filmed? Johnny Depp’s Romantic Tale!


What was your childhood favorite film? I think, the answer would definitely consist of one of Johnny Depp’s movies. If you are a fan of Depp, then you might have watched the movie, Edward Scissorhands (1990). Even after all these years, fans all across the world continue to cherish and love this film. But everyone would have this doubt about where was Edward Scissorhands filmed. So, keep reading the article where you will find the filming location details of this movie.

The fantasy romantic movie, Edward Scissorhands was directed by Tim Burton. The narrative centers on an incomplete mechanical humanoid with scissor blades for hands. The story is unlike others and so it was a huge financial success. Also, the movie has received positive reviews from critics. The movie was nominated for multiple Awards and it also won the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

Now to your question, where was Edward Scissorhands filmed, the movie was entirely filmed in Florida. So, if you want to know the specific details of filming locations, then you should continue reading the article.

Let me discuss the plot of the movie first, before the filming locations. If you have already watched the movie, then reading the plot would help you remember some of your favorite scenes.

The Plot Of Edward Scissorhands | What Is The Story About?

Edward is the protagonist of a modern-day fairy tale in which the inventor who built him died before completing him, leaving Edward with scissors in place of his hands. An “Avon” representative from the neighborhood pays a visit to Edward one day at the old mansion where he has been living alone. She brings him to live with her family at her house.

He must adjust to the unfamiliar environment and new way of life. He soon demonstrates a skill for trimming hedges and hair, winning everyone’s affection. Soon, Edward becomes a household name, wowing locals with his skills.  However, his talent is the only thing that makes him popular. These same neighbors are unable to comprehend Edward as he really is—a timid, innocent person trapped in an alien culture.

Kim, Peg’s cheerleading daughter, is his only hope since she connects with him because of his real dedication to her. This infuriates her boyfriend Jim, who sets the community against Edward. As a result, leading to a terrible end for the two lovers.

Where Was Edward Scissorhands Filmed? All The Details You Need To Know!

Where was Edward Scissorhands Filmed? Johnny Depp’s Romantic Tale!

Although Burbank, California, was a potential setting for the suburban neighborhoods, Burton felt that the city had undergone too many changes and it would not be right for filming. Consequently, a three-month filming plan was decided upon for the Florida Tampa Bay Area, and other surrounding areas. The filming of the movie began in March 1990 and ended in July of the same year.

Tinsmith Circle, Lutz, Florida, USA

The house and surrounding area where Wiest’s Peg introduces Depp’s Edward to dwell are likely the most well-known locations. The houses are in the Carpenters Run development in Lutz, and they were painted in vibrant colors for the production. 

The topiary was also a big effort. Dedicated moviegoers, especially locals, had frequently traveled to Tinsmith Circle to capture pictures of the location. But it now appears very differently from how it did in the film.

A serious “Edward Scissorhands” fan can devote an entire day to touring the few locations—some of which are still visible, while others have completely vanished that appeared in the movie.

Southgate Shopping Center, Lakeland, Florida, USA

Where was Edward Scissorhands Filmed? Johnny Depp’s Romantic Tale!

Southgate Shopping Center served as a backdrop for a crucial scene featuring the character Joyce showing Edward a suitable site for a hair salon. Exterior images clearly display the Southgate Shopping Center’s enormous Art Deco sign. Additionally, a residence at the mall served as the location for the interiors of the scene.

Peg and Edward make an effort to obtain a bank loan in order to finance his hair salon. For this sequence, both the indoor and exterior shots were shot locally. The interiors of this scene were filmed at 400 North Ashley Drive, which notably features a bank vault in the background. It is the recognizable “beer can” structure from downtown Tampa.

20th Century Fox Studios, California, Los Angeles, USA

Where was Edward Scissorhands Filmed? Johnny Depp’s Romantic Tale!

20th Century Fox Studios was used to film some interior scenes of the movie. The mansion where Edward lives was filmed in this studio. An American production company, 20th Century Fox studios is a part of The Walt Disney Studios, which is a branch of The Walt Disney Company. The studio is situated in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Century City on the Fox Studio Lot.

For more than 83 years, the “Big Six” American film studios included 20th Century Fox. In 1935, it was created by the union of the old Twentieth Century Pictures and the Fox Film Corporation. The studio adopted its current name on January 17, 2020. There are numerous movies that have used this studio for filming. Some of the popular movies that were filmed in this location include Reboot, Modern Family, Bones, Fight Club, and Fresh Off The Boat.

Final Words

Alright readers, now that you’ve gone through all the necessary information about the movie and where was Edward Scissorhands filmed. I hope you got the answer to your question after so many long years. But it is not too late to visit those amazing locations.

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Do You Still See The Castle From Edward Scissorhands?

After filming, the castle was demolished, and thirty years later, it is now a grassy crater with a farm.

What Is The Major Point Of Edward Scissorhands?

Burton noted that the primary themes of Edward Scissorhands center on isolation and self-discovery.

Why Was Edward Scissorhands Hated By Everyone?

Joyce was primarily to blame for everyone’s animosity toward Edward when he rejected her approaches.

Why Is Edward Scissorhands’ Climax So Depressing?

Before they part ways permanently, Kim kisses Edward and tells him she loves him.

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