Where Was Emily Filmed? Meet The Famous Literary Genius!!


Are you a bibliophile? Or do you like to attain more knowledge about the works and life of celebrated authors? If so, then check this article where I discuss the unreleased movie, Emily. And also share with you, where was Emily filmed.

This biographical drama was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2022! However, the audience is still waiting for the theatrical release. It is set to hit the cinemas in the UK by October 14 this year. Followed by the release in the USA scheduled for next year.

The movie Emily, is about the life and work of Emily Bronte, a celebrated English author and one of the Bronte Sisters’. More specifically, Frances O’Conner aspired to showcase and give us a glimpse of the poet’s life in depth, through her film.

Even though this film proves to be Frances’ first directorial debut, the critics have appreciated her work. Which anticipates us to definitely give this film a shot. For now, let’s go ahead and examine the plot of this film in brief. So that you may have a better insight about the storyline. Plus, later in this article I will also let you in where was Emily filmed.

Plot Of Emily | What’s It About

Emily Bronte, alias Ellis Bell, was born on 30 July 1818 in Yorkshire, England. In Emily’s short lifespan of 30 years, she went on to achieve a lot of adoration and reverence for her work. Director Frances O’ Conner in this film, gives us a sneak peak into the world of the Bronte sisters, through the central character of Emily (Emma Mackey). Emily is shown as a young girl living in Yorkshire with her family of two sisters and a father.

She’s shown to be educated at home along with her other sisters, during her younger days. The loneliness which Emily faced after her mother’s death, was vividly portrayed on screen by the female lead.

Furthermore, later on in her life she is shown to move to Halifax, and took up a job in a primary school as a teacher. She is shown to teach her students for only 6 months, although the affectionate bond she built with them is masterfully depicted on screen by the lead actress. All in all, this biographical drama film will give you a sneak peek into the life of Emily Bronte. Director O’Conner, managed to capture the ardor and melancholy that shaped the early life of the much celebrated novelist, Emily.

Now, let’s discuss in depth, where was Emily filmed. For you to be able to enjoy the lovely locations that were used for filming.

Where Was Emily Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!!

Where Was Emily Filmed? Meet The Famous Literary Genius!!

The film, Emily, that is yet to be released, had to go through a turbulent filming process. The original filming date that was decided by the production, had to be rescheduled a number of times. But, the filming location never changed from Yorkshire. 

The actors who were supposed to play the major characters of “Weightman” and “Ellen Nussey”, left the project just a couple of days before the filming was set to begin. Nonetheless, the production re-casted other actors for the role and  finally began filming in April 2021. 

The shooting, wrapped up in about one and a half months time, and no major changes or hiccups were reported during the filming of Emily. Without any further ado, let’s explore where was Emily filmed.

Bradford, West Yorkshire

Where Was Emily Filmed? Meet The Famous Literary Genius!!

The northern English county of West Yorkshire, Bradford, was chosen as one of the locations for filming. The scenes that involved the urban and rural settings as backdrop, the outskirts of Bradford such as Keighley and Haworth were used to portray the same.

But majorly, this location was used to film the time when Emily was young, and lived with her other sisters. The humble abode that Emily’s father built, was a makeshift home constructed by the crew. Although, natural lights were used to film the interior scenes of the home.

The look of the 1800’s, which we see in the film, was easily recreated by the production unit after consulting with local historians. The technical help that director O’Conner received in her debut film, was much appreciated, as she went on to mention it during the premiere of the film.

Leeds, West Yorkshire

Where Was Emily Filmed? Meet The Famous Literary Genius!!

The city of Leeds, in the valley of River Aire turned out to be the major filming spot for portraying the busy town of the 1800’s. Sequences such as the scenes of the house that Emily lived in, during her time in the urban locale, were shot in a studio near Leeds. The filming set had to be constructed from ground up and was later taken down.

Additional filming locations in Leeds included the lively market town of Otley. Filming at this location was a bit difficult in terms of crowd management. But the director later resorted to filming most of the scenes, during the early hours of the day to avoid any disturbance.

Other than being chosen as a location for filming many noteworthy and famous series, the city of Leeds has an exciting food and sports culture. Football fans from around the globe gather in the city during the English premiere league matches to support their favorite teams.

You definitely search more about Leeds, and maybe plan your next trip to this beautiful and lively city. Also, famous and award winning movies and shows like Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey, The King’s Speech, King Charles III were also filmed at this location.

Final Words

Where Was Emily Filmed

Right, so after discussing the plot and sharing with you where was Emily filmed, I hope you will watch the film, once it hits the theaters. But if the filming locations intrigue you more, then be sure to find out more about these beautiful locations. And plan your next trip to the UK. Until then, have a good one mate!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film, Emily?

The cast of the film, Emily, includes Emma Mackey, Fionne Whitehead, Alexandra Dowling, Adrian Dunbar and Gemma Jones.

Who Produced The Film, Emily?

Jo Bramford and David Barron were the producers of the film, Emily.

Who Directed The Film, Emily?

Frances O’Conner directed the film, Emily.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film, Emily?

Frances O’Conner wrote the screenplay for the film, Emily.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film, Goodnight Mommy?

2h 10m is the runtime of the film, Goodnight Mommy.

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