Where Was Father Stu Filmed? Latest Drama Featuring Mark Wahlberg!!


Do stories of triumph and overcoming great obstacles through hard work and perseverance inspire you? Then, be sure to check this article, where I will discuss the recently released drama film, Father Stu, and also let you in on where was Father Stu filmed.

Father Stu, is a biography-drama genre based film released in 2022! Director Rosalind Ross showcases the story of Stuart Long, a struggling violent boxer. He’s later shown to turn his life around and transform himself as a Catholic priest.

Even though the film was not a huge commercial success, and received average rating from the critics, the locations shown in the film are absolutely amazing, to say the least. 

But for now, allow me to discuss the plot of Father Stu in brief just so you may have a better concept of the actual storyline. And, also I will be sharing the filming locations with you.

Plot Of Father Stu | What’s It About

The movie begins with the central character of the film Stuart Long (played by Mark Wahlberg), trying to mend his tumultuous relationship with his mother and an alcoholic father. But to his misfortune the situation gets worse and forces him to move out of his parents home in Helena Montana.

He moves to southern California to escape from all the negativity and built up resentment that is affecting him psychologically. Stuart’s other motif of moving to this place was to become a successful actor.

He then meets a sweet young girl named Carmen (played by Teresa Ruiz) and eventually develops feelings for her. Stuart follows the precondition of getting baptized first and then gets into a relationship with Carmen. 

Meanwhile, things seem to look brighter for Stuart as he gets invited for auditioning for a small infomercial. But how come there is no twist. Later, the situation turns hard pretty quick, as Stuart gets brutally injured in a motorcycle accident.  

The main character of the film later envisions Mother Mary in his dream, who tells him he won’t die in vain. This dream re-establishes Stuart’s faith in religion and inspires him to follow the path of priesthood. Initially he gets rejected by the Catholic Church in Southern California, and finally returns to Montana to be ordained as a priest.

Now lety’s find out where was Father Stu filmed, so that you may have a significantly improved experience the next time you watch this flick!

Where Was Father Stu Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!

Father Stu was filmed entirely in the USA. Director Roslind Ross and his crew members decided to shoot the film in and around California and Montana, USA. As it would corroborate with the real life story of Stuart Long, and the places that played a major part in his journey of transformation.

Los Angeles County, California was chosen as the central location for filming the movie. So without further ado, let’s find out more about these scenic locations!

Los Angeles County, California

Where Was Father Stu Filmed? Latest Drama Featuring Mark Wahlberg!!

The principal photography of the movie began filming in April 2021 and completed it in almost one month!, as the production team filmed the majority of the scenes in Los Angeles County. The natural sanctity and privacy of the residential area was kept in mind while shooting the film.

The sequences where Stu’s house is shown near Southern California church, were filmed at a location where the set had to be artificially constructed and was later taken down. Various other areas were utilized during the shooting of the film to portray a conservative neighborhood.

The fact that Stuart wanted to be an actor and part of the entertainment industry, motivated  director Rosalind Ross and his crew members to shoot at a location which is the show-biz hub of the country.

Famous and thrilling shows such as Game Of Thrones and Cobra Kai were also filmed at this beautiful location.

The scenes in the film where Stuart is shown to work in a dead end job at one of the grocery stores was filmed near Norton Simon Museum, the location where Father Stuart worked in the museum as a guard in real life, before he was baptized. A handful of other outdoor scenes were also filmed in the city of Burbank in Los Angeles County.

Helena, Montana

Where Was Father Stu Filmed? Latest Drama Featuring Mark Wahlberg!!

The real hometown of Father Stuart Long, Helena, Montana was featured in the film in the scene where Stu is shown to come back home from a boxing match. The production crew had to bring in special lighting tools to capture the sequence at night with proper lighting. 

Although they had to struggle a bit while managing the crowd, as the fans of Mark Wahlberg were swarming at the filming spot.

But interestingly, Father Stuart Long, because of his religious and good deeds around the area, gained much popularity among the religious community, who were very much excited to learn about the filming of his biopic at this location.

Philipsburg And Anaconda, Montana

Where Was Father Stu Filmed? Latest Drama Featuring Mark Wahlberg!!

Other outdoor scenes were filmed at Philipsburg in Granite County. The sequence where the male lead actor of the film is shown getting into an argument with his parents and later leaves home for southern California, to become an actor was shot here.

Some outdoor scenes were filmed in the city of Anaconda where Stu goes out to the bar after getting rejected from the infomercial audition. This particular sequence was shot during the evening, to capture the mild pastel color of the sky and the natural lights, to make the scene look more heart wrenching on screen.

Final Words 

So, now that you’ve read the narrative of the film and know where was Father Stu filmed, I hope you’ll give it a watch if you haven’t already. This film will surely give you goosebumps while witnessing Father Stuart Long’s inspiring story of transformation.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, please visit Viebly to read more informative and entertaining articles about filming locations of other movies and shows. Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film, Father Stu?

The cast of Father Stu includes Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver.

Who Produced The Film, Father Stu?

Mark Wahlber produced the film, Father Stu.

Who Directed The Film, Father Stu?

Rosalind Ross directed the film, Father Stu.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film, Father Stu?

Rosalind Ross wrote the screenplay for the film, Father Stu.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film, Father Stu?

2h 4m is the runtime of the film, Father Stu.


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