Where Was Fletch Filmed? Here’s An Ultimate Guide To All Locations!


Fletch is a magnum opus of the late 80s that narrates a highly entertaining plot. Not only the plot but even the filming locations are gripping. So, if you are ready to get acquainted with the premise and locations, here’s an opportunity for you. Get along with me and note everything about where was Fletch filmed!

The comedy thriller, Fletch attracted cult fans. As a result, the makers decided to come up with a sequel to the movie named Fletch Lives. Another sequel released in 2022 starring Jon Hamm. In order to make Fletch a blockbuster, the makers left no stone unturned. Also, some highly talented actors were brought into the role. 

Fletch was originally written as a novel in 1974 and King-Hitzig acquired the filming right of the novel. It took a lot of effort and days to get the filming rights. Later, the filming rights were acquired by Jonathan Burrows. After a lot of planning and a few changes to the plot, the makers commenced the shooting. 

After learning so many facts about the movie, it’s time to shed light on other aspects. Before introducing you to the plot, let me discuss where was Fletch filmed!

Where Was Fletch Filmed? Look At These Locations Closely!

After the filming of Fletch was finalized, the makers got busy with selecting the filming locations. In the early stage of the production, it was quite tough to decide on the roles of cast members. That’s because all the actors were highly talented in performing all kinds of roles. 

The principal photography of Fletch commenced in May 1984. This movie was the first movie of Chase after he recovered from his drug problem. Chase enjoyed a lot while filming the movie, he said “There were some scenes where I didn’t recognize myself”. 

I know you are eager to know where was Fletch filmed. Your wait is finally over as we are going to discuss the same now!

Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California

Where Was Fletch Filmed? Here’s An Ultimate Guide To All Locations!

One of the initial sequences of the movie when you saw Stanwyk meeting with Fletch for the first time was shot at Santa Monica Pier. Here, one of the shops was used to film this sequence. Unfortunately, the makers did not reveal the exact location.  

If you are planning to travel here, let me tell you that it’s a perfect spot to have fun. Many cafes, shops, and restaurants stand in a series that offers many lip-smacking dishes. 

Beverly Hills, 1011 Beverly Drive 

The luxurious house owned by Stanwyk in the movie was a real house located in Beverly Hills. Although not the entire house was used to shoot the sequence, you can still recognize the house by looking at the gates. 

I know you are excited to visit this place but it’s not possible. That’s because the house is private property. But you can check out the house from the outside. 

827 4th Street, Montana Avenue

827 4th Street is featured in the movie as Fletch’s apartment where he plans everything. When the movie was shot this house was vacant so it was a bit easy for the makers to wrap up filming within the decided time frame. 

Today, this apartment has been redesigned and is sea-facing. Guess what? The house is up for sale so if you are planning to relocate, you can consider buying this luxurious apartment. 

Ogden Airport, 3909 Airport Road 

Where Was Fletch Filmed? Here’s An Ultimate Guide To All Locations!

When you saw Fletch traveling to find out about drug trafficking, his plane landed at Ogden Airport in reality. While shooting here, the makers were supposed to follow strict rules laid down by the authorities. Also, the sequences were shot with limited production members. 

If you haven’t seen Ogden airport yet, I would like to tell you that it’s a public airport functioning since 1928. It offers all the basic facilities to visitors for a comfortable journey. 

Mountain View Apartments, 563 West 24th Street, Ogden

You saw Fletch landing at Ogden Airport, then he enters a motel to stay for a few days. This motel was a real location where visitors would stay. Even the production unit stayed for days until they wrapped up shooting here. 

Now, the motel has turned into Mountain View Apartments. This is an amazing place to live with your family. There are walking trails and grassy areas for children and adults. The house is very spacious, which means you can definitely consider it if you have a big family. 

Salt Lake City International Airport, Salt Lake City, Utah

Some crucial sequences were shot at Salt Lake City International Airport. Filming here was a bit problematic for the makers because of the crowd. People were curious to watch the shooting so the production members had to manage the crowd. It took some days to wrap up filming here. 

Los Angeles Police Museum, Los Angeles 

The Los Angeles Police Museum appeared in the movie as the police station where Fletch is taken. Interestingly, this museum was selected by the makers because they were not allowed to film at a real police station. Luckily, the museum had perfect interiors so the makers finalized it. 

If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles, don’t forget to check out this amazing museum. This place tells you about some facts and the history of the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Long Beach, California

Where Was Fletch Filmed? Here’s An Ultimate Guide To All Locations!

The car chase scene was shot at Long Beach in California. Before shooting here, the makers were a bit confused but after hours of discussion, they finalized Long Beach. Not only Fletch movies like Anchorman were also filmed in California

Plot Of Fletch | What’s It About?

Where Was Fletch Filmed? Here’s An Ultimate Guide To All Locations!

The plot centers on an undercover reporter, Irwin M. Fletcher who is planning to write an impactful article on drug trafficking. Suddenly, he is approached by Alan Stanwyk, a reputed man who is suffering from a deadly disease. While meeting Fletch, Stanwyk offers $50,000 to Fletch for a mysterious task. 

Fletch does not get convinced by Stanwyk’s explanations and decides to investigate him. Upon reaching the hospital and checking Stanwyk’s reports, Fletch gets a reality check. Further, Fletch goes to Stanwyk’s wife and meets her as a tennis instructor. Soon he gets to know about some suspicious transactions made by Stanwyk’s wife for her husband. 

After some time Fletch watches Stanwyk giving a briefcase to an unknown man. But Fletch does not know that someone is behind his life. What will happen to Fletch next? Will he be able to expose people involved in drug trafficking? Watch the movie today to know the rest!

Final Words 

I know most of you are planning your vacations after reading about where was Fletch filmed. Luckily, most of these locations are still functional and you can relive all your favorite sequences. If you want to note some more interesting filming locations, read where was Alert filmed

Who Are The Cast Members Of Fletch?

The cast members of Fletch are Joe Don Baker, Chevy Chase, Richard Libertini, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tim Matheson, and many more.

Which Studios Were Considered For Filming Fletch?

The makers rejected New Line Cinema, United Artists, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, General Cinema, and many others while deciding on filming locations.

Which Actors Were Rejected As Fletch?

Burt Reynolds and Mick Jagger were rejected for playing the role of Fletch. Finally, Charles Grodin and Barry Bostwick were considered for the lead role.

Were Some Changes Added To Fletch Post Production?

The narration was added to Fletch post-production.

Is Fletch Based On A Book?

Yes, Fletch is based on popular Fletch novels.

What Is The Duration Of Fletch?

Fletch is 99 minutes long.

Who Acquired The Distribution Rights Of Fletch?

The distribution rights of Fletch were acquired by Universal Pictures.

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