Where Was Friday Filmed? Witness Some Unexpected Twists In Life!


A huge surprise to the audience in the early 90s, Friday came up as an unexpected hit. But what made the movie a superhit? Was it the plot, cast members, or the filming locations? Well, the answer is that filming locations contributed to the movie to a significant level in winning hearts. Here are all the locations that are going to help you learn where was Friday filmed!

Friday (1995) is a tale of two vagabonds who are leading their life without any aim. However, they wish to add some meaning to it and make it more happening. But their dreams cannot be fulfilled because they cannot get a job. Suddenly, they see a ray of hope to make their lives better when they meet new neighbors. As a result, their lives gain meaning and spark. 

The entire filming of Friday took place in California, the United States Of America. Within California, the particular locations were 1418 W 126th St Los Angeles, Normandie Ave &W 121st St, 1433 W 126th Street, 1208 W 135th St, and many more.  

It’s time to take a step ahead and make you learn all about the filming locations of Friday. Here’s relevant information for you to understand where was Friday filmed!

Where Was Friday Filmed? A Movie That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

After the theatrical release of Friday, the comedy movie was praised by critics for its comic sequences and acting performance of the cast members. The praise made the movie witness a profit of $27 million worldwide and became a famous cult movie. 

After noting down paramount facts about the movie, it’s time to move to the filming locations. Check out these locations to learn all about where was Friday filmed!

1418 W 126th St, Los Angeles, California 

Where Was Friday Filmed? Witness Some Unexpected Twists In Life!

The small yet attractive house of Craig you saw in the movie was shot at 1418 W 126th St, Los Angeles. Unlike shown in the movie, this house had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in reality. It’s just that only one room was used to shoot the indoor sequences. 

Unfortunately, this beautiful property is not available for sale right now. But nothing is certain for the future. Who knows you may get this house at an affordable price! Stay in touch with the real-estate agent to know the updates. 

Normandie Ave & W 121st St, West Athens, California 

By the middle of the movie, Craig and Smokey plan to visit a market. That market sequence was shot in Normandie Ave & W 121 St. The visitors of the store were thoughtful enough to make the filmmakers not hold the line. 

This street is one of the famous areas in West Athens, where you get several grocery stores lined up. Also, the people who live nearby prefer visiting this street every day to shop for the latest stuff available in the stores. So, if you happen to be here due to some reason, you can get your essentials from Normandie Ave & W 121st St. 

1433 W 126th Street, Los Angeles, California 

Where Was Friday Filmed? Witness Some Unexpected Twists In Life!

For filming Smokey’s house, the makers selected 1433 W 126th Street. Luckily, one of the production staff knew the owner of this house. So, it became much easier to use it without paying much rent. Also, the natural setup was perfect according to the plot. 

In reality, this property is perfect for a small family as it has 2 bedrooms accompanied by one bathroom. With a heavy heart, I need to mention that it is not for sale. But you can definitely get some more interesting options in this area. So, don’t lose hope!

1208 W 135th St, Gardena, California 

Here comes the store that was visited by Smokey and Craig in the movie. All the store scenes you saw were shot in 1208 W 135th St after the owner permitted the production unit to shoot. As per the instructions by the owner, the makers had to wrap up filming in a day. And they did the same. 

Surprisingly, this store exists even after two decades. So, if you are interested in reliving the comic scenes of Friday, you can pay a visit here. Also, you may get several natives who still remember the shooting. There’s a lot to explore here about the movie!

Interesting Facts About Where Was Friday Filmed 

Where Was Friday Filmed? Witness Some Unexpected Twists In Life!

The most astonishing fact about Friday is that it was filmed within 20 days in Los Angeles, California. In order to accomplish the shooting quickly, the entire production team utilized all of their skills. 

During the shooting of the movie, the childhood house of Gray also appeared in the background of a few sequences. Well, I need to figure out which scene it was. So, you need to bear with the suspense for some time. 

Further, the success of the movie made way for two sequels, Next Friday and Friday After Next. That’s not it, an animated series also appeared with the same name. 

Final Words 

I am glad to help my readers in perceiving where was Friday filmed. If you are looking for locations of some other movies, you can drop the name in the comment box. Why get bothered when I am there to help you guys? Don’t hesitate to share all your queries about filming locations!

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Is Friday Based On A True Story?

Friday is based on the experiences of the writer, Ice Cube, with his neighbors.

Where Can I Watch Friday Online?

You can watch Friday on HBO Max, Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video with a paid subscription.

Why Did Craig Get Fire?

Craig gets fired after he steals cardboard boxes from his workplace.

What Is The IMDb Rating Of Friday?

Friday got an IMDb rating of 7.2 out of 10.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Friday?

The cast members of Friday are Chris Tucker, Ice Cube, Nia Long, John Witherspoon, Tommy Lister Jr, and F. Gary Gray.

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