Where Was Fury Filmed? Brad Pitt’s Award Winning 2014 War Drama!!


Are you a fan of Brad Pitt? Do you like to watch his famous films? Then I’m pretty sure you must’ve watched his renowned war drama flick, Fury. But do you know where was Fury filmed? Well, no worries if you don’t, because in this article I’ll let you in on the filming locations of this popular film and also acquaint you with its storyline. 

The American action drama flick, Fury, was released in 2014 and was inspired by the true events of the Great War. Director David Ayer in his rendition of the film, presents the rousing story of American troops, fighting on the battlefield in Germany, to end the autocratic regime of Hitler. 

Fury, was a blockbuster hit! The film received high praise from the audiences upon its release. Grossing over $210 million in total box office collection against a mediocre filming budget. This war drama flick also earned a couple of nominations! The film went on to win 5 major awards, including Hollywood Film Awards in 2014 and World Stunt Awards, in the following year. 

Now, before I briefly discuss the plot of the film. Let’s explore where was Fury filmed. So that you can know about the beautiful shooting locations of this action-packed film

Where Was Fury Filmed? Let’s Know This Historical Flick Closely!

Director David Ayer along with the other production unit heads initially decided to film Fury in Germany. Thus to shoot on location, they allotted a special team, to scout for idyllic filming locations in the Western European country. However, after learning about the high filming taxes in Germany, the production unit avoided shooting there due to the limited filming budget.  

Then, after conferring with the production unit again, David finally decided to shoot Fury in parts of England and America. The majority of the filming was done in Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire in the UK. The rest of the sequences were shot in California.

The principal photography began towards the middle of September 2013 and was wrapped up, in less than 2 months! No major issues were reported while shooting, which disrupted the filming schedule.  Now, without any further delay, let’s discuss where was Fury filmed in-depth and explore more about the specific shooting sites. 

Oxfordshire | England

Where Was Fury Filmed? Brad Pitt’s Award Winning 2014 War Drama!!

The production unit, after reaching England, readily began shooting! The first location that the crew filmed, was in the county of Oxfordshire. Located in the southeastern part of England, this location was perfect to portray the army camp shown in the film. The sequence where we are introduced to the character of Don Collier was filmed here. Interestingly the filming had to arrange a real tank that depicted the American war tank ‘Fury’. 

Luckily it was delivered on time, which helped the crew immensely to stay on top of the filming schedule as, the majority of the sequences involved shots of the tank.  After completing filming the exterior shots of the American troops marching into the war zone, the production unit then moved to another location in Oxfordshire. The town of Watlington was used to portray the sequence of the town, where commanding officer Collier is shown to halt with his soldiers. 

Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire | England

Where Was Fury Filmed? Brad Pitt’s Award Winning 2014 War Drama!!

The sequences in the film, where the American troops are shown to go deep behind enemy lines, were filmed here. The county of Hertfordshire was majorly used to capture the murky and dreary terrain. The filming crew had to use special lighting equipment to portray the sequences where the German troops are shown to ambush the Second division, at dawn.

Some other exterior shots which depicted the warzone were shot here, as well. Before the production crew captured the interior sequence of the air base at Bovingdon Airfield.  

The production unit then moved to the village of Iver, in Buckinghamshire County. A handful of interior sequences were filmed inside the Pinewood Studios, located there. Filming lasted for more or less two weeks, at this location.

California | USA

After completing the majority of the filming in the UK. The production unit returned back to America, to shoot the remaining interior sequences. A renowned studio located in California was used to film the interior shots of the town and other pivotal parts of the film. 

A make-believe set was created by the filming crew that depicted the inside area of the tavern and camp shown in the movie. And was later taken down, upon completion of the entire filming process.

Now, let’s briefly discuss the plot of the film, so that you can get a clear understanding of the actual storyline too! Meanwhile, you can also check out, Choose Or Die and The Rental which are equally entertaining flicks!

Plot Of Fury | What’s It About

Where Was Fury Filmed? Brad Pitt’s Award Winning 2014 War Drama!!

The film begins by introducing us to the central character of Don Collier, a seasoned American commanding officer of the second Armed Division. Proudly leading the allied troops to fight against Hitler’s army. Later in the film, Don takes charge of the American war tank; Fury, and infiltrates behind the enemy lines, along with other armed soldiers of his team.

Soon after, Norman, a young recruit in the team is shown to follow the orders to operate the tank. But miserably fails to neutralize a group of Nazi extremists, who return back to critically damage Fury, with a ballistic missile! After sustaining considerable defacement of the shield, the American war tank somehow makes it to the nearest town, along with the troops.

Later, Don appears to help an unfortunate family in the town. Before ordering his soldiers to leave the place. Soon after, a German attack destroys the radio signal machine of the tank, leaving the commanding officer and his men disconnected from the base. Several soldiers get badly wounded as well. Don asks them to leave if they want, and decides to continue the primary mission by himself.

The majority of the members of the team stick back with Don, as they are shown to go deep inside the enemy territory. A German tank soon locates the dysfunctional Fury and launches an attack. The soldiers start falling one after the other, as the German troops hurl grenades inside the tank. Norman somehow makes it out of the situation after his commanding officer shows him a way out. Eventually, the Allied troops evacuate Norman out of the war zone and recover Collier’s dead body!

Final Words

Ok friends, so now that you know where was Fury filmed. I hope you enjoyed the read and got what you were looking for! Be sure to add your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out other amazing articles on Viebly!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Fury?

The cast of the film Fury includes Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, John Bernthal, Jason Isaacs and Scott Eastwood.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Fury?

Roman Vasyanov is the cinematographer of the film Fury.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Fury?

The film Fury has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Fury?

Steven Price is the music director of the film Fury

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Fury?

2h 14m is the runtime of the film Fury.

Are There Any Sequels To The Film Fury?

No, unfortunately, there are no reports about the sequel of the film Fury released in 2014. But you can always let us know in the comment section below if you have any such news!

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