Where Was Goonies Filmed? Unleash The Kid In You!!


Is it you or just me who loves watching these comedy genre movies, to pull out of the rut? Too bad if you’re not a fan of comedy because I am going to share in this article about a 1980’s classic comedy-adventure movie The Goonies and also tell you where was Goonies filmed.

Do we have a change of heart yet? Don’t worry it’s going to, if it hasn’t already! 1985 saw The Goonies arrive on the big screen, produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Richard Donner. The film revolves around these bunch of little goofy kids (The Goonies) who get hold of a mysterious ancient map, which excites them to embark on an adventurous journey to seek the treasure trove.

The younger versions of some of the biggest stars in the game were casted in the film, such as Josh Brolin as Brand, Martha Plimpton as Stef, Jeff Cohen as Chunk and Sean Astin as Mikey. Oh and I almost forgot John Matuszak as Sloth and Key Huy Quan as Data, too.

This award winning comedy is going to give you the best 2 hours of your life spent for entertainment. I can totally vouch for that. But if you are looking for some extra information pertaining to the comedy-adventure flick, then follow this article as I will share with you where was the movie Goonies filmed? Let’s get started with the plot of the film, cool?

The Plot Of The Goonie | What’s It About

A bunch of youngsters (The Goonies)  gather to bid farewell to each other upon coming to grips with the news that their homes were soon to be forestalled because of the expansion of a country club near the Goon Docks area. The children stumble across the doubloon and the map at a deserted café near the shore after eluding Brandon for one more adventure together.

They discover a 1632 doubloon cryptic map pointing to One-Eyed Willy’s treasure box the same weekend. The Goonies come upon a family of thieves hiding out at the restaurant called the Fratellis. After the Fratellis leave, Mikey persuades Brandon to go back to the restaurant to look around. While there, he learns that the thieves are operating a counterfeiting business.

The gang discovers a tunnel beneath the eatery as the Fratellis are leaving, hides there, and sends Chunk to call the police. When they investigate the tunnel and come upon the remains of an earlier traveler who had also looked for the riches.

After avoiding several booby traps set up by Willy, they come across an old wishing well. Andy’s annoying boyfriend Troy, whose parents owned the country club, offers to help the youngsters escape the tunnel, but Mikey persuades them to continue their adventure.

Chunk, who managed to flee the restaurant, attempts to flag down a few passing vehicles but is stopped and taken hostage by Jake and Francis Fratelli. Will Chunk and the other Goonie be able to return to their families in safety at last? Or will the thugs slay them as they are looking for the treasure chest?

To find out the answers watch the flick The Goonies, and if you want to check out similar movies then checkout 6 best movies like Sandlot, that are equally enjoyable if not more! Let’s go ahead and explore where was the movie Goonies filmed? And see if we can find any treasure troves while we are at it!

Where Was Goonies Filmed? | Do Those Treasures Really Exist?

The greatest way to recreate the 1980s is to visit the actual Oregon places where The Goonies was filmed! Every kid of that era yearned for a treasure map and wanted to search for One-Eyed Willy’s undiscovered riches once the movie came out.

Since the majority of the iconic Goonie movie sequences were filmed in Astoria, Oregon, Goonie fans should put this city on their agenda if they’re going there. For now let’s go ahead and check out these locations and revisit these iconic locations!

The Goonies House

Where Was Goonies Filmed? Unleash The Kid In You!!

Yes, the Goonies House actually has a physical address of 368, 38th Street in Astoria, and it does exist. Isn’t that clever? Of all the places the production crew selected for filming, this is unquestionably the most renowned.

The most intriguing aspect is that you can go there and look around on your own. The owner seems to have no issues with occasional visits from fans and is generally laid back about it.

Although before visiting the real Goonies House in Astoria, Oregon, there are a few regulations that one should be aware of, like keeping a check about the parking law and the do’s and don’ts around the property and driveway. Also read about other filming locations of your favorite films and web series!

Cannon Beach

Where Was Goonies Filmed? Unleash The Kid In You!!

This small coastal city in north-western Oregon is famous for its long sandy shores, which is where the Fratelli car chase sequence was shot in the film.The 3rd Annual ORV Rally was also organized here.

Ecola State Park

Where Was Goonies Filmed? Unleash The Kid In You!!

Also a very popular location amongst The Goonies fans, as this is the place in the film where they started their treasure trove hunt! Although in the movie this place is referred to as The Lighthouse Lounge. The structures built for filming the hide-out scene have mostly been taken down, and understandably so. But you can still visit this location and admire the beauty of it.

Oregon Film Museum

Where Was Goonies Filmed? Unleash The Kid In You!!

Second to none the Oregon Film Museum masked as the County Jail in the movie is easily the most iconic and famous location in Astoria. Almost all the fans of the movie can recognize this as the same place where Fratelli was imprisoned, before he was helped to jailbreak by his family and partners in crime.

The Oregon Film Museum has organized self-guided tours for the visitors where they can explore the cells- the location for the opening sequence in the film.

Final Words

Ok, so I believe that after coming across the plot and the locations of the film which were used in and around Astoria,Oregon you will look them up and even plan on visiting them in person. But if you want to start by watching the movie first, it wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Checkout other articles related to other films and web series and be informed about where to watch them! Until then stay safe and do visit Viebly, for other informative articles. peace out!

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