Where Was Gorky Park Filmed? A Tale Of Russian Conspiracy From The 80s!!


Do you enjoy watching films from the 80s? I, for one, think it was an era that witnessed some of the best movies that were ever made in Hollywood. If you’re looking for a similar movie, be sure to check this article where I discuss the crime thriller Gorky Park (1983). And also let you in on where was Gorky Park filmed.

Released in 1983, this American crime thriller film is based on a novel of the same name by Martin Cruz Smith. The story of Gorky Park, revolves around the character of a Russian police officer named Arkady Renko and the finding of his investigations. What started off as a routine investigation for a reported homicide soon turned out to be a bigger Russian conspiracy.

Commercially the film was a success, although the critics reviewed Gorky Park as an average crime thriller film. However, the filming locations that were used for filming were utterly divine and breathtaking.

Time for us to explore the plot of the film compactly in order for you to get an improved understanding of the storyline. Furthermore, I will also share with you where was Gorky Park filmed, later in the article.

Plot Of Gorky Park | What’s It About

Director Apted was hugely influenced by the original novel that works as source material for Gorky Park.

The film begins by showing the central character of the film, Arkady Renko (played by William Hurt) at a crime spot, investigating a homicide. The scene of the crime is shown to be a recreational park, that goes by the name Gorky Park, in Russia.

Strangely enough, the face and fingertips of the victims’ bodies are shown to be removed. And when officer Renko, arrives at KGB to report this crime where the victims’ identity is trying to be concealed by the murderer. The organization refuses to pursue the case and insinuates officer Renko to do the same.

Renko, however, ignores the hint and starts to dig deep! Later, the protagonist is shown to tag along with an American detective who is looking for his missing brother. With each passing day, the investigation turns darker and more cumbersome. 

Finally, Renko finds out about the animal trafficking that was being done with the help of the KGB. He engages in a fight to free the sables and saves Asanova from being assassinated. The film ends as officer Renko, and Asanova bid each other farewell.

Now, let’s go ahead and discuss in detail where was Gorky Park filmed. So that you can enjoy the beautiful location.

Where Was Gorky Park Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!!

where was gorky park filmed

Reportedly the filming rights of Gorky Park, were purchased for a quarter million dollars by the producers in 1981! Although, the production was definitely delayed due to the mismanagement of the former director of the film, rendering him to be sacked!

Furthermore, Michael Apted was appointed as the director of the film, and surprisingly there were no further delays recorded in the filming schedule. 

However, the Soviet Communist Party of the contemporary time did not allow the production to shoot in Moscow. The political party termed the film Gorky Park, as an American propaganda and accused it of maligning Russian sentiments.

At last, Michael along with other production unit members, came to the conclusion of shooting this film in parts of the capitals of Finland and Sweden. The Finnish and Swedish backdrop completely masked the surroundings of Russia, plus there were no such protests that the production had to bear with!

Principal photography for the film commenced in May 1983 and was wrapped up in about two months’ time. Without any further delays (pun intended), let’s take a closer look at these filming sites.

Helsinki, Finland

where was gorky park filmed

Director Apted, along with his crew, arrived at the capital of Finland and immediately scouted for the best location available to set up their production unit. The historic city of Helsinki has well-preserved and maintained public buildings and spaces. 

One such public recreational area is Kaisaniemi Park, located north of Helsinki Railroad. This public facility doubled as Gorky Park in the film and was dubbed as one of the major filming sites.

Although other parts of the movie had to be filmed in the northernmost city of Finland, Lapland, as Helsinki did not have much snow in the backdrop, other popular films such as No Comments, Pony and Birdboy, and The Bridal Wealth were also filmed at this location.

Stockholm, Sweden

where was gorky park filmed

As the production unit approached the end of their filming schedule, the crew arrived at their last and final location in Stockholm. The filming was completed at this location in 2 weeks. Some outdoor scenes such as ‘Bathhouse’ and ‘Suburban House’ were filmed at this location. The Sheraton Stockholm Hotel in Norrmalm was also featured in the film while shooting one of the interior sequences. Special permission had to be taken from the hotel for filming, which was easily acquired by the production unit.

Final Words

Alright, so after reading about the plot of the film and knowing where was Gorky Park filmed, I expect you to watch and enjoy this film. The riveting plot, enticing screenplay, and not to mention vicious conspiracies will boggle your mind and entertain you at the same time.

And you can surely look for the filming locations of Gorky Park that were discussed in this article. Check out Viebly for more such informative and entertaining articles about other films and series. 

Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Gorky Park?

The cast of the film Gorky Park includes William Hurt, Lee Marvin, Brian Dennehy, Ian Bannen, and Joanne Paccula.

Who Produced The Film Gorky Park?

Bob Larson and Hawk Korch were the producers of the film Gorky Park.

Who Directed The Film Gorky Park?

Michael Apted directed the film Gorky Park.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film Gorky Park?

Dennis Potter wrote the screenplay for the film Gorky Park.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Gorky Park?

1h 42m is the runtime of the film Gorky Park

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