Where Was Honeysuckle Rose Filmed? Willie Nelson’s Fascinating Romantic Drama Movie!


You must have heard numerous songs by Willie Nelson, but have you watched his movie, Honeysuckle Rose (1980)? Well, I’m sure you have. The romantic drama film follows a country singer, Buck, who is addicted to his life on the road and cannot seem to live a normal life with his wife. While on tour, he falls in love with a young, beautiful woman which makes everything complicated. In this article, I’ll discuss the movie and tell you where was Honeysuckle Rose filmed.

Willie Nelson, who plays the protagonist in the movie, is not just an iconic country singer but is also a songwriter, political activist, guitarist, and actor. He has written and sung countless songs and has been on numerous music tours. Not to mention, he also acted in several movies, and some of them were quite successful as well. Honeysuckle Rose features veteran actors like Dyan Cannon, Amy Irving, Slim Pickens, Joey Floyd, and Charles Levin.

Now you must be wondering where was Honeysuckle Rose filmed; well, here’s your answer: the romantic drama movie was filmed in Texas, United States of America. 

Even though Honeysuckle Rose is a romantic drama film, it has certain elements of a western movie. Helmed by Jerry Schatzberg, Honeysuckle Rose was released in the United States on 18 July 1980, followed by its release in London on 10 September 1981. The movie finally arrived on streaming platforms on 1 January 2009. However, let’s not delay and learn more about the filming locations.

Where Was Honeysuckle Rose Filmed? Honeysuckle Rose Filming Locations!

Where Was Honeysuckle Rose Filmed? Willie Nelson’s Fascinating Romantic Drama Movie!

Jerry Schatzberg’s Honeysuckle Rose received mixed reviews from critics. Some liked the movie and described it as entertaining, whereas some critics were not quite impressed with its storyline and Willie Nelson’s performance. The music magazine Wide Open Country declared the movie Willie Nelson’s second-best film after Red Headed Stranger. The romantic drama film got an audience score of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes and an IMDb rating of 6.3. However, let’s jump straight into the details of where was Honeysuckle Rose filmed.

Texas, United States Of America

Where Was Honeysuckle Rose Filmed? Willie Nelson’s Fascinating Romantic Drama Movie!

Willie Nelson’s romantic drama movie, Honeysuckle Rose, was entirely shot in Texas. The production team filmed a major portion of the movie in the city of Austin, which is the capital of Texas. Remember Buck’s band bus in the movie? Several scenes involving the band bus were filmed on Congress Avenue in Austin

The ice skating rink in the movie was a part of the Northcross Mall in Austin. But presently, the ice skating rink is no longer a part of the mall. Austin is a vibrant city with a diverse culture, and it is also widely known for its live music scene that centers around rock, blues, and country. Austin has a population of 974,447, making it the fourth-most populous city in the state. It falls under Travis County.

A couple of scenes were also filmed in Fischer, an unincorporated community in Comal County, Texas. The reunion scene in which Buck and his family reunite was filmed in Fischer. Some other scenes were filmed at Padre Island National Seashore, which is situated on Padre Island in South Texas. The place is known for its spectacular beaches.

Plot Of Honeysuckle Rose (1980) | When Dreams Become An Obsession!

Where Was Honeysuckle Rose Filmed? Willie Nelson’s Fascinating Romantic Drama Movie!

The story of Honeysuckle Rose revolves around Buck Bonham, played by Willie Nelson. Buck is a country singer who is married to Viv, played by Dyan Cannon. He loves Viv but is addicted to his life on the road, playing at various concerts and music festivals. He dreams of becoming one of the world’s most famous country singers. As he chases this dream, he cannot seem to live a normal, regular life, which his wife demands.  

When his best friend and guitarist, Garland Ramsay, played by Slim Pickens, decides to quit, Buck asks his daughter Lily, played by Amy Irving,  to replace him. While on tour with his new guitarist, Lily, Buck becomes attracted to her. Eventually, both of them begin an affair, which Viv finds out. Soon, Buck is forced to choose between his wife and Lily.

Final Words

If you want to visit the filming locations I mentioned and want to enjoy the live music scene in Texas, then you better start making a plan. Austin is a wonderful and vibrant city, and I’m sure once you go there, you’re going to love it. However, Honeysuckle Rose is a must-watch film, especially for Willie Nelson fans. Try not to miss out on it. And if you liked reading the article, please let me know.

Where Can You Watch Honeysuckle Rose?

You can watch Honeysuckle Rose on Vudu.

Is Honeysuckle Rose Based On A Novel?

No, Honeysuckle Rose is not based on a novel.

Is Honeysuckle Rose Available In Any Other Language?

No, Honeysuckle Rose is not available in any other language apart from English.

Who Wrote The Romantic Drama Movie, Honeysuckle Rose?

John Binder, Carol Sobieski, and William D. Wittliff wrote the romantic drama movie, Honeysuckle Rose.

What Is The Best Dialogue In The Movie, Honeysuckle Rose?

The best dialogue in the movie Honeysuckle Rose is:

Bo: Anybody on this bus got a college education?

Lily Ramsey: I do; I just graduated in June.

Bo: Good. Then you can get up and get us a beer.

What Is The Tagline Of Honeysuckle Rose?

The tagline of Honeysuckle Rose is “For 20 years he’s been singing to the country. But he never figured he’d be living his own love songs”.

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