Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? A Funny Time Travel Adventure!


What if you get to travel back in time? What is the first thing you would do? Well, these kinds of questions often pop up in our minds, fascinate us, and leave us in deep thinking. Although time travel isn’t yet possible, it has always been a good domain for movies, shows, books, and more. Hot Tub Time Machine is also a Sci-fi comedy that is based on time travel, and in this article, we will discuss where was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed.

Hot Tub Time Machine is an all-man comedy movie that was released in March 2010. The movie is directed by Steve Pink and has John Cusack, Rob Corddry, and Craig Robinson in the lead roles. If you are getting bored sitting at home and haven’t watched this one yet, then you can give this movie a shot.

The filming locations of the movie are primarily Vancouver Film Studios, In Vancouver, Canada, and Fernie Alpine Resort, in Fernie, British Columbia. Now, let’s not wait anymore and quickly start exploring more about the filming locations in detail.

The Plot Of Hot Tub Time Machine | A Sci-Fi Comedy!

Hot Tub Time Machine is a story of three friends, Adam, Nick, and Lou, each in their mid-thirties, who are going through different problems in their lives. They all meet each other when one of their friends gets poisoned. The three of them, along with Adam’s Nephew, then decide to take a trip to a ski resort in Kodiak Valley, where they get drunk and consume an illegal liquid which leads them to travel back to their past in the 1980s.

The movie then takes us through a comedic journey of these three friends who try to fight through the challenges of the past in order to make their future better. In order to minimize the butterfly effect, they try to re-enact their experiences. While going through these tough challenges, they have to find a way back home in 2010. 

Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? Know All The Locations!

Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? A Funny Time Travel Adventure!

Hot Tub Time Machine was a success at the box office and did not disappoint one bit in its comedic aspect. Since the movie belongs to the science fiction genre, the locations did not have a heavy part in the success, but they surely piqued our interest and of the readers as well. Let us talk about where was Hot Tub Time Machine filmed and discuss the locations in detail.

Vancouver Film Studios, Vancouver, Canada

Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? A Funny Time Travel Adventure!

Vancouver is said to be Canada’s most ethnically diverse city. It is one of the most popular filming locations in the country as the city is surrounded by mountains and has thriving art and music scenes. If you love the outdoors, then this place can be your paradise. There are many adventurous things that you can do next time when you visit Vancouver. These include hiking over the Capilano suspension bridge or riding out to see killer whales.

Vancouver’s film industry has been booming since the last decade and inspires various visitors to come and visit the city to take a gasp at its beautiful locations. Vancouver Film studios is a film and TV production facility owned by the Mclean group of companies. The facility is just 15 minutes away from the Downtown area and has 12 purpose-built sound stages, production offices, and support areas for any type of production to work. 

Vancouver Film studios have been known for producing various blockbusters in the past as well. Some of the famous movies and shows that were filmed here are Fifty Shades Of Grey, Step Up, and Bates Motel.

Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? A Funny Time Travel Adventure!

The Kodiak Valley Ski Resort shown in the movie is actually Fernie Alpine Resort, which gets the highest ever snowfall in Canada. The place is known for its picturesque views and, of course, Skiing, thus becoming the perfect area for filming this movie. Hundreds of locals around the resort became perfect extras in the movie. The filming of the movie took place after the Ski season was over. 

The main filming took place in the plaza area which was given a makeover for the 80s look. The ice sculpture chainsaw scene was filmed here. The clock tower and Silver Peaks Lodge that are seen in the movie were artificially created sets by the production crew and were dismantled after the filming concluded. The restaurant and party scenes were filmed at The Brickhouse which is a real restaurant in the town.

Some exterior skiing scenes in the movie were filmed at Mount Seymour due to the end season. Other minor filming locations in The Hot Tub Time Machine include Best Western Fernie motor lodge, Three Sisters Travelodge, Timberline Lodge, etc. The 2019 Liam Neeson movie Cold Pursuit was also filmed here at Fernie Alpine Resort.

Final Words

Alright! We are at the end of the article now. I have shared all the information regarding the locations of the movie, so you get a better idea about where was Hot Tub Time Machine filmed. If you are also a snow lover and planning a vacation in Canada for the winters, be sure to keep the awesome resort location in check, so you can visit there and have a skiing experience of life.

If you are a reader who enjoys filming location articles, then you can visit our website for more similar content. You can also read our latest articles about the filming location of the latest Netflix original Do Revenge.

How long is Hot Tub Time Machine?

Hot Tub Time Machine is 1 Hour 41 Minutes long, including the starting and the end credits of the movie.

Where to watch Hot Tub Time Machine online?

The Hot Tub time machine is available to stream on Hulu. The monthly subscription charge for Hulu starts at $6.99.

Who wrote Hot Tub Time Machine?

The story of Hot Tub Time Machine is written by Josh Heald. The screenplay of the movie was written by Josh Heald, Sean Anders, and John Morris.

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