Where Was House Of The Dragon Filmed? Update Your List Of Historical Locations!


House Of The Dragon’s first season is premiering on HBO Max and we can’t just get over it. The highly-watched fantasy drama shows us the major events that lead to a civil war that took place years before the Game Of Thrones happened. The quest for the iron throne is getting hotter and we can’t wait to know which silver-haired dragon rider get’s to sit on it after current king Viserys Targaryen.

Frankly, the Targaryen family tree can be a bit complicated to understand, thanks to their liking for incest. House Of The Dragon‘s first season is focused on events taking place a few hundred years after Aegon’s conquest of uniting the seven kingdoms. The show is currently focusing on the life of Rhaenyra Targaryen who is named the first female heir to the iron throne by King Viserys, but we all know there is more to it. 

As the show continues we will get to know more about the Targaryen family and their backstory. Meanwhile, we can focus on the present and admire the show and its beautiful locations. After all, that is what we are going to cover in the article. So, keep reading as we discuss the mesmerizing locations and tell you, where was House Of The Dragon filmed.

Where Was House Of The Dragon Filmed? Find Out About The Major Locations!

Where Was House Of The Dragon Filmed? Update Your List Of Historical Locations!

House Of The Dragon was filmed at various locations across the world. The main three countries where most of the filming took place were Spain, Portugal, and United Kingdom. We have compiled a list of locations like Carces and Trujillo, Cornwall, Warner Bros Leavesden Studios, Monsanto, Surrey, and Hampshire, where the most filming took place. Let’s discuss all these locations in detail.

Caceres And Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain

Where Was House Of The Dragon Filmed? Update Your List Of Historical Locations!

Caceres and Trujillo are two beautiful places in Spain. Caceres is a city founded by ancient Romans known for its Renaissance architecture and gothic locations. While Trujillo is in the western part of Spain and home to a medieval stone fortress sitting in the middle of the city. If you see any scenes of King’s landing from outdoors, these two locations are probably where they filmed them.

Cornwall, England, UK

Where Was House Of The Dragon Filmed? Cornwall, England, UK

Cornwall is a historic city on the southwestern side of England. The place is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and dense countryside. The fascinating beach scenes and war scenes seen in the show are filmed in Cornwall. The place is also famous for its tasty pastries and cream tea.

Warner Bros Leavesden Studios, Watford, England

Where Was House Of The Dragon Filmed?Warner Bros Leavesden Studios, Watford, England

This enormous studio in England is known as the main location for shooting various scenes in many large-scale movies and TV Shows. Most of the battle and war scenes from the show are filmed in the Warner Bros. studios only. The studio is also open to the public and if you are a movie buff you can go visit the place anytime.

Monsanto, Portugal

Where Was House Of The Dragon Filmed? Monsanto, Portugal

Monsanto is a charming village in Portugal located on the top of a hill. You will find beautiful granite houses and a narrow path that goes up toward the castle called ‘Castelo de Monsanto’ and makes it a place worth visiting. It is definite that most outdoor scenes in the show were filmed at this location.

Surrey And Hampshire, England, UK

Where Was House Of The Dragon Filmed? Surrey And Hampshire, England, UK

Surrey and Hampshire are both counties located in England and are known for their rich and green forests and beautiful beaches. Both are among the favorite filming locations that filmmakers prefer for shooting outdoor scenes. Many popular movies like Gladiator and shows like Downtown Abbey were filmed in Surrey. Some of the scenes from House of the Dragon are also filmed here.

Final Words

Finally, we have reached the end of the article. As promised, we have answered your query about where was House Of The Dragon filmed. The enhancing locations are discussed in detail. As the show progresses we will be excited to see all these locations in real, and we can expect more dragons, politics, and Targaryen’s showing their full display of power. We hope you like this article as much as you are enjoying the show. Adios!

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