Where Was How To Build A Sex Room Filmed? Perfect Locations For Your Bachelor Trip!


Are you ready to spice up your romantic relationship? You must watch romantic movies and shows to get some awesome ideas. But you can’t spice up things without a perfect location, Right? Well, the makers of How To Build A S*x Room must have felt the same. That is why, In this article, we’ll be telling you where was How To Build A Sex Room filmed.  

How To Build A S*x Room (2022) is a reality television show where couples participate in adding more to their romantic life. For the same, an interior designer, Melaine Rose, is there to assist them. Interestingly, Melaine’s task is to renovate the couples’ rooms as per their s*xual desires.  

How To Build A S*x Room was entirely filmed in Denver, Colorado. Melaine would visit the places of the couples in the show to redesign their rooms. And the filming took place at their accommodations. 

I know you are excited to know where was How To Build A Sex Room filmed. Keep reading to know all about the mysterious filming locations!

Where Was How To Build A Sex Room Filmed? A Romantic Location To Surprise Your Love!

Since the release of the reality show, fans are looking forward to learning where was How To Build A Sex Room filmed. If you are also eager to learn about the same, I have brought you all the details. Let’s find out where was How To Build A Sex Room filmed!

Colorado | Visit A Diverse Landscape!

Where Was How To Build A Sex Room Filmed? Perfect Locations For Your Bachelor Trip!

Colorado is the western state of the U.S positioned in the Mountain West Subregion. This highly popular state is known for its picturesque view of arid desert, river canyons, and the snow-covered Rocky Mountains. These Rocky Mountains share the land with Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Another highlight of this state is Mesa Verde National Park. And those who find solace in adventure can try out many outdoor activities here as well. That’s not it. You can enjoy a luxurious stay at Vail, Aspen, and Ski resorts. Also, you can relax for a while at the bank of the Colorado River. 

Besides all these, you can also explore Colorado’s past by visiting mining towns like Silverton, Durango, and Leadville. Further, the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is the landmark where most tourists pay a visit. 

Although it was quite challenging for the makers to select a perfect location, they thought of opting for Colorado. Interestingly, the charm of Colorado convinced the makers to film the show. As a result, the makers canceled all other locations and started filming in Colorado. 

Denver | Explore The Heart Of Colorado!

Where Was How To Build A Sex Room Filmed? Perfect Locations For Your Bachelor Trip!

Denver is a consolidated city and capital of Colorado. Further, Larimer Square is one of the oldest corners in the city, featuring landmarks of the 19th century. Besides this, the city is one of the most populous in Colorado because it is home to more than 7 million people. 

In addition, the highlight of Denver is the Denver Art Museum, an ultramodern complex featuring a collection of indigenous works. And if you are planning to visit Denver, get ready to experience art, culture, food, sports, and many adventurous activities. This location is as attractive as the filming location of The Ultimatum!

Denver is also known as The Mile High City and is one of the most favorable cities for tourists. Further, this city is home to swanky bars and restaurants. Also, those who like shopping can shop for a lot of local items from the local markets. Don’t worry. These items are quite affordable!

Interestingly, various houses of Denver were redesigned and used to film How To Build A S*x Room. Unfortunately, the makers decided not to reveal the exact locations of the houses. Of course, no one has the right to reveal one’s residential address. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was How To Build A Sex Room Filmed

Where Was How To Build A Sex Room Filmed? Perfect Locations For Your Bachelor Trip!

The principal photography of the show commenced in the summer of 2021 in Denver. 

The show’s host, Melaine, is an interior designer who specializes in redesigning kitchens and bathrooms. But designing rooms was something completely new for her. 

Interestingly, she was given the responsibility to transform rooms into hot and desirable spaces. But Melaine was determined to make the spaces look alluring and luxurious. So, whatever you saw on the show was all part of Melaine’s creative mind. 

Also, Melaine was selected after several days and discussions. Initially, the makers were in doubt, but Melaine proved them wrong by showcasing her exceptional skills. Surprisingly, no other interior designer came into the minds of makers other than Melaine Rose. 

Couples on the show shared that they wanted to make a separate space to enjoy their intimate life. Also, most couples would own the house. That’s why they wanted to turn one of their rooms into a permanent spot for their romantic life. 

Final Words 

By now, you must have learned all about where was How To Build A Sex Room filmed. This exciting show streaming on Netflix has picked a highly mesmerizing location. Now, you need to get your tickets ready and surprise your love. Explore these locations while strengthening your relationship. And if you are willing to note down some more romantic locations, check out the filming locations of FBOY Island. These locations will set your mood right!

1. Where To Watch How To Build A Sex Room?

You can watch How To Build A Sex Room by streaming it on Netflix.

2. How Many Episodes Are There Of How To Build A Sex Room?

There are 8 episodes of How To Build A Sex Room.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Be On How To Build A Sex Room?

It costs $30,000 to $70,000 to renovate the room. This was shared by the host and interior designer of the show.

4. What Are The IMDb Ratings Of How To Build A Sex Room?

6.5 is the IMDb rating of How To Build A Sex Room.

5. How Many Spaces Were Transformed On How To Build A Sex Room?

In total 12 spaces were redesigned on How To Build A Sex Room by Melaine Rose.

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