Where Was Invasion Filmed? A Must-Watch Sci-Fi Thriller Series!


Netflix is no longer the only OTT platform to produce high-quality science fiction TV series. Apple TV is also producing amazing content. If you are a sucker for good sci-fi TV series, I bet you’ve seen Invasion (2021). The sci-fi thriller series follows several ordinary people who struggle to save their lives during an alien invasion. In this article, I’ll discuss the series and tell you where was Invasion filmed.

The show’s plotline at first might seem like “old wine in a new bottle,” but it is not. If you’ve watched the series, you know the storyline is unique, as it has many fascinating plot points and twists. Invasion also features an ensemble cast including Golshifteh Farahani, Shamier Anderson, Sam Neill, Shioli Kutsuna, Firas Nassar, and Azhy Robertson.

Golshifteh Farahani, who plays one of the central characters, is an Iranian-French actor who has worked with critically acclaimed directors like Ridley Scott, Asghar Farhadi, and Jim Jarmusch. On the other hand, watching Sam Neill at 76 in a sci-fi series is nothing but a treat. The award-winning veteran actor has worked in the Hollywood film industry for over 50 years. 

Now, to get back to your main concern regarding where was Invasion filmed, the sci-fi thriller TV series was filmed in New York, USA, Japan, Morocco, South Africa, Manchester, London, and Kent, England.

Invasion is created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil. It premiered on 22 October 2021 on Apple TV+ in the United States. The second season was released on 23rd August 2023. However, let’s closely look at the show’s filming locations.

Where Was Invasion Filmed? Invasion Filming Locations!

Where Was Invasion Filmed? A Must-Watch Sci-Fi Thriller Series!

Simon Kinberg and David Weil’s Invasion received constructive reviews from critics. RogerEbert.com’s Nick Allen and The Verge’s Andrew Webster gave the series positive reviews, calling it a sci-fi epic and a show primarily about people rather than aliens. The sci-fi thriller got a rating of 6.1 on IMDb. However, let’s not waste any more time and jump into the details of where was Invasion filmed.

New York, United States Of America

In the first season of Invasion, Ahmed and Aneesha’s story is primarily set in the state of New York. The scenes involving them and their children were filmed in different locations in the state, including The Big Apple, New York City. Other popular shows like Seinfeld, Friends, and Suits have been shot in New York as well.


The portion of the first season’s plot, which involves Mitsuki’s character, is mainly set in several locations in Japan, particularly Tokyo. Consequently, a considerable part of the filming took place in Japan. The country’s successful entertainment industry has made it easier for foreign crews to operate there smoothly. American projects like Inception, Avengers: Endgame, and Skyfall were shot in Japan.


Where Was Invasion Filmed? A Must-Watch Sci-Fi Thriller Series!

The scenes set in Afghanistan were filmed in various locations across Morocco. The production team shot in multiple places to recreate the backdrop of the war-torn nation. Several popular TV shows like Homeland, Prison Break, and Game Of Thrones were filmed in the North African Country.

South Africa

Several scenes in season one were filmed in the North African country, Morocco. During the production process of season two, the cast and crew decided to shoot in South Africa. Most of the show’s second season was filmed in South Africa. Several crucial sequences were shot at multiple locations across the country.

Manchester, England

Where Was Invasion Filmed? A Must-Watch Sci-Fi Thriller Series!

Most of the sci-fi thriller show was filmed in Manchester, and some sequences were also filmed in London’s Greenwich. Some sequences were filmed at one of London’s most popular movie studios.

London, England

England’s capital city, London, was an important filming location for the sci-fi thriller show. The production team shot at different locations in and around the city. Apart from filming on location, the cast and crew filmed several scenes at the OMA:X Film Studios, which is situated in North London. Other TV shows like Peaky Blinders and The Crown were also filmed there.

Kent, England 

After filming in Manchester and London, the production team moved to Kent, a county in Southeastern England. Filming occurred at White Cliff of Dover, Folkestone, and Upper Road in Dover. 

Plot Of Invasion (2021) | Humans Vs Aliens!

The story of Invasion revolves around five ordinary people living worldwide. When an extremely powerful and menacing alien species invades Earth, people struggle to save their lives while trying to protect their loved ones. What are you supposed to do when your enemy is not a human? Who do you turn to when you have no one?  What do you do when your enemy is stronger than you? All these questions haunt those five individuals who are battling for their lives.

Final Words

If you haven’t been to any of the above-mentioned places, this is your chance to visit them. Having said that, Invasion is perfect for binge-watching. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, hurry up and get on with it as soon as possible. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

How Many Episodes Are There In Invasion?

There Are 15 Episodes in Invasion.

Is Invasion Available In Any Other Language?

Yes, Invasion is available in English, Japanese, and Arabic.

Will There Be A Season 3 Of Invasion?

Nothing has been officially announced by the creators of the show yet.

Which Is Sam Neill’s Most Popular TV Series?

Peaky Blinders is Sam Neill’s most popular TV series.

Who Directed The Sci-Fi Thriller Series Invasion?

Amanda Marsalis, Jakob Verbruggen, Alik Sakharov, Jamie Payne, and Brad Anderson directed the sci-fi thriller series, Invasion.

Which Is The Most Popular Apple TV Series?

Ted Lasso, Severance, and Shrinking are the most popular Apple TV series.

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