Where Was Jeopardy Filmed? A Phenomenal British Sci-Fi Drama Series!


If you’re a sucker for good sci-fi TV shows, then I’m sure you’ve watched Jeopardy (2002). The British sci-fi drama television series follows a group of eight high school teenagers who go on a trip to Australia in search of UFOs. After reaching their destination, things don’t work out according to their plan. In this article, I’ll discuss the series and tell you where was Jeopardy filmed.

The show mainly stars Scottish and British actors. The central characters are played by Samantha Bowie, Kari Corbett, Gordon McCorkell, Craig Moncur, Shelley O’Neill, James Pearson, Stanley Smith, and Charli Wilson. Some people consider Jeopardy a children’s show, but if you’ve seen it, then you very well know that it is not a children’s TV series. Most sci-fi shows are a bit intense regarding the plot line, but Jeopardy’s storyline is distinctive and quite different from many American sci-fi drama series

Now you must be waiting for your answer regarding where was Jeopardy filmed; the British sci-fi drama series was shot in New South Wales, Australia, and Scotland, United Kingdom.  

Jeopardy was created by Tim O’Mara and directed by Paul Wroblewski, Marcus D.F. White, and Alan Macmillan. The sci-fi drama series was released in the United Kingdom and United States on 8 January 2002. However, let’s jump in and learn more about the filming locations

Where Was Jeopardy Filmed? Jeopardy Filming Locations!

Where Was Jeopardy Filmed? A Phenomenal British Sci-Fi Drama Series!

Tim O’Mara’s Jeopardy has three seasons. The last season was released in 2005. The sci-fi drama series was a hit in the UK, and eventually, it became popular in Australia and the United States. Not to mention, the series was well-received by critics back in the day. However, most people who have watched the show have mixed feelings about its abrupt ending.

O’Mara is a television director and producer who directed several British TV shows. He has also won several accolades, including a BAFTA. The British sci-fi drama series received a high rating of 8.1 on IMDb. However, let’s move ahead and jump into where Jeopardy was filmed.

New South Wales, Australia

Where Was Jeopardy Filmed? A Phenomenal British Sci-Fi Drama Series!

Jeopardy is one of those few TV series that were actually filmed on location. Most of the filming occurred in the Blue Mountain region, New South Wales. As the story is set in Scotland, some scenes were shot in the United Kingdom.

The Blue Mountain range borders the metropolitan area of Sydney. It is located in the central region of the Sydney Basin. New South Wales is one of the major states in Australia, which is situated on the eastern coast. It borders other states like Victoria and Queensland.

A major portion of the sci-fi series was also shot in the city of Sydney, New South Wales’s capital. Sydney has a population of 5,297,089, making it one of the most populous cities in Australia. Sydney is widely known for its magnificent beaches, its yacht-studded harbor and of course, the world-famous Opera House. The capital city is home to some of the top colleges and universities in the country. Not to mention, Sydney also happens to be an international tourist hotspot.

Scotland, United Kingdom

A portion of the sci-fi drama series was filmed in Milngavie, a town in East Dunbartonshire. Scotland as a country has a vast history. It is one of the largest countries in the UK. It has a population of  5,436,600. 

Milngavie is a town that is mainly residential, as most people travel to Glasgow to study or work. Some popular attractions in the town are Mugdock Country Park, Milngavie Reservoirs, Prescott Bridge, Mugdock Castle, and Mugdock Makkers Arts and Crafts Gallery. 

Plot Of Jeopardy (2002) | In Search Of Aliens And UFOs!

Where Was Jeopardy Filmed? A Phenomenal British Sci-Fi Drama Series!

The story of Jeopardy revolves around eight high school students from Falkirk, Scotland. Lucy, Sarah, David, Harry, Simon, Leon, and Chrissie are science enthusiasts who want to discover whether aliens and UFOs are real. They go on a trip to Australia with their teacher searching for UFOs. 

Their teacher has given them cameras to record their experience and anything that might look suspicious. Soon, their fun excursion turns into something serious, and they realize it wasn’t the best idea to come this far after all.

Final Word

I’m not sure if you’ve ever visited Scotland or Australia, but if you haven’t, I can tell you that both places are magnificent and mesmerizing. So, decide where you want to go first and then make a plan. Having said that, if you like to watch sci-fi drama series, try not to miss Jeopardy. You can stream the show on BBC One. And also, if you liked going through the article, do not forget to let me know.

Is Jeopardy A Spin-Off TV Series?

No, Jeopardy is not a spin-off TV series.

Can you Watch Jeopardy On Netflix?

No, you cannot watch Jeopardy on Netflix.

How Many Episodes Are There In Jeopardy?

There are 40 episodes in Jeopardy.

Is Jeopardy Available To Stream On Hulu?

Yes, Jeopardy is available to stream on Hulu.

Who Produced The Sci-Fi Drama Series Jeopardy?

Dennis Kiely, Richard Langridge, Dominique Middleton, Claire Mundell, Andrew Rowley, and John Price are the producers of the sci-fi drama series Jeopardy.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of Jeopardy?

Rachel Dawson, Tim O’Mara, Robyn Charteris, Stephen John Hallett, and Eddie Harrison wrote the screenplay of Jeopardy.

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