Where Was Just Like Heaven Filmed? Do You Know This Place?


I know you have fallen in love with the locations and want to know where was Just Like Heaven Filmed. To give you details about the filming locations, I have performed extensive research. Check out here!

Just Like Heaven (2005) is a visual adaptation of a novel named If Only It Were True. The movie is categorized under romantic comedy and features popular faces like Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon. The plot of the movie focuses on a young physician who prioritizes his work more than other things in his life. Unfortunately, he meets an accident and his life changes. 

If you search for an answer for where was Just Like Heaven filmed, then the answer is San Francisco, California. Some of the beautiful places of San Francisco were chosen that I will be discussing in the coming paragraphs. Interestingly, the movie’s locations added more to the drama of its plot. Let’s check out the locations of San Francisco!

Here, I bring you a list of locations where Just Like Heaven was filmed!

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Where Was Just Like Heaven Filmed? Have You Gone There Before?

The fact cannot be denied that the locations in the movie had a major role to play as they contributed to the plot’s drama. Therefore, it is obvious for you to get curious about those locations. So, here you go!

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Filming Locations Of Just Like Heaven | Visit The Location This Weekend! 

Where Was Just Like Heaven Filmed? Do You Know This Place?

The movie is set in San Francisco, California. Before getting more into this, you should know that the entire movie (except a few scenes) has been filmed in San Francisco so that the viewers don’t get much confused with lots of different locations.

Before choosing this location for the movie, the director, Mark Waters, made a checklist to check whether the location would be suitable for them or not. Surprisingly, the location provided tax incentives, production facilities, and favorable weather conditions. What else would one want from a location? Due to all these facilities, the director got inclined towards filming the entire movie here. 

That’s not it! There’s much more to learn about the location. 

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Which Are The Exact Locations Where Just Like Heaven Was Filmed?

Where Was Just Like Heaven Filmed? Do You Know This Place?

You will be surprised to know that many locations have been used to make the movie more dramatic. Here are those locations with scenes where they have appeared. 

1660 Mason Street 

The scenes of Elizabeth’s apartment were filmed in an apartment located in the middle of 1660 Mason Street. But the indoor scenes were staged because it was tough to film all the scenes in that apartment. So, the matter is that the apartment was used for the outdoor scenes, and a replica of the apartment was created on a stage to perform indoor shooting. 

601 Vallejo Street

A Cafe named ‘Caffe Trieste’ located at 601 Vallejo street was chosen to shoot a few scenes of David and Jack. Undoubtedly, no other coffee shop could have been better than this for showcasing chat between two friends. Interestingly, Caffe Trieste gave an authentic feel on how cafes look when occupied with many friends. 

518 Valencia Street 

In the middle of the movie, we see David worried about a spirit in Elizabeth’s house, and unintentionally he enters a peaceful place. That peaceful place is a real-life bookstore located at 518 Valencia Street. Unfortunately, the doors of this bookstore have been closed since 2010, so you can’t check it out.

1232 Grant Avenue In North Beach 

The moviemakers are thankful for this place because it gave a perfect location for filming the movie’s funniest scenes. The Saloon, a bar located at 1232 Grant Avenue, gave the viewers an authentic feel while watching the movie’s funniest scenes. This bar has been one of the top blues bars serving its customers since 1861. 

Some Other Locations That Were Used For Small Scenes

These locations include 566 Dolores Street, whose Mission Delores Park was used for filming some scenes. Other than this, many scenes were filmed at Washington Square Park, 18th Street, Fresno Street, and Arkansas Street.

The scene where David tries to save a man was filmed at 1652 Stockton Street. Undoubtedly, the aerial scenes capture the beauty of the famous Golden Gate Bridge that connects San Francisco with the Pacific Ocean.

The production team moved to Los Angeles in Southern California for the remaining small scenes.

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Final Words 

I hope I have answered ‘Where was Just Like Heaven Filmed?’. Though we know that the place is San Francisco, the movie explores many different places to film the scenes. Now, when you know all the locations, pay a visit and share your experience!

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