Where Was Midnight In Paris Filmed? One Of Woody Allen’s Finest Works!


Woody Allen’s movies are a little different. Many people have claimed that his movies are meant for intellectuals. Well, that is partially right but not completely. Midnight In Paris the 2011 fantasy drama movie is one of a kind and is meant for all kinds of audiences. People who appreciate literature are bound to love the film. However, in this article, we’ll talk about the movie and tell you precisely Where Was Midnight In Paris Filmed?

The fantasy movie, Midnight In Paris premiered at Cannes Film Festival followed by its release on 20th May 2011 in the United States. It received several nominations and won a number of accolades including an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Screenplay.  

As the name of the movie suggests, the fantasy drama was actually shot in Paris, and also in other places like Giverny, and Versailles in France. But most of the scenes were shot in Paris.

Plot Of Midnight In Paris (2011) | When The Past Is More Exciting Than The Present!

Where Was Midnight In Paris Filmed? One Of Woody Allen’s Finest Works!

The story of Midnight In Paris revolves around the character of Gil Pender played by Owen Wilson, a screenwriter and an aspiring novelist, who is on vacation in Paris. He is having an amazing time in the city of lights with his fiancee, Inez played by Rachel McAdams.

One night after dinner, during one of his night walks, he comes across a bunch of strange yet quite familiar partygoers, who insist on joining them and sweeps him along apparently back in time. Eventually, he realizes that something is weird, as he comes across people who are his cultural icons. The more time he spends with them, the more dissatisfied he gets with his present.

Where Was Midnight In Paris Filmed?

Where Was Midnight In Paris Filmed? One Of Woody Allen’s Finest Works!

Woody Allen’s critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning fantasy drama stars an ensemble cast including Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody, Rachel McAdam, and many more actors. This is another reason why the movie turned out to be this amazing. However, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the details and find out some more information about the filming locations of Midnight In Paris.

Paris | France

Where Was Midnight In Paris Filmed? One Of Woody Allen’s Finest Works!

Woody Allen specifically chose to shoot in real location instead of shooting at the backlot of a studio in California. To maintain the authenticity of the film, he flew to France with his entire cast and crew. Principal photography began in July 2010. Other than Paris a number of scenes were also shot in Giverny and Versailles. 

If you’ve noticed, the Director used warm color tones in the movie to highlight the romance between the lead characters. Another reason being it increases the aesthetic appeal of the location featured in the movie. 

Remember the scene where Gil, Owen Wilson’s character sits on the steps and a vintage car appears? That particular scene was shot at the Church of Saint Etienne du Mont in Montagne Sainte-Geneviève. Also during the pre-credits, the montage that we see was filmed at the real location, which is known as Palais Garnir at Avenue de la Opera. This location happens to be one of the National Heritage Sites in France since the year 1923.

Other filming locations in Paris include Hotel Le Bristol, Cafe du Trocadero, Pont Neuf, Pont del’ Archeveche, Musee Rodin, Arc De Triomphe, and the extremely popular Louvre Museum. The scene where Gil and Inez have dinner with her parents was shot at Le Grand Vefour, it is known to be a remarkable restaurant that is also quite old. It is located at 17 rue de Beaujolais.

Gil after going back in time, in the 20s, when comes out of that bar and again tries to go back he sees that it’s a Laundromat. That Laundromat in reality exists and is located at 16 Rue des Patriarches.

Another street scene in front of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral was shot at a place called Rue Pierre le Grand. The street was named after Tsar Peter who was the first ruler of Russia. The scene where Gil meets Corey Stoll who plays the character of Ernest Hemingway was filmed in a restaurant named Polidor.

In the scene where Gil comes across the museum guide and asks her to translate a book, that was shot near the historic and iconic Notre Dame Cathedral. If you’re in Paris then visiting Notre Dame is mandatory. The medieval Catholic Cathedral is known to be one of the exceptional exhibits of French Gothic architecture.

Giverny | France

Where Was Midnight In Paris Filmed? One Of Woody Allen’s Finest Works!

Giverny is a picturesque small village in Normandy and is featured in the scene portraying Monet’s garden. The great impressionist artist, Claude Monet grew up in this village and died here as well. His home and the gardens around it have been transformed into a museum known as Foundation Claude Monet Museum. That particular scene was filmed in this location.

Versailles | France

Where Was Midnight In Paris Filmed? One Of Woody Allen’s Finest Works!

A few of the scenes in the movie Midnight In Paris were shot in Versailles. The production unit filmed at the Château de Versailles, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The royal residence built by King Louis XIV is presently a museum that has become an international tourist spot. Millions of people visit the museum every year. 

Final Word

So, now that you know about all the filming locations of the fantasy drama film, Midnight In Paris, we suggest you make a plan soon, and visit these historic places and absorb some art and culture. Having said that, if you have watched the movie already, you’re good to go. But if you haven’t then do watch it soon. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix. Also, if you want to find out about more such interesting filming locations then do check out where was Grown Ups 2 and Malcolm In The Middle filmed.

Who Wrote The Film, Midnight In Paris?

Woody Allen wrote the film, Midnight In Paris.

Who All Acted In The Movie, Midnight In Paris?

The cast of Midnight In Paris includes actors like Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen and Owen Wilson.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, Midnight In Paris?

1h 34m is the runtime of the movie, Midnight In Paris.

Who Produced The Film, Midnight In Paris?

Letty Aronson, Stephen Tenenbaum, and Jaume Roures produced the film, Midnight In Paris.


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