Where Was Narco Saints Filmed? New Korean Crime Action Series!!


Are you looking for a new and exciting crime web series to binge on? Then be sure to check this article, where I discuss the high-flying crime-action series, Narco Saints. And also let you in on where was Narco Saints filmed.

This Netflix series also goes by the name of The Accidental Narcos. The South Korean TV series was released in September 2022! The central story of the web series is derived from real-life events. It revolves around the character of a young Korean entrepreneur who’s forced to join a secret government mission.

Narco Saints has a total of 6 episodes in Season 1. All the episodes are available for streaming on Netflix. Most of the episodes received 8/10 ratings from viewers and critics, rendering the series to be successful and worth watching.

For the time being, let me introduce you to  the plot of Narco Saints. So that you may have a clearer insight about the storyline of this series. Later, in the article, I will share with you the locations that were used for filming Narco Saints.

Plot Of Narco Saints | What’s It About

Director Yoon Jong-bin brings forth the story of Kang In-gu, (played by Ha Jung-woo) a South Korean businessman, who’s called upon by the government to serve in the National Intelligence Service. 

Kang takes part in the secret mission to apprehend a notorious South Korean drug lord, Yo-hwan, who has fled from the country. As the story progresses, the lead actor of the series slowly comes to face the grim realities of the dark world of narcotics and illegal substance trafficking. 

The protagonist is shown to be deployed in the South American country of Suriname, which has given Jeon Yo-hwan a safe haven. The extensive rainforest on the northeastern coast of latin America is shown to be the base where Yo-hwan conducts most of his drug trades and other illicit activities. 

Drama unfolds when Kang finally meets Yo-hwan, and later persuades him to join in and turn rogue against the government. The webseries in itself is well written and the story is cohesive. The character of Kang changing over the course of the series is something you’d have to watch for yourself to witness the character arc. Also, the locations shown in the series are absolutely mesmerizing, at the minimum!

Now, it’s finally time for us to find out where was Narco Saints filmed. For you to be able to dote on the charming filming sites, the next time you watch this crime-action series!

Where Was Narco Saints Filmed? Let’s Know The Series Closely!!

Originally titled, The Accidental Narcos, the Netflix web series Narco Saints is filmed in parts of South Korea and the Dominican Republic. The production schedule along with the filming location was changed due to restrictions that were imposed because of Covid-19.

The filming schedule shifted from April 2021 to November 2021. The shooting finally commenced towards the end of October and finished filming in about two months’ time, of the same year. So, without waiting any longer, let’s dive right in, and explore where was Narco Saints filmed!

Dominican Republic

Where Was Narco Saints Filmed? New Korean Crime Action Series!!

The Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic was chosen as the central location for filming Narco Saints. Director Yoon along with his production crew decided to feature the tropical rainforest and savannah in his series. 

In order to recreate the look of Suriname, which in reality is a drug trafficking-prone country, this kind of terrain was chalked out by the production unit. The cinematographer shot a number of outdoor sequences capturing the highlands as well. 

Other major scenes involving the first encounter of the protagonist with drug kingpin Yo-hwan, were filmed in Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic. This Caribbean destination is quite popular among tourists. Which made shooting outdoor scenes a bit difficult for the crew. 

Nonetheless, the production unit arranged special permission from the tourism department of Santo Domingo which restricted the tourists to flock around the filming locations. Interestingly, other legendary movies were filmed at this beautiful location. 

Some noteworthy mentions are, The Godfather, The Godfather part II, The Good Shepherd, Fast & Furious, and one of Johnny Depp’s best film, Pirates Of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Jeju-do, South Korea

Where Was Narco Saints Filmed? New Korean Crime Action Series!!

The crew finally ended up in South Korea to film the final scenes for Narco Saints. Jeju-do or Jeju islands featured in the web series while shooting the sequence where Yo-hwan finally turns the protagonist corrupt. The largest and most populous island in South Korea, has a number of studios.

No major issues turned up while shooting at this location as the production unit was well prepared in advance. And most of the logistics and permissions that were required for filming, were pre-arranged. The unit completed the filming process by December, and started working on post production.

Later the crew decided to add in CGI effects in the series and as a result the studios which were available at this location were used for doing the same. Popular top notch shows like Squid Games and Alchemy of Souls were also filmed at this location.

Final Words

So, now that you’ve gone through the plot and also know where was Narco Saints filmed, I hope you will give this a shot. This mini series will definitely keep you glued to the screen, once you start watching it! But if the filming locations intrigue you more, then be sure to find out more about these beautiful locations. And plan your next trip to the Caribbean. Until then, Aloha!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Web Series, Narco Saints?

The cast of Narco Saints includes Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jun-min, Park Hae-soo, Jo Woo-jin, and Yoo Yeon-seowk.

Who Directed The Web Series, Narco Saints?

Yoon Jong-bin directed the web series, Narco Saints.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Web Series, Narco Saints?

Kwon Sung-hui and Yoon Jong-bin wrote the screenplay for the web series, Narco Saints.

How Many Episodes Are There In The Web Series, Narco Saints?

 6 episodes are there in season 1 of the web series, Narco Saints.

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