Where Was Out Of Africa Filmed? Witness The Breathtaking Locations In South Africa!


Are you planning to visit South Africa soon? If yes, reading this article is going to help you a lot in visiting all the mesmerizing locations in South Africa. And I am going to inform you about those locations by discussing the filming locations of Out Of Africa. Check out where was Out Of Africa filmed to experience natural beauty!

Out Of Africa (1985) is an epic romantic movie that deals with the life of Karen Blixen. After becoming a part of a convenient marriage with Bros, Karen decides to establish a coffee plantation. Sadly, she has nothing interesting in her life except a few Kikuyu people and her coffee plantation. But the moment she meets Denys, her life experiences a drastic change. As a result, she decides to call off her marriage with Bros and starts living with Denys who loves her to the moon and back.  

The entire shooting of Out Of Africa took place in South Africa. But the specific locations covered by the movie were Shaba National Game Reserve, Sheppertons Studios, Muthaiga Country Club, Ngong Hills, etc. Besides South Africa, a few sequences were shot in Castle Rising, England. 

I have a lot of information to share about where was Out Of Africa filmed. So, let’s start reading about it!

Where Was Out Of Africa Filmed? Note All The Facts About The Filming Locations!

Before noting down the filming locations, have a look at some interesting facts about the movie. Known as a commercial success, Out Of Africa, received seven Academy Awards and favorable reviews from critics. 

When it comes to the filming locations of the movie, the viewers are in love with them. You will also fall in love with them after discovering where was Out Of Africa filmed!

Castle Rising, Norfolk, England  

Where Was Out Of Africa Filmed? Witness The Breathtaking Locations In South Africa!

When Karen was in England before her marriage, the shooting of her village took place in Castle Rising. Because this was one of the most beautiful villages in England, the makers thought of filming the initial scenes of the movie here.

The center of attraction of Castle Rising is the castle settled in the heart of the village. And let me tell you, this village is perfect for a long morning walk while enjoying the scenic beauty. Even the natives of this village are highly considerate, so you are going to feel comfortable there. 

Shaba National Game Reserve, Kenya, South Africa

The plantation and many other outdoor sequences were filmed in Shaba National Game Reserve. Shooting there was not a bed of roses for the cast members, they had to experience the scorching heat and the risk of encountering wild animals. 

Do you love learning about wild animals? Shaba National Game Reserve is the right spot for this. And yes, like other reserves, this one is also filled with a variety of species of animals and birds. Further, you can find two more reserves adjacent to Shaba National Game Reserve. 

Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England 

Where Was Out Of Africa Filmed? Witness The Breathtaking Locations In South Africa!

All those scenes that were tough to shoot at real-life locations were shot in Shepperton Studio. To shoot those scenes, mind-blowing sets were created on the stages. 

 If you haven’t seen a marvelous studio, you should definitely visit Shepperton Studios. Guess what! Most of the blockbuster movies were filmed here. A few years back, the studio was sold to Pinewood Studios. But before this, it was the major attraction of Shepperton. 

Muthaiga Country Club, Nairobi, Kenya 

Muthaiga Country Club was the first place where Karen arrived after landing in South Africa. According to the production team, this was one of the best locations, and different buildings of the club were brought into the role. In one of the buildings, the meeting sequence of Karen and Denys was shot. 

Muthaiga Country Club is a famous tourist destination settled in a wealthy suburb of Kenya. Hold on, I know you are dreaming of visiting this club, but you need to have a membership before stepping in. 

Ngong Hills, Kenya 

Where Was Out Of Africa Filmed? Witness The Breathtaking Locations In South Africa!

You must have seen Karen enjoying her cup of coffee and gazing at the beauty of meadows day and night. Those beautiful meadows were Ngong Hills located near the house of Karen. 

Located along the Great Rift Valley, the Ngong Hills is a perfect place for recreational activities like hiking. But these activities are not for free, you need to pay an entry fee. In addition, visiting Ngong Hills is a great chance to click pictures of stunning flower gardens. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Out Of Africa Filmed 

Although the movie was shot in South Africa, the makers had to import lions from California. This happened because of the restriction of animal use for entertainment purposes in South Africa. For this, it took almost a week. 

After showing a green flag to Meryl Streep for the role of Karen, the director was in a dilemma about whether she would be a perfect pick. But the success of the movie proved him wrong, and Meryl’s career boomed after the release of Out Of Africa

Final Words 

I think you are flabbergasted after reading about where was Out Of Africa filmed. Well, the credit for these locations goes to the filmmakers, they picked the locations wisely. And if you wish to follow in their footsteps, what’s better than visiting these locations? Plan your trip soon!

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Is Out Of Africa Based On A True Story?

Yes, Out Of Africa is based on the life of Karen Blixen Finecke.

Is Out Of America Worth Watching?

Yes, Out Of America is a great movie to watch due to its filming locations.

Is Out Of Africa Sourced From A Book?

Yes, Out Of Africa is the visual adaptation of an autobiographical book of the same name.

Where Can I Watch Out Of Africa Other Than Netflix?

Other than Netflix, you can watch Out Of Africa on Apple TV with a paid subscription.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Out Of Africa?

The cast members of Out Of Africa are Robert Redford, Michael Kitchen, Meryl Streep, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Joseph Thiaka, Malick Bowens, and many more.

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