Where Was Outside The Wire Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Sci-fi Movie! 


Do you enjoy watching sci-fi films? Do you wish that you could simply exit 2022 and transport yourself to the year 2036? Well, as much as you’d like that to happen, both You and I know that it’s not possible. But, you can still watch sci-fi movies on Netflix like Outside The Wire (2021). You can also visit their filming locations and try to live the same experiences as that of the protagonist. So, do you want to know where was Outside The Wire filmed

I’ve always wondered why people love to watch sci-fi thriller films. Watching them myself made me understand what’s so appealing about them. These films open your mind to entirely new possibilities, they make you believe everything is possible in the future. Even though sci-fi films are full of unrealistic and far-fetched happenings they hit close to home. That’s why sci-fi is considered to be one of the most creative genres. 

Outside The Wire was almost entirely shot in Budapest, Hungary. Different locations in and around the capital city were selected for the purpose. So, you’ll get to see aesthetically pleasing and remarkable Hungarian architecture in the movie. The filming of Outside The Wire started in Budapest in August 2019 and went on till October 2019. 

Since you love watching sci-fi movies, don’t you want to know more about the filming locations of Outside The Wire? How else are you going to reach this place?? How else will you manage to recreate the scenes shown in the film and fulfill your wishes of traveling to the future?? You won’t be able to do any of that. So, it’s better that you know where was Outside The Wire filmed. 

The Plot Of Outside The Wire | What Is Outside The Wire About?

The storyline of Outside The Wire follows Lt. Thomas Harp (played by Damson Idris) as he is sent to a militarized zone called Camp McDaniel. This move comes after the drone pilot fired a missile that caused two men to die. 

In the barren military zone, he’s tasked with assisting military operations. He’s assigned to an android military officer called Leo (played by Anthony Mackie). The officer calls Thomas and asks for his help in finding a deadly nuclear weapon and destroying it before it causes a nuclear catastrophe in the world. 

Together the two of them start searching for the weapon that has put humanity’s safety in jeopardy. Leo’s character makes the movie pretty interesting. He’s an android that possesses abnormally high intelligence and superhero-like abilities. 

Before we proceed any further, here are some more details about the film:

Release DateJanuary 15, 2021
Running Time1h 54m
Directed ByMikael Håfström
Produced ByBrian Kavanaugh-Jones, Anthony Mackie,Ben Pugh, Erica Steinberg, Jason Spire, Arash Amel
StarringAnthony Mackie, Damson Idris, Emily Beecham, Michael Kelly, Pilou Asbæk
IMDb Rating5.4/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was Outside The Wire filmed! 

Here’s Where Was Outside The Wire Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

In the movie, we get to see Thomas and Leo search for the weapon that threatens mass destruction. They look for it everywhere from their military camp to other suburban locations. But, do you know where and what these filming locations are in real life? If not, then you must continue reading to know where was Outside The Wire filmed. 

Oh, and because you’re interested in reading about the filming locations of sci-fi thrillers, check out where The Matrix and It Came From Outer Space were filmed. I bet you will like traveling to these shooting locations as well! 

Kelenföld Power Station, Budapest

Where Was Outside The Wire Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Sci-fi Movie! 

Kelenföld Power Station located in Budapest served as the filming location of the Military Camp that you see in the movie. This is where Thomas was sent after he fired the missiles. The exterior of the power station also served as a backdrop of the exterior of the American military base. 

The control room of this power station has been previously used as a filming location in movies like 6 Underground, Chernobyl Diaries, and shows like Hanna.  

Stock Exchange Palace, Budapest

Where Was Outside The Wire Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Sci-fi Movie! 

The bank scenes of Outside The Wire were filmed in the Stock Exchange Palace located in Liberty Square, Budapest. It’s understandable why. This place served as an excellent backdrop for all those action scenes. 

This massive building has been unoccupied since 2009. But, this doesn’t mean it has been out of use. Because Stock Exchange Palace has previously been featured in movies like Blade Runner 2049 and shows like Shadow and Bone series. 

Mátra Power Plant, Budapest

Where Was Outside The Wire Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Sci-fi Movie! 

All the scenes involving Dastriz Complex were filmed in Mátra Power Plant located near Visonta in Budapest. This is also where the old Soviet missile launch that you see in the movie took place. 

Oh, and this power plant is open to visitors. So, if you ever happen to visit Budapest, make sure to check out the Mátra Power Plant and the magnificent cooling towers that are set inside it.

Final Words

Alright, sci-fi lovers! I hope you guys know where was Outside The Wire was filmed! The movie was wholly shot in Budapest. So, put Hungary on your travel bucket list!! And, when you finally get around to visiting Budapest, don’t forget to check out these iconic filming locations! 

What Production Companies Have Worked On Outside The Wire?

42, Automatik Entertainment, and Leeding Media are the production companies that have worked on Outside The Wire. 

Is Outside The Wire Available On Netflix?

Outside The Wire is available on Netflix. 

Is Outside The Wire Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Outside The Wire is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

Is Outside The Wire Available On HBO Max?

Outside The Wire is not available on HBO Max. 

Is Outside The Wire Available On Google Play Movies? 

Outside The Wire is available on Google Play Movies. 

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie Outside The Wire?

The movie Outside The Wire was written by Rob Yescombe and Rowan Athale. 

What Are Some More Movies Like Outside The Wire?

If you liked watching the movie Outside The Wire, then you can also watch Project Power, Spectral, The Old Guard, Code 8, Kate, Stockholm Bloodbath, Extinction, Point Blank, Bright, and Sweet Girl. 

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