Where Was Palmer Filmed? An Attempt To Start Life Fresh!


It’s rightly said that life doesn’t give another chance to everyone, so it’s better to lead it in the proper manner. Palmer is one such drama movie that has a lot to share with you regarding the mistakes we make in life. Even the filming locations add more weight to the plot. So, make sure you watch the movie and find out where was Palmer filmed!

Palmer (2021) narrates the life story of Eddie, who is a high school football player. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, he gets charged with an attempt to murder. As a result, he spends twelve years in prison. On stepping out, he befriends a young boy named Sam, Eddie’s neighbor. But soon, Eddie realizes that the life of his near and dear ones is in danger because of him. What will Eddie do to save his loved ones? 

The entire shooting of Palmer took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Within New Orleans, the specific movie locations were Ponchatoula, Lacombe, Hammond, and many more. Even the cast and crew had a lot of fun at these places. 

If you are curious to learn about all the amazing filming locations, here’s all about where was Palmer filmed!

Where Was Palmer Filmed? Here’s A List Of Amazing Locations For You!

Although the plot of Palmer is set in Sylvain, Louisiana, the actual filming did not take place here. Rather, a location with a similar look was selected by the makers to commence shooting. Would you like to know where was Palmer filmed?

If you are interested in checking out the filming locations finalized by the makers, here’s all the information ready for you. Check where was Palmer filmed!

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Where Was Palmer Filmed? An Attempt To Start Life Fresh!
Where Are Rolex Watches Made?
Where Are Rolex Watches Made?

According to the makers, no location was perfect except New Orleans, as per their need. The natural settings of the backdrops were beautiful to another level and assisted them in visualizing the story well. Maybe that’s why I Spit On Your Grave was also filmed here. In addition, the natives of New Orleans were highly considerate and did not disturb the production team unnecessarily. 

Situated near the Mississippi River, New Orleans is also known as the “Big Easy.” The center of attraction of this beautiful town is its energetic nightlife and vibrant live-music scene. But the icing on the cake is the spicy cuisine that reflects the history of the town. Oh, I forgot to share that the street parties and parades are also worth attending!

Ponchatoula, Louisiana 

A few opening sequences were shot skillfully in Ponchatoula. Surprisingly, it took only a few days to conclude shooting all the crucial sequences here. In addition, Ponchatoula was a prominent location for showcasing the initial struggling years of Eddie. 

Known as the ‘Strawberry capital of the world,’ Ponchatoula offers to shop decorative stuff from antique shops. There, you are going to fall in love with handmade items and art pieces. And if you are planning for a family vacation here, you’ll be glad to know that Ponchatoula offers a wholesome atmosphere and numerous activities for family trips. 

Lacombe, Louisiana 

Where Was Palmer Filmed? An Attempt To Start Life Fresh!

Lacombe was selected as the primary filming location for shooting a few outdoor sequences. The cast and crew members were in love with Lacombe and wanted to stay for a few more days after shooting. Unfortunately, they had to move to the next location to conclude filming within the decided schedule. 

A census-designated place in St Tammany Parish, Lacombe, is filled with numerous tourist spots and winding country roads. On top of this, you get several beautiful sceneries to de-stress yourself for some time. Those, who are considering relocating here, must know that Lacombe is free from the hustle and bustle like other metropolitan cities.  

Hammond, Louisiana 

The outdoor sequence of Benny’s place where Palmer and his friends visit to hang out was shot in Hammond. In order to get an ideal backdrop, the real store was entirely transformed. Surprisingly, the design team gave a new look to the store within a week. And the owner was so impressed that he decided to keep the new look in the future as well. 

The largest city in Tangipahoa, Hammond, is a perfect destination for filming movies. Unlike other tourist attractions, you are likely to enjoy fresh juicy strawberries here. And students across the world come here to seek admission at Southeastern Louisiana University. As you can see, Hammond seems to be a wholesome destination. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Palmer Filmed

Where Was Palmer Filmed? An Attempt To Start Life Fresh!

Filming Palmer was quite challenging for the makers. That’s because they were unable to shoot at the real location where the plot was based due to some reason. As a result, they had to spend time searching for an identical location. Luckily, they found New Orleans, which proved to be a convenient option for the cast and crew members. 

Final Words 

These were the actual locations to learn where was Palmer filmed. Well, such a meaningful movie should not be missed by anyone. So, make sure all your friends and family watch it. After that, all of you can sit over brunch to discuss the appealing locations and plan a memorable trip. 

In order to update your knowledge about more enthralling places, check out the filming locations of Apocalypto and Hell Bent For Leather. You are surely going to give a thumbs up to these places!

Where Can I Watch Palmer?

You can watch Palmer exclusively on Apple TV with a paid description.

Is Palmer Worth Watching?

Yes, watching Palmer is a treat to the eyes because the story is filled with hope and emotions. Also, it received appreciation from critics.

What Is The IMDb Rating Of Palmer?

Palmer received a 7.2 IMDb rating out of 10.

Who Was The Writer Of Palmer?

The plot of Palmer was written by Cheryl Guerriero.

When Was Palmer Shot?

The shooting of Palmer commenced in November 2019 and was wrapped up in December of the same year.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Palmer?

The cast members of Palmer are Ryder Allen, Justin Timberlake, June Squibb, Juno Temple, Fisher Stevens, Alisha Wainwright, and many more.

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