Where Was Plus One At An Amish Wedding Filmed? A Splendid Romantic Drama Of 2022!


Are you fond of films that feature real-life couples sharing the same chemistry on screen? If you are, then do read this article, where we will discuss the new romantic flick, Plus One at an Amish Wedding, and also let you know, where was Plus One at an Amish Wedding filmed.

This American romantic drama genre film was released recently in 2022! The basic premise of the film covers the story of a young ambitious doctor and her love affair with a vet! Galadriel Steinman and Kevin Joy, the real-life couple, are seen playing the characters April and Jesse, respectively. The movie received positive reviews from the audience, as they were amazed to see the real-life couple, playing the roles of reel life couple. However, the critics gave an average rating to the film!

Now, let’s briefly discuss the plot of the movie. So that you can easily grasp the storyline of this newly released flick. And later in this article, I will also let you in on where was Plus One at an Amish Wedding filmed.

Plot Of Plus One At An Amish Wedding | What’s It About

Plus One at an Amish Wedding begins by showing April practicing medicine at a renowned medical facility in New York. One fine day she meets a young and handsome veterinarian, Jesse, and gets intrigued to know more about him!

Soon after, they go out on a date and get into a serious romantic relationship. Things looked as perfect as they could get in a new affair. Although, Jesse was hiding a really important fact about his background all along April.

As the story progresses, Jesse finally stirs up the courage to reveal his Amish background to April, by bringing her to a wedding invitation that he received. The couple is shown to be pretty excited about the wedding invitation, but Jesse is unsure about how his family is going to react.

Later in the film, Jesse finally takes April to his brother’s wedding and introduces his partner to his Amish family. Startled at first, Jesse’s mother does not take her son’s decision well, but at the same time does not behave rudely either.

April on the other hand soon realizes that she is not wholeheartedly welcomed by Jesse’s family, and decides to confront him about it. The vet then completely comes clean about the situation from the beginning and confesses why he concealed his background in the first place.

The female lead shows maturity and chooses not to judge his boyfriend, instead appreciating his honesty. Eventually, Jesse’s family accepts April as a perfect suit for their boy, overlooking April’s English background. Now let’s find out where was Plus One at an Amish Wedding was filmed. So that you can appreciate the beautiful filming sites of this romantic drama film.

Where Was Plus One At An Amish Wedding Filmed? Let’s Know The Flick Closely!!

Where Was Plus One At An Amish Wedding Filmed? A Splendid Romantic Drama Of 2022!

Director Richard Ramsey, even though showcased New York and Amish County (Pennsylvania) in his film. The actual filming location is different. Ramsey along with his filming crew decided to shoot the entire film in the state of Arkansas, USA.

The principal photography began in April 2021 and was completed in about 3 months! The major reason for filming in Arkansas was because director Ramsey was more familiar with this location. And moreover, for filming in New York, numerous permissions are required, which could not be procured within this tight filming schedule.

However, the cinematographer and his team did a commendable job in recreating the busy backdrop of New York City. As well as showcasing the vast farmlands of Pennsylvania, with the help of digital photography techniques and CGI. So without waiting anymore, let’s take a closer look at the specific filming locations of Plus One at an Amish Wedding.

Arkansas, USA

The southern state of Arkansas in the U.S. borders the Mississippi River. The region has a terrain that is flourished with greenery, jagged mountain tops, and natural hot water springs. Director Ramsey particularly chose this location to mimic the backdrop of Amish Country, originally located in Lancaster, PA.

The production unit was set up in Fulton County near Salem, which is also populated largely by the Amish community in the U.S. The outdoor scenes of Jesse’s brother’s wedding were filmed on the outskirts of this county. Special arrangements in regard to the stage and the site had to be made. 

Notable to mention Jesse’s family home shown in the film was constructed by the filming crew in 5 days! The make-believe house was later disintegrated after the shooting was completed.

The sequences that featured April’s Hospital and her anniversary date at the beginning of the movie, were actually filmed backstage in a studio. The director along with the crew masterfully masked the location to showcase it as the sites in New York and Paris, by using CGI and other digital photography approaches.

Here’s a list of a few notable films and TV shows such as Twister, Gone with the Wind, True Detective, Walk the Line, The Firm, and Mud that were also filmed in the same locations as Plus One at an Amish Wedding.

Plus, there are noteworthy places in Arkansas such as Hot Springs National Park, Buffalo National River, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art that were not used for filming this movie, yet prove to be beautiful tourist destinations.

Final Words

So now that you’ve read about Plus One at an Amish Wedding filming locations. I hope you’d consider watching this romantic flick. Furthermore, you can definitely look up the filming location too, to find more cool facts about the site. 

Be sure to visit Viebly, to read informative and entertaining articles about other films and movies. Until then, sayonara!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Plus One At An Amish Wedding?

The cast of the film Plus One at an Amish Wedding includes Galadriel Stineman, Kevin Joy, Summer Mastain, Mary McElree, Joy Conly, Preston Kameka, and Stacey Avey.

Who Produced The Film Plus One At An Amish Wedding?

Kevin Joy and Kimberly Ogletree were the producers of the film Plus One at an Amish Wedding.

Who Directed The Film Plus One At An Amish Wedding?

Richard Ramsay directed the film Plus One at an Amish Wedding.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film Plus One At An Amish Wedding?

D.F.W. Buckingham wrote the screenplay for the film Plus One at an Amish Wedding.

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