Where Was Princess Bride Filmed? A Fantasy Adventure Flick Of 80s!!


Do you like the breezy feeling that you get after watching a feel-good movie with a perfect ending? If you do, then be sure to read this article, where I discuss the movie, The Princess Bride. And thereafter, I will share with you where was Princess Bride filmed.

The American fantasy adventure genre film, The Princess Bride, was released in 1987. Director Rob Reiner casts Cary Elwes to play the lead character of Westley, a farmhand boy. The story revolves around this central character, who’s shown to embark on a journey to save Princess Buttercup from an evil prince.

The film, at the time of release, did not do much business, despite receiving good reviews from the critics. But later on, this film went on to achieve prestigious awards and recognitions from all over the country. And in 2016, The Princess Bride was selected to be preserved in the National Film Registry of America.

Now, let’s go ahead and examine the plot of the film. So that you can have a better understanding of the narrative. And later in this article, I will also share where was Princess Bride filmed.

The Plot Of Princess Bride | What’s It About

The movie begins by showing an elderly man reading a fantasy story to comfort his bedridden grandson. The grandson, at first, refuses to listen to a story involving romance. But later agrees to let his grandfather complete the tale only after he promises it to be exciting and adventurous. 

This story is about a young farmland girl, Buttercup (played by Robin Wright), and a farm boy named Westley (played by Cary Elwes). The lead characters are shown to be living apart from each other for five long years.

As Buttercup is shown to be completely disturbed and annoyed, thinking about her upcoming marriage with Prince Humperdinck. She reminisces about the good times she had spent with Westley before he went to the sea and did not come back, assumed to be killed by Dread Pirate Robert.

As the film progresses, Buttercup is shown to be abducted and afterwards forced to marry Prince Humperdinck of Florin. All of a sudden, Westley appears disguised as Dread Pirate Robert and storms the castle to free his former lover from the clutches of the evil prince.

A duel is shown to take place between Westley and Prince Humperdinck, in which the farmland boy succeeds in defeating the prince. Buttercup and Westley finally escape as they ride into the sunset while holding hands. The movie eventually ends as the grandson requests his grandfather to read him the story again the next day.

About time for us to find out where was Princess Bride filmed. So that you can learn more about the beautiful locations that were used for shooting this fantasy adventure film.

Where Was Princess Bride Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!!

Where Was Princess Bride Filmed? A Fantasy Adventure Flick Of 80s!!

Director Robert Reiner, along with his filming crew, scouted many filming locations that would be suitable as a backdrop for The Princess Bride. They finally decided to shoot the film in parts of England and Ireland.

The rich history of the British Isles compelled director Reiner and his production team to choose these locations. The majority of the movie was filmed in England, specifically in the glorious yet old castles and small chalets. Meanwhile, the remaining outdoor scenes were filmed in the hilly and scarped regions of Ireland.

The principal photography began in August 1986 and was completed by the end of the year! Ok, now let’s closely analyze the specific locations that were used for filming.

 Derbyshire, England

Where Was Princess Bride Filmed

The unit began filming in Derbyshire after searching for an ideal shooting spot in the East Midlands in England. The sequence where we are introduced to the family farm that Buttercup inherited was filmed in Birchover. The open farmlands at Bradley Rocks in Birchover were perfect for replicating Buttercups’.

Later on in the film, the fight that was shown to break out between Westley and Fizzick was also filmed in Birchover. However, the location of filming this sequence was not Bradley Rocks, but at a place known as Mock Beggar’s Mansion.

In the grand sequence, where Prince Humperdinck’s kingdom and the castle are shown, the filming took place in Haddon Hall. Located at the south of Bakewell, Derbyshire, this manor house has been preserved from the medieval ages. And it is open to public visits as well! Other outdoor scenes included filming at Lathkill Dale and Cave Dale in Derbyshire, England.

Here are a couple of notable TV shows and movies such as House of Dragons, Pride & Prejudice, Threads, The Legend of Tarzan, Elizabeth, and Robin Hood were also filmed at Derbyshire. 

Some extra scenes were filmed in Sheffield, at Carl Wark, portraying the abduction scene in the film where Dread Pirate Robert is shown to be running with Buttercup across the moors.

County Clare, Ireland

Where Was Princess Bride Filmed

Although only one scene was required to be filmed in Ireland, director Reiner still decided to move his production unit from England and arrived at County Clare. The paramount sequence where the ‘The Cliffs of Insanity’ is shown was actually shot at The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. 

The outdoor scene was hard to film initially because of the lighting. But the crew later succeeded in capturing a perfect shot after a number of takes.

Some other locations which are often visited by tourists in County Clare such as Dromoland Castle Hotel, Bunratty Castle, and Folk Park. Even though these sites were not used for filming The Princess Bride, you can definitely stop by to enjoy a beautiful and scenic view.

Final Words

where was princess bride filmed

Right, I hope you liked the brief plot of the film discussed above in the article. And also after knowing where was Princess Bride filmed, you will watch the film, if you haven’t already.

But in case the filming sites interest you more, you can definitely search them and plan your next getaway around them. And, be sure to visit Viebly to read more such informative and entertaining articles about other movies and shows.  Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film The Princess Bride?

The cast of the film The Princess Bride includes Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Fred Savage, and Robin Wright.

Who Produced The Film The Princess Bride?

Rob Reiner and Andrew Scheinman were the producers of the film The Princess Bride.

Who Directed The Film The Princess Bride?

Rob Reiner directed the film The Princess Bride

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film The Princess Bride?

William Goldman wrote the screenplay for the film The Princess Bride

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