Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!


Can robots raise humanity? Yes, it is possible in HBO’s series Raised By Wolves (2020-Present)! But where was Raised By Wolves filmed? How challenging was it for the makers?

Raised By Wolves is a science-fiction drama that follows the efforts of two androids (robots) to raise human children on a planet named Kepler-22b. Surprisingly, the earth is almost on the verge of destruction, and humans are indulging in religious rifts. Therefore, Androids are supposed to raise human children. How are they going to do this?

With such an intriguing plotline, it becomes interesting to explore the filming location for the series as well. So, let’s find out where was Raised By Wolves filmed?

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Can You Recognize This Location?

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

It’s often said that the filming location plays a crucial role in determining the success of a series/movie. And the same applies to Raised By Wolves. Because the makers were able to come up with a location as per the need of the plotline, the story turned out to be much more appealing. Here’s the exact information about where was Raised By Wolves filmed!

Cape Town, South Africa | Is It The Core Location?

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

To inform you about this location, I would like to mention that Cape Town is a port city that does not sit on its hands but keeps welcoming thousands of ships every day. Other than this, the city is home to the parliament. But the city’s natural settings and landmarks such as Table Mountain make a person keep harping about it. 

For the series, Cape Town proved to be an ideal location because of the area of rugged desert that stretches up to the north of the town. Interestingly, this was the need of the makers to showcase the isolated planet that is liveable.

Because of this city’s distinctive scenery, the makers might have thought to make it Kepler-22b. Rest you can know by having a tour of this place!

Film Afrika Studios, Cape Town | What Do You Think About The Indoor Scenes?

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

This studio nestled in Cape Town has been a filming location for more than 50 movies, and some of them have won the Emmy Award. And this production company is located in the city gardens neighborhood. In addition, the area of city gardens is a hub to many blooming businesses in the filming industry. 

Further, it is quite fascinating to know that the development studios like Film Afrika result from the change in the incentive system of South Africa. Also, studios like this have exposed people to more employment opportunities. 

In terms of the series, the film studio acted as the perfect location for the indoor scenes. For this matter, the makers had to add some visual effects to add more authenticity to the scenes. So, now you know that the designers and the production team had burned the midnight oil to develop Kepler-22b. 

Western Cape | Is It A Popular Filming Location?

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

Western Cape is one of the popular filming locations in South Africa that served perfectly for films like Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) and Our Girl (2013). 

This city is a South African province that shares its borders with the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. In addition, you must know that this city is the home to the prison that held Nelson Mandela. But today, it has turned into a museum. Further, the scenery of mountain ranges and Winelands will get embedded in your eyes. Above all, the most special thing about this town is the flora and fauna that can be enjoyed on hiking trails. 

For Raised By Wolves, the city turned out to be a perfect location due to the dry environment. Also, the meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans added more to showcasing the diversified planet. 

Stellenbosch | Discover An Unknown Side Of South Africa!

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

Stellenbosch in South Africa is known as the university town surrounded by Wineland and eye-catching mountains. Other than this, it is the second oldest city in South Africa that restores the natural beauty and Cape Dutch architecture. This means you get to experience exotic beauty with the blend of historic architecture. 

In the series, this place has been used to capture outdoor scenes, making the planet look worth living. All in all, Stellenbosch is a lively town that added life to the attention-grabbing picture of Kepler-22b.

East Of Cape Town | Another Jaw-Dropping Location!

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

The eastern area of Cape Town is known for its lower gardens. Besides this, the town is an emerging hub for design, media, ICT, and creativity. Other than this, the gardens to the north and the castle to the south speak a lot about the town’s history. When seen through the lens of a visitor, the city holds a lot of charm through architectural styles and lifestyles.

It’s quite understandable that the makers chose this town to have swift processing of visual effects and design. So, if you wish to brush up on your designing skills, East of Cape is a perfect fit for you.

Somerset West | Here’s A Captivating World For You!

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

This enthralling city in Cape Town is home to wine farms, golf estates, adventurous activities, and many more. And if you are planning a trip to Cape Town, your trip is incomplete without visiting Somerset. Also, the city is just a few miles away from Cape Town. In a nutshell, this city is a fun-loaded package for fun lovers and offers many adventurous activities that you haven’t tried before.

For the series, the makers moved to this place to film some of the outdoor scenes. And the confirmation of this location was given by the cinematographer, Erik, of the series through his social media. Through his photos on Instagram, it’s not wrong to perceive that they had covered a large area of Somerset. 

Helderberg | A Distinctive Location

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

Helderberg is the last location on the list, and with this, we wrap up the filming locations. When it comes to discussing the distinctiveness of this district, it is the wine-producing area of the Western Cape of South Africa. Further, you’ll be surprised to know that the name of this district was changed due to the possibility of racist connotations. Moreover, the clear mountains of the district make it a perfect location for filming all types of movies.

This location has served as one of the series’ locations because of its gripping beauty. While filming at this location, the makers did not face many challenges, nor were they required to add many visual effects. Also, the west side of the mountains illuminated in the evening was perfect for capturing the distinctive planet, Kepler-22b. 

How Did Ridley Scott Find The Perfect Filming Location Of Raised By Wolves?

Where Was Raised By Wolves Filmed? Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

Ridley Scott is among those directors who prefer filming in real-life locations rather than designing alien worlds. On being asked in an interview, Scott shared how the team struggled to find an idealized location. He added that the team spent around 45 minutes searching near Cape Town. As a result, they found an abandoned vineyard near a mountain. Further, the team spent around three days investigating more about the vineyard.

This happened because Scott comes from a timeline where there was not much advancement in visual effects. That’s why the only option was to rely on the real locations. And the same pattern Scott follows for all his films/series. But in the case of Raised By Wolves, he had to utilize CGI to make the location look similar to the planet of Androids. 

In a nutshell, some amounts of VFX were cut down because they were time-consuming and expensive at the same time. Therefore, the location was vital in creating a world that looks much different from our world.  

Final Words 

Where was Raised By Wolves filmed? Now, you are in a state to come up with a detailed answer, I guess. Also, it must be noted that the makers covered most of the places, from deserted areas to lush green hills. So, share the location details with your family and plan a trip soon!

1. Where was Raised By Wolves filmed in South Africa?

Raised By Wolves was filmed in Cape Town in South Africa.

2. Where is Raised By Wolves 2 filmed?

Raised By Wolves 2 is filmed in South Africa at the same locations as season 1. 

3. Will there be Raised By Wolves season 3?

As of now, there is no update on the arrival of season 3. 

4. Who is the grandmother in Raised By Wolves?

Eerie is the grandmother in the series, portrayed by Selina Jones. 

5. What is the meaning behind Raised By Wolves?

The title of the series aims to depict the theme of parenting, faith, and what makes us human.


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