Where Was Storm Of The Century Filmed? A Storm That Changed Many Lives!


You need to have a strong heart to watch bone-chilling horror like Storm Of The Century. I am afraid of watching horror movies! You know what! The filming locations of such movies add a pinch of additional suspense and fear to the plot. So, if you are courageous enough to check out the filming locations of Storm Of The Century, here’s a guide to where was Storm Of The Century filmed!

Storm Of The Century (1999) is a miniseries that depicts the occurrence of a storm that changes the lives of villagers of an off-shore village. Amidst a storm, they witness the advent of a mysterious person who soon becomes a menace to them. In order to trouble the villagers, the mysterious man starts exploiting them until they fulfill his wishes. Who is this man? Where did he come from?

The entire shooting of Storm Of The Century took place in the United States Of America and Canada. There the particular sequences that you saw in the miniseries were Southwest Harbor, Winnipeg, San Francisco, Toronto, and many more. 

Your wait is over! Finally, we will be discussing a lot of stuff about where was Storm Of The Century filmed. So, keep yourself free!

Where Was Storm Of The Century Filmed? Have You Explored Such Locations Before?

Unlike other novels by Stephen King, Storm Of The Century was intended to be released as a miniseries. That’s why Stephen called it a ‘novel for television’. After the release of the miniseries, it got published as a novel. Isn’t it weird? 

Before discussing the filming locations, I like to inform you that they are not as scary as the plot. So, you can relax and learn where was Storm Of The Century filmed without any fear!

Southwest Harbor, Maine, USA

A few opening storm scenes were shot in and around Southwest Harbor. And the challenge in front of the makers was to opt for those locations that would look spooky. That’s why a separate team was set to finalize the locations. 

Next to Academia National Park, Southwest Harbor is a small town. It features a few beautiful villages. And if you happen to be in Southwest Harbor in the coming days, make sure you explore its beautiful yacht center. That’s not it, there are several amazing spots you may consider to spend time with your loved ones. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

Where Was Storm Of The Century Filmed? A Storm That Changed Many Lives!

Appearing in the cameras a few times, Winnipeg was one of the primary locations of Storm Of The Century. Although all the sequences were shot very well, the cold climatic conditions were a major challenge. That’s why the production team would prefer shooting in the sunlight and avoid shooting at night. 

Due to extremely cold weather, some of the production unit members were diagnosed with cold and fever. But by the grace of God, all of them got well soon and resumed shooting. Well, this is not the first time you get to hear this, the same happened at the filming location of Gilligans Island

The largest city in Manitoba, Winnipeg, is known for the production of Winnipeg jets. Also, the city is home to The Forks, a historic site accompanied by some shops and restaurants. During your visit to this amazing place, you may enjoy various festivals and concerts. 

San Francisco, California, USA

Here comes the prominent location to understand where was Storm Of The Century filmed! Although it was hectic for the makers to finalize locations in San Francisco, they managed to pick Grant Street, Golden Bridge, and Financial District. 

Shooting in San Francisco assisted the production team in getting some of the best sequences of Storm Of The Century. Also, the shots were taken from various angles to add more authenticity to them. So, you must acknowledge the backbreaking effort of the cameraman and photographers. 

Known as the commercial center of California, San Francisco, is a city soaked in diverse cultures. That’s why some people recognize it as the cultural center in California. Further, the beauty of Golden Bridge actually touches the benchmark of the beauty of man-made constructions. So, make sure you see it!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 

Where Was Storm Of The Century Filmed? A Storm That Changed Many Lives!

Collaborating with the entertainment industry once again, Toronto became an ideal backdrop for the miniseries. And you’ll be surprised to know that the makers had Toronto in their minds the moment the project of Storm Of The Century was finalized. 

Well, I guess the makers had an attachment from Toronto or they must have had a great experience of shooting in Toronto before Storm Of The Century. I should mention that the beauty of this town is worth appreciating in the horrifying scenes.  

If you are planning a memorable vacation, consider Toronto. Luckily, the climatic conditions are perfect for vacations with multiple destinations to explore. You know what! You can sit with your spouse hand in hand at the shore of Lake Ontario. For adventure, you can visit the skyscrapers and free-standing CN Tower. 

Final Words 

Although I have listed down most of the locations to answer where was Storm Of The Century filmed, you can add more to the list if you find some more. I’ll be waiting for your response. So, hope to see you soon! 

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Is Storm Of The Century A True Story?

A few instances in Storm Of The Century were inspired by a storm named The Great Gulf Hurricane.

Where Can I Watch Storm Of The Century?

You can watch Storm Of The Century on Hulu and Netflix with a paid subscription.

How Long Is Storm Of The Century?

Storm Of The Century is seven hours and fourteen minutes long.

Who Is The Monster In Storm Of The Century?

The monster in Storm Of The Century is Andre’ Linoge, who is also 4000 years old.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Storm Of The Century?

The cast members of Storm Of The Century are Colm Feore, Dyllan Nicholson, Tim Daly, Becky Ann Baker, Julianne Nicholson, and many more.

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