Where Was Survivor 43 Filmed? The Locations Of A Reality Show!


Do you love to watch reality shows? Then, I guess Survivor would be one of your favorite reality shows. Survivor is returning to CBS for season 43, so get ready, fans! It’s sure to be an engrossing and inspirational season run of the adored and genre-defining series. Many fans admire the locations of the Survivor show. So, I’ll discuss more on where was Survivor 43 filmed in this article.

The show engages you with a brilliant and diverse cast of candidates and hosts Jeff Probst as enthusiastically as ever. We may anticipate being startled as usual because there are some twists that are returning and others that we won’t see again.

As usual, this season the teams were divided into three. The three tribes into which the competitors will be split are Vesi, Coco, and Baka. So, we’d better be prepared for the unexpected! But we should anticipate that the new hourglass twist won’t be back.

Now, to answer your question where was Survivor 43 filmed, the entire filming of the season took place in Fiji. It is the destination where the last eleven seasons of Survivor were filmed. To know more about the filming location you should keep on reading the article. Do you want to get more information about Survivor, then don’t forget to check out  7 Best Survivor Seasons, and How To Apply For Survivor.

What Is The Survivor 43 Show About?

Where Was Survivor 43 Filmed? The Locations of A Reality Show!

Every season often kicks off with a twist, something unexpected to surprise the new castaways. The final two contestants of each season, who are named excelled at adapting to their surroundings and their fellow contestants because Survivor is an adaptation game. The characters and the social commentary that surrounds them are the main emphases of Survivor. The game’s central question is how these players can outwit, outplay, and outlast one another.

Executive producer Mark Burnett prefers to refer to this program as “non-scripted drama”. But it actually started a cultural (and ratings) phenomenon and is still widely regarded as the pinnacle of the reality genre. In the first episode of Survivor 43, 16 people were stranded on an island and had to cooperate in order to survive. They were ultimately vying for a $1 million grand prize. As players are “voted off,” the group is reduced until just one is left.

If you want to know who will win the title of the season Survivor 43, then watch all the episodes to support your favorite contestant. I guess, like me the fans of Survivor enjoy imagining how they would fare in such circumstances.

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Where Was Survivor 43 Filmed?

Where Was Survivor 43 Filmed? The Locations of A Reality Show!

The Survivor season has long served as a means of bringing the family together in many American homes; 43 seasons later, the adrenaline is still present! So, now you want to know where was Survivor 43 filmed, then read below that I’ve shared interesting details about the location.

The season began its shooting on 2 May 2022 and wrapped up on 27 May 2022. The duration of this season’s filming, like before two seasons was limited to just 26 days. It is because it lowers the possibility of covid-19 infection among the actors and staff.

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Where Was Survivor 43 Filmed? The Locations of A Reality Show!

Survivor 43 was filmed in the Mamanuca Islands, which is situated in the country of Fiji. The Mamanuca Islands are those idyllic islands with silky white sand and swinging coconut trees around by glistening waters. It’s simple to reach this magnificent archipelago because it’s only a short distance from Fiji’s main international airport.

Fiji is a popular destination for reality television when filmmakers need a beachy, distant, or tropical location because it is only a ten-hour flight from Los Angeles International Airport. The competition show can be filmed much more easily than in some of the previous locations thanks to the relatively short flight and easy access to the island’s remote regions.

Do you know why Survivor has been using the same location for more than ten years? It is because the cast and crew get the right support from the country. Also, the production team find that the Island is so comfortable to film the reality show that was not offered by any other location.

The filmmakers of Survivor 43 found that they have the best infrastructure to film the Survivor show. Did you know? Fiji is also the favorite place for the host of the Survivor show, Jeff Probst.

Mamanuca Islands provide wonderful snorkelling, dry weather, and nice beaches. Forested hills descend to remote sand beaches that are ideal for private picnics. Take a day’s journey to this congested group of islands and jump from one to the other. Visit the location where was Survivor 43 filmed to see the beautiful places.

Final Words

You must have got a lot of information about where was Survivor 43 filmed. So, I hope you’re ready to watch your favorite show and visit the locations where the filming of the show took place. When you visit this location, you could get many memories of where your favorite contestant played and other aspects related to the show.

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How to watch Survivor 43 show?

Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, CBS broadcasts Survivor. The following day, episodes are made accessible on the Paramount Plus app.

Is Survivor 43 Available on Amazon Prime Video?

You have to wait to know whether Amazon Prime Video will stream the 43rd season or not. Because Prime video has only particular seasons of the Survivor show.

Is Survivor 43 Available On Paramount Plus?

Yes, Survivor 43 is available to watch on the Paramount+ application. You could also find all the other 42 seasons of the Survivor show on this platform.

How Many Seasons Of Survivor Have Been Completed?

Survivor has 42 completed seasons with a total of 622 episodes.

What Is The Finale Date Of Survivor 43?

The date for the conclusion of Survivor 43 has not yet been revealed. But if we assume that it follows the same timeframe for seasons 41 and 42, it ought to take place in December.

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