Where Was Tammy Filmed? A Hilarious Road Comedy!


Road trips with the people you love often have the tendency to bring out the inner child in you. The mishap-filled journeys have always been an inspiration for filmmakers to produce awesome comedies. Road trip comedies have been one of my favorite genres, and I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t like them. Tammy is also one of those road comedies that fulfills the need for light-hearted giggles and a wacky story. In this article, we will talk about the locations of the movie and tell you exactly where was Tammy Filmed.

Tammy Stars Oscar nominee and Emmy Winner Mellisa Mcarthy in the lead role. The movie also features an ensemble cast with Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Dan Aykroyd, and more who are representing other roles in the movie. The movie became a hit at the box office and received mixed reviews from the audiences.

If you are wondering about the locations, Tammy was filmed entirely across North Carolina. The filming locations include North Carolina areas like Shallotte, Castle Hayne, and Boiling Spring Lakes. Other locations that were seen in the movie are Louisville in Kentucky, and Niagara Falls. Keep reading to find all the details about the movie and its locations.

The Plot Of Tammy | Road Trippin’ With Alcoholic Grandma!

The story of the movie revolves around Tammy (Mellisa McCarthy). When she gets fired from the job and finds out that her husband is cheating, she hits the road with her alcoholic grandmother to go see Niagara Falls. 

While buying a case of beer for teenagers and shoplifting some for themselves, Pearl and Tammy get caught by the police. As the events unfold, Tammy sees herself in a pool of mess, trying to get out of them one at a time.

Where Was Tammy Filmed? Are All The Locations In One State?

Where Was Tammy Filmed? A Hilarious Road Comedy!

With an interesting storyline and light comedy-drama, Tammy is a movie that is worth the watch, and the locations can be intriguing for some viewers as well. So here we are sharing the details about the filming locations of the movie. The principal photography of the film began in May 2013, and the movie was released in 2014 with almost the entire film being filmed in North Carolina.

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Where Was Tammy Filmed? A Hillarious Road Comedy!

Wilmington is a port city in coastal southeastern North Carolina in the United States. Some of the scenes in the film were filmed in this region. The Burger Joint where Tammy used to work in the movie is located at Dawson Street, and the other prominent location of filming was Nun street which is a residential Neighbourhood. 

Wilmington is famous for the tour of Battleship North Carolina, which is a World War 2 era warship present at the Wilmington port. The city has been a famous filming location for years, and many popular shows and films like We’re The Millers, and Dawson’s Creek were filmed here.

Shallotte, North Carolina, USA

Shallotte is a small town in Brunswick County, North Carolina. The Grille restaurant on Main Street Shallotte is shown as the Topper Jacks restaurant. The restaurant was transformed into a movie set, and some locals also got a chance to work as extras in the movie. Shallotte is famous for its Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival, where almost 50,000 visitors come together in Brunswick town. 

Castle Hayne, North Carolina, USA

Where Was Tammy Filmed? A Hilarious Road Comedy!

Castle Hayne is located in Hanover County, North Carolina. The massive cement factory in the town has been an iconic filming location and has hosted more than a dozen film and TV show productions. 

Castle Hayne is a kind of rural area, so it is a good place for outdoor activities and allows you to be one with nature. If you like being close to nature, this place can be the best place for you to spend your holidays.

Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina, USA

The area derives its name from the boiling spring waters that flow through the fresh stream of water. The center of the city has a big 275-acre lake along with other 50 natural and man-made lakes. A few of the summer scenes in the movie were filmed here in the Boiling Spring lakes area.

Some Other Locations That Are Seen In The Movie

Where Was Tammy Filmed? A Hilarious Road Comedy!

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and one of the most populous cities in the United States. Tammy is also set in Louisville, and therefore we see some landmarks in the trailer of the movie as well. The fast food restaurant that McCarthy’s character robs in the movie is set in La Grange, Kentucky. We can also see very small shots of downtown Louisville Skyline and Gene Snyder freeway.

Niagara Falls was the only location in the movie which was filmed outside the state. Niagara Falls was a very important part of the movie as it was the destination point of the road trip, and it was supposed to look magical on the screen.

Final Words

Alright, we have reached the end of the article and discussed all the locations where Tammy was filmed. We hope you got to know something new about the movie and its filming locations. There are many places in North Carolina that you can explore after reading this article. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then go and check it out on Netflix. If you liked the article, then let us know about your reviews in the comments section below!

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Who directed the movie Tammy?

Tammy is a 2014 comedy movie directed by Ben Falcone, who is a co-writer of the movie as well.

Who wrote the movie Tammy?

Tammy is co-written by Mellisa McCarthy and Ben Falcone together. Ben Falcone is the director of the movie, while Mellisa is the producer of the movie.

What is runtime of Tammy?

Mellisa McCarthy starring in the 2014 movie Tammy is 1 hour and 37 Minutes long. 

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