Where Was The Bear Filmed? All The Filming Locations Are Listed Here!


When it comes to feel-good comedy dramas, it’s hard for any television show to beat The Bear. And the same can be said for the filming locations. That’s because the series features some beautiful backdrops that are hard to find without a guide. Don’t worry, I have already prepared a handy guide for my readers. Shall we start finding out where was The Bear Filmed?

The Bear (2022) is a television series loosely following the life of a young boy, Carmen Berzatto, whose life is a bed of roses. Unfortunately, his elder brother decides to say goodbye to this mean world. As a result, all the responsibilities of the house lie on the shoulders of Carmen, and he needs to return to Chicago. Also, Carmen needs to run his family restaurant, whose kitchen is dilapidated and the staff is unruly. How will he manage this mess?

The filming of The Bear took place in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States Of America. Within Chicago, the main locations were Mr Beef on Orleans, Cinespace Chicago Film Studio, and many more. 

Without letting you wait for the filming locations, let’s get back to the important point and know where was The Bear filmed!

Where Was The Bear Filmed? Interesting Locations You Must Check Today! 

Although the show deals with comedy, there is the presence of a dark undertone throughout the plot because of Carmen’s elder brother’s death. Besides this, the series also talks about the challenges of life and the fight for survival in a modern city. 

Just like the plot, the locations have added to the success of the series. Therefore, it becomes significant to at least check out some prominent filming locations. The listed ones are the locations to learn where was The Bear filmed!

Chicago, Illinois 

Where Was The Bear Filmed? All The Filming Locations Are Listed Here!

It is important to learn that all the main filming and photography of The Bear took place in Chicago. The filming in Chicago commenced in July 2021. Also, a few places like North Campbell Avenue and West Diversey Avenue were some of the locations where the cast members were spotted. 

Until the filming of the series, these locations were declared non-parking areas. And the motive behind this was to ensure that the production team does not get disturbed by the crowd. As a result, the production team could wrap up the filming in Chicago on time. And the backdrops in Chicago are as beautiful as the filming location of Infinite Storm

Chicago, the largest city in Illinois, is defined by bold architecture and skyscrapers like the iconic Hancock Center. Besides this, the city is known for Chicago-style hot dogs, pizza, jazz music, and much more. Also, you can visit the Sears Tower and museums. 

Mr Beef On Orleans, Orleans, Chicago  

Where Was The Bear Filmed? All The Filming Locations Are Listed Here!

Mr Beef On Orleans is the location you were waiting for. Yes, the family restaurant on Carmen was in real Mr Beef On Orleans. For filming the restaurant scenes, the production team decided to set up camps. And the production staff stayed in those camps until the filming was completed. 

Besides the restaurant, some places near it were also used to film a few additional scenes. Wicker Park near North Damen Avenue was one of the nearby locations. 

Mr Beef On Orleans is a classic restaurant that serves Italian beef sandwiches. Interestingly, the menu of restaurant lists different types of delicious sandwiches.  

Cinespace Chicago Film Studio, Chicago 

Cinespace Chicago Film Studio is another crucial filming location for The Bear. Many indoor scenes were filmed in the studio because the makers were tight on budget. Also, the makers had to make a few changes to the stages of the studio to make them look real. For this, a separate team of designers was hired. 

The studio is known for its specialization in management and studio facilities and was built in 2001. Besides the main 33 stages, the studio will start offering additional 15 stages soon. Although Cinespace Chicago Studio is not equivalent to the Warner Bros studios, it has all that is required to film a movie or series. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was The Bear Filmed

Where Was The Bear Filmed? All The Filming Locations Are Listed Here!

Some areas around Chicago were also used for filming a few small scenes of The Bear. Further, the filming commenced in July 2021 and lasted till March 2022. Although the filming schedule was supposed to be till February 2022, however, the production team got a bit late in wrapping up. In other words, the filming of the series was extended for almost 30 days. 

Also, the lead cast member, Jeremey Allen White (Carmen), was trained as a cook before the filming of the series started. You will be taken aback after learning that he was sent to a cooking school to learn how to cook. On top of that, he was even asked to work in the kitchens of several restaurants. 

Ya, I know it sounds quite weird, but the actor took all the tasks sportingly. And people enjoyed the meals cooked by Jeremy for them!

The Plot Of The Bear

Where Was The Bear Filmed? All The Filming Locations Are Listed Here!

The story of The Bear revolves around Carmen Berzatt who is a young chef in a fine-dining restaurant word. After the heartbreaking death of the older brother in his family, he comes back to his home in Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop. Now, all he is left with is a rundown kitchen and a lot of debt.

Will he be able to deal with the insanity of the everyday grind with his strong will and unruly kitchen staff, while grappling with the impact of his brother’s death? Well, you have to watch this gripping show yourself to find out.

Final Words 

Yes, I have listed all the locations to answer where was The Bear filmed. Well, it’s quite unbelievable to learn that the series was filmed only at these few locations. I think it was the creativity of the production team that helped them in modifying the locations artistically. So, when are you planning to visit these mind-boggling locations?

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Is The Bear A True Story?

No, The Bear is a fictional series written by Christopher Storer.

Is The Bear A Good Show?

According to the viewers, The Bear is not a bad show. Rather, it’s a perfect binge-watch.

Is The Bear On Netflix?

Yes, you can stream The Bear anytime on Netflix on your device.

How Many Episodes Are There Of The Bear?

There are 8 episodes of The Bear in season 1.

Who All Are The Cast Members Of The Bear?

The cast members of The Bear are Ayo Edebiri, Jeremy Allen White, Abby Elliot, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and many more.

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