Where Was The Imperfects Filmed? Meet The Most Imperfect People!


Do you love science? What if you get a chance to become a part of a scientific experiment? Well, many of you must be feeling hesitant to agree after watching The Imperfects. Just like the plot, the filming locations of this television series also seem to be something that are unheard by many. So, let’s find out where was The Imperfects filmed!

The Imperfects (2022) narrates the story of three young boys and girls who agree to become a part of a scientific experiment. Unfortunately, the experiment of gene therapy goes wrong, and they turn into monsters. In order to get back to their original version, they start looking for the scientist responsible for it. On the other hand, Dr. Sydney refuses to let anyone hinder his experiment. Further, he gets determined not to turn those boys and girls back into humans. What will be the result of this experimentation? 

The entire shooting of The Imperfects took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Luckily, the makers got many suitable backdrops in Vancouver to shoot some crucial dramatic scenes of the series.  

I know you are eager to find the locations of this adventurous science-fiction series. So, keep attention on finding out where was The Imperfects filmed!

Where Was The Imperfects Filmed? Note Down These Appealing Locations!

The Imperfects was perceived as a “coming of rage” by critics and viewers. And this was one of those characteristics that differentiated it from others series. Further, the makers paid a lot of attention to the locations to ensure that they come up with a perfect package of entertainment. 

Unlike the plot, the makers of The Imperfects have not experimented with the filming locations. So, let’s find out where was The Imperfects filmed!

British Columbia 

Where Was The Imperfects Filmed? Meet The Most Imperfect People!

For the past few years, British Columbia has become the most desirable filming location for production companies. That’s why every new series and movie is being filmed here. Even the latest movie, Wedding For A Lifetime, was also shot in British Columbia. 

In terms of The Imperfects, the makers were looking for a location with a beautiful natural setup. And one of the production team members suggested British Columbia. After hours of discussion and considering the budget, the location got the consensus from the team. 

The most prominent characteristic of British Columbia is its rugged landscape which includes forests, rocky mountains, lakes, beaches, and many more. On top of this, you get diverse cultures influenced by Britishers, Europeans, and French colonizers. It’s going to be highly exciting for you to explore these cultures!

For tourists, this exuberant place has numerous ski resorts and national parks for hiking and biking. To put it simply, British Columbia is ideal for work, relocation, education, and vacations. The abundance of natural beauty here fetches it more points as compared to other places in Canada. You are going to have a blast here, for sure!

Vancouver, British Columbia 

Where Was The Imperfects Filmed? Meet The Most Imperfect People!

Vancouver was the primary location for shooting pivotal sequences of The Imperfects. And some of the breathtaking backdrops were selected for them. While shooting, none of the production members faced any issues, and everything went well. 

The makers got everything from tax rebates to trained production staff in Vancouver. And all these elements assisted them in accomplishing the shooting within the decided time frame. Further, the cast members were also aware of Vancouver, so they also had a great time while filming the series. 

If you are a nature lover, nothing is perfect for you other than Vancouver. This bustling west coast seaport is densely populated and features the Vancouver Art Gallery. Besides this, visiting Vancouver is an affordable option for those who have a tight budget. 

For adventure seekers, Vancouver features Chinatown, Grouse Mountain, Queen Elizabeth Park, and many more. Over and above, there are enormous jaw-dropping landscapes where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. So, book your upcoming vacations in Vancouver!

Interesting Facts About Where Was The Imperfects Filmed 

Where Was The Imperfects Filmed? Meet The Most Imperfect People!

For the principal photography of The Imperfects, the makers once again opted for Vancouver. The shooting of this Netflix series commenced by the end of March 2021 and was wrapped up in early July 2021. 

Surprisingly, they were able to conclude shooting before the fixed schedule. So, they used the extra days to edit and add effects to the sequences. And this gave Vancouver some brownie points! Like others, the makers of The Imperfects found Vancouver a lovely place and booked it for their next project. 

Since the release of the series, fans are unable to hold their excitement for the second installment. So, let’s see which locations the makers are going to opt for. 

Final Words 

I hope I have delivered sufficient information about where was The Imperfects filmed. In case you are willing to find the locations of any other movie, you need to drop your query in the comment box. Keep visiting us to learn about all the beautiful filming locations!

Until I come up with more new locations, you can utilize time to find out the filming locations of Ghostbusters Afterlife and Mutiny On The Bounty

What Is The Imperfects Based On?

The Imperfects is based on a book of the same name written by Meyerson. And you may find a lot of similarities between the book and the series.

Will There Be Season 2 Of The Imperfects?

As of now, there is no confirmation for the arrival of season 2. But after considering the success of season 1, Netflix may think of renewing The Imperfects for the next installment.

Is The Imperfects Available To Stream On Netflix?

Yes, you can watch The Imperfects on Netflix with a paid subscription.

When Was The First Episode Of The Imperfects Released?

The first episode of The Imperfects was released on September 8, 2022, on Netflix.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Imperfects?

The cast members of The Imperfects are Morgan Taylor Campbell, Rhianna Jagpal, Rhys Nicholson, Kyra Zagorsky, Inaki Godoy, Italia Ricci, and many more.

How Many Episodes Are There In The Imperfects?

In total, there are ten episodes in The Imperfects, and each episode is more than 39 minutes long.

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