Where Was The Man From Toronto Filmed? A Thrilling Action Comedy!


Everyone loves a grand mixture of thrilling action and comedy blended together in a movie. There is something about these action comedies that constantly draws the attention of the audience. The Man From Toronto is also one of those latest releases which caught the viewer’s attention. Comprising a stellar cast and a good premise, it has made the audience wonder about the filming locations. Therefore, let’s talk more about the movie and tell you where was The Man From Toronto filmed.

The movie was released on 24 June 2022 and stars Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson in the lead roles. Both actors have displayed contrasting roles and good chemistry while generating thrilling action and good comedy punches. If you haven’t watched The Man From Toronto yet, then add this one to your weekend watchlist.

Now, coming to the locations, the movie is entirely shot at various filming locations in Toronto. The movie was previously scheduled to be shot in Atlanta, but due to COVID-19, it was halted. The production was then relocated to Toronto, Canada. These places include Milton, Brampton, and Downtown areas of Toronto.

The Plot Of The Man From Toronto | A Mistaken Identity And Confusion!

Teddy Jackson (Kevin Hart), working as a sales executive at a gym gets fired. On his wife’s birthday, he books a staycation to spend time with her. In a string of events, he gets mistaken as an international criminal popularly known as “The Man From Toronto’’and his life turns upside down. The police raid the place and tell Teddy to keep posing like a criminal in order to help them capture the would-be Venezuelan dictator named Marin.

Meanwhile, the real Toronto man (Woody Harrelson) finds out about it and confronts Teddy, and then both team up to complete the task that has been assigned to them. The movie is entertaining and combines action and comedy together very well. You can expect a lot of action sequences and various LOL moments from the movie.

Where Was The Man From Toronto Filmed? Major Canadian Locations!

Where Was The Man From Toronto Filmed? A Thrilling Action Comedy!

The movie delivers the right amount of both action and comedy to make it a flick worth watching. However, the locations played an important role in making the film a visual delight for the viewers. Let’s discuss these major locations in detail, so you get a better idea of where was The Man From Toronto filmed.

Milton, Ontario, Canada

Milton is a town located in the Southern part of Ontario in Canada. It is also a part of the Halton region in the Greater Toronto area. Milton was originally integrated as a village, but later, in 1998, it became a city. If you love nature there are lots of things that you can do while being outdoors in Milton, like going hiking or visiting various conservation areas.

Many exterior shots of Teddy and his wife Lori’s home were filmed here. The Ivy Arms Pub of Milton was also seen in the explosion scene where both Teddy and The Man From Toronto are seen running away from the blast. You can see it in the trailer of the movie as well.

Downtown, Toronto

Where Was The Man From Toronto Filmed? A Thrilling Action Comedy!

Downtown Toronto is a very busy place with a variety of high-rise buildings, restaurants, and good nightlife. The famous attractions here are The Royal Ontario Museum, St Lawrence Market, and CN Tower. If you find yourself in this city during a weekend or a trip, there are a lot of places you can visit to have a good time. You can explore the Kensingston market and its vibrant neighborhoods, enjoy the art and architecture of The Royal Ontario Museum, and visit Nathan Philips Square in the evening to see the illuminated Toronto sign.

The other locations that can be noticed in the movie are CN Tower, when Woody Harrelson is seen returning back from his trip. Various high-pursuit car chase scenes were also filmed at the Gardiner Expressway underpass and Lake Shore Boulevard.

When it comes to movie settings, Downtown is also making its mark, and you can see various film production units heading there to shoot several parts of the film. Some popular movies that were filmed here are American Psycho (starring Christian Bale) and the 2004 movie Mean Girls.

Brampton, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada

Where Was The Man From Toronto Filmed? A Thrilling Action Comedy!

Many pictures and videos of Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson went viral while shooting at the famous GO station in Brampton. The filming of the movie also took place in the Heart Lake conservation area, which can be seen at the start of the movie when Kevin Hart enters the wrong Airbnb.

The famous TV show Orphan Black and Bruce Willis starrer Red was also filmed here in Brampton.

Brampton can be a good place for thrill seekers and adventure sports enthusiasts as you can take part in various outdoor activities like paintball, go-karting, rock climbing, etc. 

Final Words

Finally, we have reached the end of the article. In this article, we discussed various locations and told you where was The Man From Toronto filmed. I hope this was all that you needed to know about the movie and its locations. If you liked the article, please let us know in the comments section below. For other popular movie locations, you can go visit your website.

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Is The Man From Toronto a real story?

No, The Man From Toronto is not based on a real story. All the characters in the movie and the story of the movie are completely fictional. 

What is the runtime of The man From Toronto?

The movie is 1 Hour and 52 Minutes long including the starting and end credits of the movie.

Who is the Writer and director of The Man From Toronto?

The Screenplay of the movie is written by Robbie Fox and Chris Bremmer, and the movie is directed by Patrick Hughes.

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