Where Was The Mistletoe Secret Filmed? Perfect Locations For Christmas Vacations!


Are you wondering where you should go this upcoming Christmas vacation? Well, I am there to help you out! Go through the filming locations of The Mistletoe Secret and select some breathtaking locations for a memorable vacation. Check out where was The Mistletoe Secret filmed today!

The Mistletoe Secret (2019) is a dramatic movie where you get to see the life story of a beautiful girl, Aria Eubank. The charming girl runs her family’s The Mistletoe Diner and is romantically involved with Sterling Masters. Suddenly, she happens to meet a ghostwriter, Alex, who likes traveling and writing stories. As she starts spending time with Alex, she gets emotionally attached and finds it hard to select between him and Sterling Masters.    

The entire filming of The Mistletoe Secret was done in Aldergrove, Canada. There, the specific locations were Bob’s Bar n Grill, and several stores along storefronts like Burnaby Lake General Store were also brought in use by the filmmakers. 

In order to learn about these locations, let’s look for more information. Keer reading to understand where was The Mistletoe Secret filmed!

Where Was The Mistletoe Secret Filmed? Mesmerizing Locations Are Waiting For You!

Well, it’s right to say that the locations of The Mistletoe Secret have raised the bars of beauty. And the credit for selecting these locations goes to the producer and director. Are you all set to find out those locations?

Without troubling you more, let me introduce you to all the locations of The Mistletoe Secret. Check out the information on where was The Mistletoe Secret filmed!

Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada 

Where Was The Mistletoe Secret Filmed? Perfect Locations For Christmas Vacations!

All the romantic and dramatic sequences were shot in various spots in Aldergrove. Although the weather conditions were not favorable here, the makers made several arrangements for swift shooting. In addition, tons of snow was transported to Aldergrove to make the town look similar to winter. 

All the production staff did the decoration themselves at various locations so that everything would look perfect and natural. For this, it took more than a week. After the transformation, even the natives were unable to recognize the town. Doesn’t it sound magical?

Well, Aldergrove is a town styled with a pinch of rural, urban, and business lifestyle, which makes it distinctive. The township of Langley, Aldergrove, offers picturesque views to its visitors. And the natives of this area are highly cooperative. So, if you face any issue there, you can seek help from your neighbor without hesitating. 

Those who love the thrill and adventure get several opportunities from Aldergrove to enjoy outdoor activities. Among outdoor activities, the most preferable one for the visitors is a tour of the Greater Vancouver Zoo. You cannot miss this at any cost!

Bob’s Bar N Grill, Frazer Highway, Aldergrove

Where Was The Mistletoe Secret Filmed? Perfect Locations For Christmas Vacations!

The primary location of The Mistletoe Secret was Bob’s Bar N Grill. You saw this restaurant as The Mistletoe Diner. Except for the interior, the outside look of the restaurant was transformed to make it suitable according to the need of the plot. 

Also, the restaurant was decorated with several lights and frills to make it look like it was actually celebrating Christmas. Also, a lot of snow was lined up outside this place to give a Christmas-like feel to the viewers. All in all, there was a lot of effort made by the makers. 

If you are up with the idea of trying out lips-smacking burgers and pasta, Bob’s Bar N Grill is ready to welcome you! That’s not it, you get refreshing complimentary drinks as well with your meals. And the menu features daily specials to come up with innovative recipes. 

If you are getting late for your meeting, you can take away your meal without any additional charges. But there’s something special for those who dine in! OK, OK, no more suspense! Bob’s Bar N Grill hosts live music every evening for its customers. Isn’t it a complete package of excitement for customers?

Besides this, several other stores and storefronts were used for shooting a few outdoor sequences. Well, the names are not out yet. But I will update you the moment I come across them. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was The Mistletoe Secret Filmed 

Where Was The Mistletoe Secret Filmed? Perfect Locations For Christmas Vacations!

The principal photography of The Mistletoe Secret took place in Aldergrove. This happened because the makers wanted all the sequences and photographs of the movie to look interlinked. 

The downtown center of Aldergrove was transfigured into a Christmas-winter wonderland. In order to assure this look, the production unit had to arrange plenty of decorative material. Most of the places in Aldergrove were decorated with the help of twinkling lights, sparkling frills, and tall Christmas trees. 

Although the filming took place in August, the makers arranged real snow to shoot some sequences. And it was a big challenge. That’s not it, a lot of toil was done by the entire team to make the locations look authentic. Also, the reason is still unknown why the makers opted for Aldergrove when the plot is set in Utah. I guess the reason was tax rebates!

Final Words 

I guess you are excited after learning where was The Mistletoe Secret filmed. Well, the plot movie is equally captivating and intriguing, just like Aldergrove. So, whenever you have free time, consider watching The Mistletoe Secret with your family. 

Besides the mentioned locations, you can go through the filming locations of Two Tickets To Paradise and How I Met Your Father

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Mistletoe Secret?

The cast members of The Mistletoe Secret are Christopher Russell, Kellie Pickler, Beverley Elliott, Patrick Duffy, Tyler Hynes, Kazumi Evans, and many more.

Where Can I Watch The Mistletoe Secret?

You can watch The Mistletoe Secret with a paid subscription on Amazon Prime Video.

Who Is The Director Of The Mistletoe Secret?

The Mistletoe Secret is directed by Terry Ingram.

What Is The IMDb Rating Of The Mistletoe Secret?

The Mistletoe Secret got a 6.2 IMDb rating out of 10.

Is The Mistletoe Secret Based On A Book?

Yes, the movie is loosely based on a novel written by Richard Paul Evan of the same name.

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