Where was The Nun 2 Filmed? Taissa Farmiga’s Supernatural Horror Flick! 


The Nun was a huge hit back in 2018. People loved the movie and were eagerly waiting for its second installment. The wait is finally over, as The Nun 2 (2023) just hit the big screen. If you’ve already seen the movie in theaters, well, then you know it was worth watching it. The supernatural horror film is set in the 50s and follows Sister Irene, who once again comes across the evil nun, Valak. In this article, I’ll discuss the film and tell you where was The Nun 2 filmed.

The Nun 2 is the ninth installment in the The Conjuring Universe film series. The movie also features Bonnie Aarons, Jonas Bloquet, and Taissa Farmiga, who played the lead characters in the first part. Actors like Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell came on board as the new cast. Taisaa Farmiga plays the main role in the movie, and she’s the one who is going to fight the evil Nun. Not many people know this, but she is the younger sister of critically acclaimed and Academy Award-nominated actor Vera Farmiga.

Now allow me to answer your primary question regarding where was The Nun 2 filmed. The supernatural horror film was shot in Bouches-du-Rhône, France.

From director Michael Chaves, The Nun 2 was released on 8th September 2023 in the United States and in the United Kingdom. The supernatural horror movie is a New Line Cinema production and will soon be available on OTT platforms like HBO MAX. However, let’s dig deeper and learn more about the filming locations.

Where Was The Nun 2 Filmed? The Nun 2 Filming Locations!

Where was The Nun 2 Filmed? Taissa Farmiga’s Supernatural Horror Flick! 

Michael Chaves’ The Nun 2 was one of the most anticipated horror films of 2023. People were extremely excited about it. The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck and The Times’ Ed Potton gave the movie constructive reviews, praising Chaves’ impressive and outstanding direction. A number of critics also applauded Taissa Farmiga and Katelyn Rose Downey for their flawless performance.

The supernatural horror flick was made on a budget of $38 million. It has earned over $98 million so far, which is quite remarkable as it has only been a week since the movie was released. The movie received an audience score of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 6 on IMDb. However, let’s move ahead and jump into the details of where was The Nun 2 filmed. 

Bouches-du-Rhône, France

Where was The Nun 2 Filmed? Taissa Farmiga’s Supernatural Horror Flick! 

Filming of the supernatural horror movie The Nun 2 began in October 2022 and was wrapped up within 2 months in December 2022. All major scenes were filmed in the French department of Bouches-du-Rhône. It is situated in southern France and borders Vaucluse, Gard, and Var.

The cast and crew set up camp in a real church, Couvent des Prêcheurs, in Aix-en-Provence, France. The production team explored and utilized several spots across the church, including the hallways, cloister, and courtyard, to film several vital scenes.

Some of the portions of The Nun 2 were filmed in the communes of Martigues and Tarascon. Filming also took place in the beautiful city of Marseille. The lead actor, Taissa Farmiga in an interview, talked about her experience while shooting the movie. She went ahead and expressed how amazing and exciting it was to shoot on location. 

As most of the film was shot inside the church, there are certain scenes where you can spot some of the popular landmarks and famous attractions in the backdrop of some important sequences. You can spot Notre-Dame de la Garde, Palais Longchamp, Marseille Cathedral, Alpilles mountain range, the Rhône, and Fort Saint-Jean.

Plot Of The Nun 2 (2023) | The Powerful Demon, Nun Valak Is Back!

Where was The Nun 2 Filmed? Taissa Farmiga’s Supernatural Horror Flick! 

The story of The Nun 2 is set in France in the 1950s and revolves around Sister Irene Palmer, played by Taissa Farmiga. When a priest is killed in cold blood in a small French town, Sister Irene steps in to investigate the case. Eventually, when strange things start to happen throughout the town, Sister Irene fears an evil might be present.

As Sister Irene digs deeper into the investigation, she learns that the same evil’s work once terrorized her in Romania. She gets a feeling that the evil, known as Nun Valak, might have become more powerful over the years. Sister Irene realizes that the only way to finish Nun Valak would be to come face-to-face with her.

Final Words

Have you ever been to France? Well, if not, then now is the time to think about it. Everyone should visit France at least once in their lifetime. The country has a vast history, and there are plenty of things to see and several places to visit. However, The Nun 2 is an R-rated film as it contains a number of violent and bloody scenes. And also, if you liked reading the article, then make sure to let me know.

Who Wrote The Story Of The Nun 2?

Akela Cooper wrote the story of The Nun 2.

Which Film Production Company Distributed The Movie The Nun 2?

Warner Bros. Pictures distributed the movie The Nun 2.

What Is The Tagline Of The Nun 2?

The tagline of The Nun 2 is “The greatest evil in The Conjuring Universe”.

Is The Nun 2 Available In Any Other Language?

The Nun 2 is available in Italian, French, and Romanian.

Who Produced The Supernatural Horror Film, The Nun 2?

James Wan, John Bernard, Richard Brener, Michael Clear, Gary Dauberman, and Tricia Miles produced the supernatural horror film The Nun 2.

Which Are The Most Popular Taissa Farmiga Films?

The Final Girl, Mindscape, 6 Years, and Higher Ground are the most popular Taissa Farmiga films.

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