Where Was The Resort Filmed? A Test Of Your Relationship!


Every mystery has an answer, just one end of that mystery needs to be found to unfold it. The Resort is a perfect example of such a mysterious plotline. Finding out about the locations of this entertaining series is even more interesting than watching it. So, catch up with where was The Resort filmed!

The Resort (2022) captures the experience of a married couple that gets involved in a mystery while enjoying an anniversary trip. Interestingly, the involvement of the couple in the mystery is related to the disappearance of two young adults. As the couple takes a step towards solving it, they find their connectivity with a murder case and unravel the biggest questions of life. 

Moving to another state and our mov...
Moving to another state and our move to Florida from Texas Episode 6

The Resort has been filmed in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. Within Puerto Rico, the filming took place in the areas of San Juan and Culebra. And it took almost a year to wrap up the filming of the series.  

It’s time to find out where was The Resort filmed in detail. So, make a note of all the adventurous places!

Where Was The Resort Filmed? Pack Your Bags To Visit These Locations!

Where Was The Resort Filmed? A Test Of Your Relationship!

The Resort has mystery and horror comedy. But I am not here to discuss this! I am going to reveal the suspense of its filming locations. I know you are highly excited to know about it. So, let’s start with the unveiling of where was The Resort filmed!

Release Date: July 28, 2022

Genre: Dark Comedy, Mystery

IMDb: 6.7 

Rotten Tomatoes: 83%

Cast: Nina Bloomgarden, William Jackson Harper, Debby Ryan, Nick Offerman

Where To Watch: Peacock

Running Time: 30-45 minutes

Puerto Rico | The Central Filming Location!

Where Was The Resort Filmed? A Test Of Your Relationship!

Puerto Rico is not a city but a Caribbean island, a territory of the U.S, and the answer for where was The Resort filmed. This captivating island has landscapes of mountains, waterfalls, and tropical rainforest. That’s not it, the island is rich in culture and history, which encapsulates how the people of the island overcame the odds. In simple words, you can understand this island to be a sun-kissed Caribbean paradise. 

And how can I forget about the food and the pristine beaches? The food and beaches are just exceptional. I can spend my entire life here!

It was not tough for the production team to decide the location because they had been thinking of filming in Puerto Rico for a long time. And after the production heads visited this place, there was no more doubt whether the filming should take place here or not. And yes, even the production team couldn’t stop itself from falling in love with this attractive place. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico | Location Of Filming Of Important Scenes!

Where Was The Resort Filmed? A Test Of Your Relationship!

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and home to millions of people. Interestingly, the capital city features wide beaches. And you are the king/queen of the night, do visit the bars, nightclubs, and casinos in this city. But the soul of the city is Spanish colonial buildings where you get a glimpse of the colonial era, like the San Juan Book Museum. 

That’s not it, this city is a beacon of hope and may soon become a competitor to the nightclubs in Los Angeles. And the flip side of the city makes you witness mesmerizing ocean views. 

The makers filmed some of the most significant scenes here. Because the makers located some interesting spots in San Juan with perfect natural settings, they decided to film more than half of the series here. In other words, most exterior scenes were filmed here. You will be surprised to know that filming in the laps of nature was highly refreshing for the production unit. 

Culebra, Puerto Rico | Get Acquainted With Nature Here!

Where Was The Resort Filmed? A Test Of Your Relationship!

No, Culebra is not a city but a small island surrounding the east coast of Puerto Rico. On the north side of this island, you can see Flamenco Beach covered with white sand and turquoise waters. Let me tell you that the beauty of this island is complemented by tree-covered hills. 

Most importantly, this island is one of the most preferred destinations by tourists. Furthermore, the beauty of the sunset in this area cannot be described in words. You need to witness to understand what I am trying to say! You may find this location similar to the filming location of Planet Of The Apes

After San Juan, the makers moved to Culebra to film the ending scenes of The Resort. Although the island was not an easy place to film the series, they thought of standing a chance. Unpredictable weather conditions were one of the biggest challenges in front of the makers. As a result, they would keep their raincoats and plastic covers ready to cover their cameras. 

More About Where Was The Resort Filmed

You will be surprised to know that the makers were planning to wrap up the shooting in a few months. But it took almost a year to complete the filming. Eventually, the production team of The Resort was last spotted at Culebra in March 2022, clicking pictures, indicating that the filming was completed. 

Other than this, the forest area of Puerto Rico acquainted the production team with various facts about the place. Some of them even thought that they had landed at the filming location of Twilight. All in all, it was fun to film the series for the production unit!

Final Words

Dear readers, wake up! I know you are in a dream after learning where was The Resort filmed. But sadly, you need to come back to real life. But you can plan your upcoming trip here. And the filming locations of Die Hard With A Vengeance are icing on the cake. Don’t miss them!

1. Who Are The Cast Members Of The Resort?

The leading faces in the series are William Jackson Harper, Cristin Milioti, and many more.

2. Where To Watch The Resort?

The Resort is streaming on Peacock.

3. How Many Episodes Are There In The Resort?

The series has 3 episodes.

4. Who Is The Director Of The Resort?

The Resort is directed by Ben Sinclair. 

5. Will There Be A Second Season Of The Resort?

As of now, there is no confirmation for the release of the second season of The Resort.

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