Where Was The Staircase Filmed? Here Comes The Crime Novelist!!!


What happens when a loving family comes to crumble? What happens when everything that you ever worked for, falls apart right in front of you? Well, I’ll tell you what happens but for that checkout this article about where was The Staircase filmed. And everything noteworthy about this new miniseries.

The Staircase based on a true story, is a new mini web series released in 2022. Antonio Campos takes on this unsolved case and presents it in his own way to the viewers, making it one of the most mind bending crime mystery to solve in 2022! To discuss more and for you to get an idea about the show, let’s check out the plot.

The Plot Of The Staircase | What’s It About

The story revolves around the life of a crime novelist Michael Peterson (Colin Firth), who is shown to be a family man, a loving husband and a caring father. With disagreements and spirited debates here and there with his wife, like most of our families.

But shockingly enough, Michael walks on to discover the bruised corpse of his wife Kathleen (Toni Collette) under the stairway and is left stupefied. Investigations proceed and the circumstantial evidence leads to the novelist being accused and charged for the homicide of his wife.

Did he really do it? Or is he being framed? Then who actually killed Michael’s wife? These questions pesters the mind and subconsciously reels you in once you start watching the thriller miniseries!

Director Antonio Campos casted some famous artists in his series as well, like Dane DeHaan, Sophie Turner (Sansa in Game Of Thrones), Odessa Young and Michael Stuhlbarg, playing the other supporting characters of the show, that makes you want to watch The Staircase even more.

Right, so now that we have discussed briefly about the basic plot of the show and what it’s about. Let’s get started in finding where was The Staircase filmed, and see if we get any clues there.

Where Was The Staircase Filmed? Let’s Check Out The Locations!

In this article, we will now find out whether the filming was done in the “Peterson House” (as the miniseries derives from a true story) Or whether the director chose to do it somewhere else.

Durham, North Carolina | Peterson House

Where Was The Staircase Filmed? Here Comes The Crime Novelist!!!

On December 9 2001, Kathleen Peterson’s bruised body was under a staircase. The Peterson family home showcased in the docu-series on netflix, where the horrid incident took place actually, happens to be in Durham, North Carolina.

The city famous for tech companies and scholarly institutions would witness such a hideous crime, is something I think no one could have pondered about. Time and again it is, these sort of unprecedented crimes in rather sophisticated and posh neighbourhoods that makes one jump out of their skin! 

Not that crimes that are committed in the down suburbs is acceptable or anticipated, but you get my point right? People coming to grips with reality, and oh how harsh it is. Anyhow, the real “Peterson House” in Durham, is often visited and talked about. So much so that you can find a lot of dope on youtube as well (masked as content).

Antonio Campos and his team weren’t however interested in delivering that sort of content to the audience. They rather made an ingenious decision of filming The Staircase in a different state in the US altogether.

Let’s find out where was The Staircase filmed, and why production stood away from the real location.

Atlanta, Georgia

Where Was The Staircase Filmed? Here Comes The Crime Novelist!!!

The director and his production team decided to stay away from the controversial house, but not necessarily from the controversy! And while they were at it, a hefty tax amount was saved as well (talk about finesse).

The city of Atlanta, GA was chosen as the right place to able to recreate the murder mystery. The “murder house” back in Durham, NC was recreated in and around Atlanta, as for most of the other scenes being shot their as well.

Such as a Georgia State University building was portrayed as the Durham County Courthouse where the trial was done and the Sheraton Hotel as Holiday Inn circa. Locations within the city were masterfully altered to look like LA, Mexico, San Francisco.

The Film Tax Incentives in Georgia lured the production to settle on this location, which increased the sustainability of the entire budget, which in turn gave them more financial breathing space.

Final Words

Ok, so now that you already know about the filming location of The Staircase and the basic plot of the miniseries don’t let the cat out of the bag and recommend it to a friend. To check out other such informative articles visit Viebly. Until then, peace out.

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