Where Was Uncharted Filmed? Are You Ready For A Tour Of Spain And Germany?


Since the release of Uncharted, everyone has been wondering whether Sullivan is based on a real treasure hunter or not. Another thing that the viewers are searching for is the answer to the question where was Uncharted filmed!

Uncharted (2022) is an adventurous movie that unravels the journey of Sullivan and Nathan who are in search of a treasure. Interestingly, there is someone else who is also looking for it, Santiago Moncada thinks that he owns the treasure. As a result, Sullivan and Nathan need to buck up and reach the treasure before Santiago.  

The filming of Uncharted took place in Spain and Germany. In Spain, the film was shot at filming locations like Barcelona and Valencia. And in Germany, the makers covered Berlin, Studio Babelsberg, etc. 

I hope you are ready to collect further details about where Uncharted was filmed. So, let’s get started! You may also consider watching other remarkable Tom Holland movies!

Where Was Uncharted Filmed? Discover Some Breathtaking Locations!

You are going to get thrilled after reading where was Uncharted filmed. Interestingly, all the locations of this movie have something special about them. So, what are you waiting for, scroll it to roll it! (pun intended)

Barcelona, Spain 

Where Was Uncharted Filmed? Are You Ready For A Tour Of Spain And Germany?

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, Spain. Also, the city is known for its architecture and art. Some of the famous landmarks in this city are Sagrada Familia church and the History Museum MUHBA. Furthermore, you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with the lively nightlife and world-class cuisine in Barcelona. 

Barcelona was the filming location for the outdoor scenes of the movie. Also, the makers had a lot of fun while filming here. After hectic hours of shooting, the members of the production unit would relax at different places in Barcelona. 

Alicante, Spain 

Alicante is a port city and the capital of the Alicante province. That’s not it, it’s an old town with narrow streets and colored houses. Besides this, Castillo de Santa Barbara is a beautiful castle situated on a hilltop from where you can enjoy a captivating view of the Mediterranean coast. 

This city was used for filming many indoor and outdoor scenes. Luckily, the makers found all the suitable backdrops for filming crucial scenes of the movie at this location. Also, not many modifications were made while filming the scenes. 

Costa Brava, Spain 

Where Was Uncharted Filmed? Are You Ready For A Tour Of Spain And Germany?

Costa Brava is the coastal region located on the northeast side of Spain. The highlights of this region are its local festivals and music performances. Guess what! All these performances take place at the various beaches in the region. Oh! I forgot to share that this place is the favorite spot of tourists!

You must have seen the lead characters visiting the Philippines. In reality, the scene was filmed at Costa Brava. Not all the scenes, but a few scenes were filmed here. 

Berlin, Germany 

Berlin is the capital and the largest city in Germany. Further, it is home to more than 3.7 million inhabitants, which makes it the most populous city in Europe. Visiting Berlin means remembering the history of the city through Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall. 

Berlin is another place where the outdoor scenes of the movie were filmed. Surprisingly, the makers tried to cover most of the beautiful sites of Berlin. If you have already watched the movie, you can easily identify them!

Potsdam, Germany 

Where Was Uncharted Filmed? Are You Ready For A Tour Of Spain And Germany?

Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg state of Germany. The highlight of this city is Sanssouci Palace, home to the former King Of Persia, Frederick The Great. Besides this, the city features many other beautiful palaces and lakes. Not to forget, the city has cultural significance as well!

The makers opted for Potsdam because of its historical ambiance. And a similar ambiance was required to film the movie. That’s why the makers decided to film some of the prominent sequences here. 

Babelsberg Studios, Germany 

Babelsberg Studio is nestled outside Berlin. Although it is unbelievable, but the studio is the second large-scale film studio in the world. Up till now, many renowned filmmakers have filmed their blockbuster films in this studio. 

Many scenes were filmed at Babelsberg Studio. That’s because there were restrictions on traveling due to the pandemic. So, the makers were left only with the option to recreate the locations in the studio. And the scenes were filmed so skillfully that no one could detect whether the scenes were filmed at a real location or not. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Uncharted Filmed 

Where Was Uncharted Filmed? Are You Ready For A Tour Of Spain And Germany?

The principal photography of the movie took place in the locations of Spain and some other parts of Europe. 

Due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the makers had to put a pause on the filming of the movie. Finally, the filming of the movie commenced in July 2020. Further, the makers shared that they were willing to film the movie in some parts of the Philippines but it was not possible because of the pandemic. 

Rather, a separate team of the crew was set up to recreate the locations similar to the Philippines. For this, the team burned the midnight oil. 

Final Words 

You must have got mesmerized after knowing where was Uncharted filmed. I know you were not aware of these places. Now, when you know all about them it’s time to pack your bags and get ready to have a real-life experience with them. If you wish to come across some more beautiful locations, check out the filming locations of The Terminal List

1. Can I Watch Uncharted At Home?

Yes, you can watch Uncharted at home by streaming it on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

2. Is Uncharted Based On A Game?

Yes, the movie is based on a popular video game.

3. Is Uncharted A Marvel Movie?

No, Uncharted is not a Marvel movie.

4. Who Is Nathan Drake’s Wife?

Elena Fisher is Natha Drake’s wife.

5. Why Did Chloe Betray Nathan?

Chloe betrayed Nathan because of her lack of trust in Nathan.

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