Where Was Unstoppable Filmed? A Mission To Rescue An Innocent!


On the list of South Korean action thrillers, you are likely to find Unstoppable ranking at the top. The reasons behind the topmost ranking of this movie are its thrilling plot and unbelievable locations. Believe me, you should not miss finding out the filming locations of such a terrific movie. That’s why I have brought you all the information about where was Unstoppable filmed!

Unstoppable (2018) depicts an unfortunate event in the life of a former gangster, Dong Chul. After he decides to give up this life-threatening job, he gets married to a girl named Ji-Soo. As a result, both of them embark on a new journey. But suddenly, their life changes upside down as someone kidnaps Ji-Soo to get her into human trafficking. After learning about this, Dong Chul set out on a quest to find his wife and rescue her from the group which was heading to some far away country.  

The entire shooting of Unstoppable took place in Incheon, South Korea. Within Incheon, many charming locations were picked by the makers to shoot the sequences.

Without wasting a single minute, I am going to take you on a tour of all the locations of this action movie. Keep scrolling to find out where was Unstoppable filmed!

Where Was Unstoppable Filmed? An Attempt To Overcome A Challenge!

When it came to deciding on the primary location of Unstoppable, the makers were in a dilemma. They were in favor of the idea to travel to some other location but suitable backdrops were available in South Korea. After considering the budget and other factors, the team leaped to a conclusion with consensus. 

It’s time to come across some unheard filming locations. For this, you need to find out where was Unstoppable filmed!

South Korea 

Where Was Unstoppable Filmed? A Mission To Rescue An Innocent!

Well, all the cast and production were based out in South Korea. So, it makes South Korea an obvious choice for the makers. Also, there were multiple options that they could choose from and other locations did not offer so many options. Even the cast members were also in favor of shooting here. 

One of the prominent East Asian nations, South Korea is known for sharing highly militarized borders with North Korea. And you’ll be glad to know that it is home to world-famous K-Pop stars like BTS. Today, Korea is a hub of multiple K-dramas and movies. 

If you are planning to have a tour of South Korea, let me inform you that there are numerous hilly countrysides dotted with cherry trees. During your tour, you are likely to find stunning Buddhist temples where you can meditate for some time and coastal fishing villages. 

Besides the natural beauty, there are some cities like Seoul that are a perfect example of high-tech cities. And yes, there are endless adventurous activities you can do in South Korea. So, get ready for unlimited fun with little munchkins!

Incheon, South Korea 

Where Was Unstoppable Filmed? A Mission To Rescue An Innocent!

Amidst various filming locations in South Korea, the makers opted for Incheon. That’s because this city offers simple to modernized locations. Also, shooting in a developed city always offers numerous advantages. So, the makers went for those advantages!

Because the city was not new to the production and cast members, Icheon was a convenient place for them. Also, the makers got their need for professional staff fulfilled here without hampering their budget. At any other location, the budget would have been affected to a great extent. 

A bustling city in South Korea, Icheon shares its border with Seoul. For the past many years, this lively city has been known as a transportation hub. And the overall look of this city gets beautified due to the presence of Incheon International Airport. 

If you happen to be in Incheon in the coming days, you can consider spending time at casinos, spas, and golf courses. For outdoor activities, you have an option of a boat tour at Yeoman Pier, close to Incheon Fish Market. Besides this, other options are Incheon Grand Park, Jayu Park, Wolmido, Wolmido Culture Street, and Incheon Chinatown. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Unstoppable Filmed

Where Was Unstoppable Filmed? A Mission To Rescue An Innocent!

The shooting of Unstoppable commenced on May 4, 2018, and was wrapped up on August 3, 2018. Although the makers had planned to wrap up the shooting in a month, a few hurdles came on the way. As a result, they had to reschedule the filming plan. 

While shooting the movie, the most challenging part was to lens action sequences. For this, a separate team of trained professionals was hired and special types of equipment like harnesses were brought into the role. Also, the cast members were trained for a few days so that they could use the equipment properly. 

Also, shooting the fighting sequences was another challenge for the makers, especially in public places. And it took maximum time to get them shot as compared to other sequences. 

Final Words 

I know coming across where was Unstoppable filmed has been an amazing experience for you. But if you have some time in the coming days, consider visiting these locations. Have a real-life experience with them and note some additional details from the eyewitnesses!

The list of thrilling locations is not finished yet. And if you are an action-lover, you should check out the filming locations of Carter and American Gigolo

Who Are The Cast Members Of Unstoppable?

The cast members of Unstoppable are Song-Ji hyo, Ma Dong-seok, Par-Ji hwan, Kim-Sung oh, Lim-II gyu, Kim Minjae, and many more.

How Long Is Unstoppable?

Unstoppable is one hour and fifty-five minutes long.

What Was The Box Office Collection Of Unstoppable?

Unstoppable made a box-office collection of $1.16 billion.

Where Can I Watch Unstoppable Online?

You can watch Unstoppable online on Netflix with a paid monthly or yearly subscription.

What Does Dong Chul Do After Learning About The Kidnapping Of His Wife?

After Dong Chul learns about the kidnapping, he gets in touch with his previous contacts and sets out on the journey to find his wife.

Is Unstoppable Worth Watching?

If you are looking for an action-packed movie, Unstoppable will not disappoint you.

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