Where Was Vikings Valhalla Filmed? Mesmerizing Shooting Locations In Ireland!


You must have watched the latest drama show, Vikings Valhalla. And I know you claim to be the biggest fan of the television series. Don’t mind, but you are not! That’s because you have not discovered the filming locations up until now. So, hurry and find where was Vikings Valhalla filmed to prove yourself a true fan!

Vikings Valhalla (2022) is a drama series that shows the journey of Vikings. Interestingly, the plot of the series demonstrates the experiences and adventures of Vikings. Also, it deals with the end of the Vikings age, marked by the onset of the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066. 

The entire filming of Vikings Valhalla took place in Ireland. And the significant locations in Ireland used for filming the series are Wicklow County, Lough Tay, Blessington Lake, Avoca Mines, Powerscourt Waterfall, and many more.  

If your excitement to know where was Vikings Valhalla filmed is rising to another level, here’s some information to calm it! Learn where was Vikings Valhalla filmed!

Where Was Vikings Valhalla Filmed? Know All The Information About The Location!

Interestingly, most of the scenes of Vikings Valhalla were shot outdoors. That’s why the makers were not ready to compromise on the filming locations. As a result, they traveled to various locations and came up with the following locations. Here’s an answer for where was Vikings Valhalla filmed!

Wicklow County, Ireland 

Where Was Vikings Valhalla Filmed? Mesmerizing Shooting Locations In Ireland!

You will be astounded to know that most of the outdoor scenes were shot in the areas of Wicklow. Although the makers had a few more options, they preferred Wicklow because of its natural beauty. And the locations in this county were suitable according to the plot’s need. 

Wicklow County is situated on the eastern side of Ireland. This beautiful country was founded in 1606 and is known for preserving the traditions of Ireland. And the main highlights of the county are its mountains, Irish sea coastline, country estates, and Wicklow Way. 

While driving in Wicklow, you may easily spot the Wicklow Mountain national park. In this park, you may see glacial lakes, rivers, and the remains of an early medieval monastic settlement. 

Wicklow Coast, Ireland 

The coastline of Wicklow was the most significant shooting location for Vikings Valhalla. Interestingly, many tourists spotted long ships on the coast.

 All in all, it was a new experience for the production team to shoot on the coast. Also, the team was very quick in wrapping up the shooting here. Of course, they did not want people to know about the scenes of the series before its release. 

Wicklow Coast offers 60km long eye-catching scenery followed by recreation and bathing areas. In total, there are six bathing beaches perfect for enjoying some quality time with your loved ones. I guess this location resonates a lot with the filming location of Hearts Down Under!

Lough Tay, Wicklow, Ireland 

Where Was Vikings Valhalla Filmed? Mesmerizing Shooting Locations In Ireland!

If you have watched the series carefully, you must be aware of the Vikings settlement of Kattegat. Yes, all the scenes of this settlement were filmed on the shore of Lough Tay. Also, the makers were feeling lucky to find such an appropriate location. 

Lough Tay is a small lake perfect for a picturesque view. And this charming lake is situated between the mountains of Djouce and Luggala. Guess what! You can enjoy hiking for almost three hours. But make sure you don’t go too far because you may get lost!

Blessington Lakes, Poulaphouca Reservoir, Ireland 

Although it’s hard to believe, Blessington Lakes was used to film many boat scenes. Yes, this was the spot where you saw tired and injured soldiers resting on the shore. Like other locations, the production team found these locations highly convenient to film all the crucial scenes. 

Surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains, Blessington Lakes are the result of the formation of the Poulaphouca reservoir. These lakes are a perfect place for enjoying various outdoor activities. On top of it, you get to enjoy amazing views and cycling around the lake. 

Powerscourt Waterfall, Deerpark, Powerscourt Estate, Wicklow

Where Was Vikings Valhalla Filmed? Mesmerizing Shooting Locations In Ireland!

Powerscourt Waterfall has been the filming location for some of the scenes of Vikings Valhalla. Interestingly, this waterfall was the spot for solace for the battle leaders. Initially, the makers were confused about whether they should opt for this. But the scenes captured here were the most beautiful scenes of the series. 

Powerscourt Waterfall is a very famous tourist attraction located at the base of the Glen Soalan Valley. This appealing waterfall flows throughout the year in a horsetail-fan pattern. But such beauty cannot be witnessed for free, you need to pay a small amount for it. 

A similar waterfall was used as the filming location of Jurassic Park. So, don’t get confused with these two locations!

Avoca Mines

Avoca Mines is another significant filming location for Vikings Valhalla. That’s because most of the battle scenes were filmed here. Interestingly, the makers were unable to find a location that would look perfect for capturing battle scenes. Luckily, Avoca Mines clicked in their mind, and they started filming the series here. 

Avoca Mines is not only a filming location for many movies but a place with historical significance. Even today, you are likely to find the remains of seven engine houses. And the colorful mine landscape is surely going to steal your heart. 

Final Words 

It’s an eye-opener to read about where was Vikings Valhalla filmed. I know you are surprised after knowing the facts about these locations. But it’s going to be gripping to have a real-life experience at these locations. To learn about some more wonderful places, you can consider checking out the filming locations of A Splash Of Love

Is Vikings Valhalla Related To Vikings?

Vikings Valhalla is related to History’s Vikings.

Will There Be Vikings Valhalla Season 2?

Yes, the makers have confirmed the arrival of Vikings Valhalla Season 2.

Is Vikings Valhalla Based On A True Story?

Yes, Vikings Valhalla is inspired by true events that happened centuries ago.

Where Can I Watch Vikings Valhalla?

You can stream Vikings Valhalla at your place on Netflix.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Vikings Valhalla?

The lead cast members of Vikings Valhalla are Laura Berlin, Leo Suter, Bradley Freegard, Sam Corlett, and many more.

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