Where Was Willy Wonka Filmed? Locate The Magical Locations Here!


Hey, Winky Wonka fans! Here’s some good news for you. I have brought you the filming locations of Willy Wonka, an all-time favorite fantasy movie. Yes, you can locate all the filming locations with the help of this article. Read the complete article to know all about where was Willy Wonka filmed!

Willy Wonka (1971) is a fantasy movie featuring Charlie and his grandfather. Interestingly, both embark on a journey to explore an eccentric chocolate factory. And the journey starts when Charlie gets a golden ticket. But the factory is unlike the conventional chocolate factory and is full of magical twists. In the middle of the journey, Charlie and his grandfather encounter a disaster. How will their journey end?

The shooting of Willy Wonka took place at various locations in Germany and Switzerland. The important locations of the movie are Nördlingen, Stadtwerke Munchen, Bavaria Studios, Toblerone Chocolate Factory, Lilienstraße & Riggauerweg, Regierung von Oberbayern, Gebsattelstraße & Am Herrgottseck, Quellenstraße, and many more.   

When so many names of the location of Willy Wonka are available, why not find about them in detail? Here’s a lot of information on where was Willy Wonka filmed!

Where Was Willy Wonka Filmed? A Guide To Charming Locations!

Before discussing the filming locations of this family movie, I would like to share that Willy Wonka is a visual adaptation of the 1964 novel of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. After the release of the movie, the viewers gave favorable reviews. Also, the movie was nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. 

After gaining significant information about Willy Wonka, it’s time to enlighten you with all the information about the filming locations. Check out the following locations to learn where was Willy Wonka filmed!  


Where Was Willy Wonka Filmed? Locate The Magical Locations Here!

The magical town you saw at the movie’s end was in real Nördlingen. Yes, all the outdoor scenes of this magical town were filmed in Nördlingen. Interestingly, all the major attractions of this place were captured while filming the movie. 

A beautiful town in Bavaria, Nördlingen is encircled by medieval walls and features many gothic buildings. 

Stadtwerke München

The building of Stadtwerke Munchen was picked as the filming location of Willy Wonka because of its beauty. This building appeared as the outside look of the chocolate factory in the movie!

Stadtwerke Munchen is a communal company whose headquarters is located in Munchen. This famous company is known for its huge infrastructure. And a lot of people come to witness the beauty of this building.   

Bavaria Studios

Where Was Willy Wonka Filmed? Locate The Magical Locations Here!

A few indoor scenes were filmed at Bavaria Studios. For the same, the makers created a beautiful setup on the stages of this studio. 

Featuring 12 stages, this studio is perfect for shooting indoor and outdoor scenes. That’s not it, the studio offers technical help to the filmmakers. 

Toblerone Chocolate Factory, Switzerland 

The opening scenes of the movie were shot at the Toblerone Chocolate factory. Because no one was allowed to enter the factory, the makers had to capture the beauty of this factory from the outside. 

If you are crazy about chocolates, you must try out Swiss chocolates by Toblerone. Sadly, I can’t encourage you to visit this factory because it’s not open to the public. But you can browse the internet to learn more about this chocolate factory. 

Lilienstraße & Riggauerweg

Where Was Willy Wonka Filmed? Locate The Magical Locations Here!

The streets of Lilienstraße & Riggauerweg were the place where you saw Willy throwing a newspaper. Well, the makers have not shared much about this location so I don’t have much to say. 

The buildings located in this area are exceptionally beautiful. Although, there is not much to explore here. You can check out the streets while driving your car. 

Regierung von Oberbayern

The scene when Charlie runs through archways was filmed at Regierung von Oberbayern. I know it’s unbelievable! But the scene was shot so beautifully that no one could detect whether the location was real or animated. 

This is a government building where 2000 employees work. This building is known for its artistic style, which makes it the epitome of beauty. Well, I don’t know whether the common masses can visit this building or not. 

Gebsattelstraße & Am Herrgottseck

Where Was Willy Wonka Filmed? Locate The Magical Locations Here!

Here comes another street where you saw Charlie running like crazy. Even the cameraperson had to run to capture this dramatic scene. 

Let me share that you can get affordable and beautiful houses at Gebsattelstraße & Am Herrgottseck. Also, it’s a lively street filled with helpful people. So, check out this place to book your dream home! With this, the list of locations for where was Willy Wonka filmed ends!

Interesting Facts About Where Was Willy Wonka Filmed

The principal photography of the movie commenced on August 31, 1970, and was wrapped up on November 19, 1970. 

To find a suitable location for the chocolate factory, the producer explored various spots in Europe. After he failed to find a suitable location, he decided to make a set up on a stage of a studio. And the main reason behind filming the rest of the movie in Germany was the low budget. Filming in Germany proved to be cheaper for the makers. 

Although the production unit was not familiar with shooting in Geramany, they managed to accomplish it swiftly. 

Final Words 

I think you have noted down enough information about where was Willy Wonka filmed. Now, when you are equipped with all the names of the filming locations, why not explore more about them? But how? Of course, by visiting these locations in real. Let’s catch up at these locations!

Oh, I forgot to share that some romantic locations are waiting for you! Find out the filming locations of An Officer And A Gentleman to learn about these romantic locations!

Is Willy Wonka A Villain Or A Hero?

Willy Wonka is considered a hero as he possesses creativity and intelligence.

Was Willy Wonka Depressed?

Yes, Winky Wonka was depressed, and his sale of candies started getting down.

Where Can I Watch Willy Wonka?

You can watch Willy Wonka on Google Play Movies by renting or buying it.

Is Willy Wonka A Family Movie?

Yes, Willy Wonka is a family movie.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Willy Wonka?

The cast members of Willy Wonka are Gene Wilder, Paris Themmen, Peter Ostrum, Michael Bollner, Julie Dawn Cole, and many more.

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