White Lotus Filming Location | An Exotic Location For Your Vacation! 


Who doesn’t like spending time in an exotic place? White Lotus filming location has definitely raised the bars of the exotic filming locations. If you are looking forward to something exotic, check this out!

 White Lotus (2021) is a drama series that lets the viewers enjoy the world of drama effortlessly. At the heart of the series, there is a resort where many truths are embedded. As a result, the resort staff is supposed to uncover them. How will they manage to unveil them? Keep watching the series to know it. But hold for a second and look at White Lotus filming location!

Why waste time browsing the internet when all the relevant details of the White Lotus filming location are here!

White Lotus Filming Location | Location That Will Captivate You!

White Lotus Filming Location | An Exotic Location For Your Vacation! 

You’ll be surprised to know that the entire filming of White Lotus took place at a single location. YES, you heard it right! Interestingly, White Lotus filming location doesn’t need a mouthpiece and speaks for itself through its beauty. Let’s get deep into the details of this jaw-dropping location!

Release Date: July 11, 2021

IMDb: 7.6

Rotten Tomatoes: 89%

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Daddario, Jennifer Coolidge

Where To Watch: Disney Plus

Running Time: 55-56m

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White Lotus Filming Location | Location That Will Blow Your Mind!

White Lotus Filming Location | An Exotic Location For Your Vacation! 

The Four Seasons San Domenico Palace is the ultimate location of the White Lotus. If you think it’s an ordinary resort, then better to have a reality check. Surprisingly, this resort accommodates many A-listers and high-profile people throughout the year. 

The resort is reputed not only for its hospitality but for magnificent views of Mount Etna Volcano and the sea. Besides this, one can enjoy all the high-class facilities followed by many indoor games. As a result, this resort comes under the category of some luxurious resorts in Italy. In addition, the beautiful architecture of this resort speaks for its history. 

The establishment of this resort can be traced back to the 14th century, when the leaders of the Dominican religion decided to construct a convent. Later, in the 19th century, the convent got transformed into a hotel. With time, the owners decided to add more to the resort’s beauty. Therefore, the resort serves its guests with modern amenities, antique objects, and more. 

I know what’s going on in your mind! Before you make a castle of dreams, let me share that spending at this resort is more than what you are expecting. So, better enlarge your budget and then plan vacations here!

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How Did The Filming Take Place At White Lotus Filming Location? Was It A Hard Nut To Crack?

White Lotus Filming Location | An Exotic Location For Your Vacation! 

It’s hard to open the knots of mind and think about the filming of this intriguing series. But there are a few facts regarding filming that may give you a bolt from the blue!

When did the series come out? Of course, you know the answer, but do you remember what came before the series! It was the COVID-19 pandemic! Now you got it!! The drama series filming took place when all of us were trying to escape from the pandemic. 

The creator of the series, Mike, shared in an interview that the idea of HBO was to find a single location so that shooting could be done easily. As a result, the creator came up with the idea of filming at a luxurious hotel, which would be like a one-stop platform for all things. So finally, he picked The Four Seasons to begin with the filming. 

Further, he added that the filming took place in October 2020. But the crew and team members of the production team had to follow COVID protocols. And this made their functioning very tight. Somehow, the team managed to start the filming and wrapped it finally for us!

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Did White Lotus Filming Location Get A Makeover? Was It Different Before?

White Lotus Filming Location | An Exotic Location For Your Vacation! 

The most spellbinding element of the location of the series is that it went through a complete makeover before filming. Because the resort was all for the production team, they decided to revamp the resort’s decor. For this matter, they defined a bit of the bold look of the resort. 

As a result, changes were made in the hues and patterns of walls. Even the palm suite was transformed into a pineapple suite, making the room look more expensive. In addition, the ceiling of the room was also changed.

Though it’s hard to believe, the bottom line is that the team was not allowed to step out of the resort for three months. Now you know that they had nothing, just the resort to spend time with. Therefore, they decided to burn the midnight oil to reconstruct the look of the resort. 

White Lotus Season 2 Filming Location | Is There A New Location Waiting For Us? 

White Lotus Filming Location | An Exotic Location For Your Vacation! 

If you are thinking about the season 2 filming location, you must know that the makers have already planned for it. 

The experience of working with The Four Seasons in Maui has been exceptional for the makers. But this does not mean they will be returning to it for the next season. Instead, they will film at the same resort but another location. Though we don’t know much about the new location of the resort, details will be out soon. And I will surely share them with you. 

For season 2, it’s not only you, but many fans are excited because it’s going to feature some new faces. Let me tell you something! The filming of season 2 has already started and is expected to wrap up anytime. So, I am also waiting eagerly, just like you!

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Final Words 

It has been a refreshing time for you to learn about White Lotus filming locations because there is just one location. Now, it’s time to wait for the details of the location of the next season. You can keep saving for an unforgettable vacation at the luxurious hotel! 

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